Implementation Update | AIP-402: $APE as a Fuel for Mobile Growth to Help Make Dookey Dash a #1 Hit Game

AIP Name: AIP-402: $APE as a Fuel for Mobile Growth to Help Make Dookey Dash a #1 Hit Game

Implementation Status: Pending

Implementation Date: N/A

Author: @Squiddy

Abstract Summary:
Imagine $APE as fuel for growth to generate more demand for $APE. Presented by a team with a proven track record of launching dozens of chart-topping games like 2048 and Two Dots, this proposal seeks to help propel the Apecoin DAO as a marketing tool to not only encourage more games to implement $APE in their ecosystem, but to also market the games directly to the masses. For its first iteration, this proposal is set to help propel “Dookey Dash” to a #1 hit mobile game. By achieving this milestone, we aspire to amplify global awareness of $APE, and create a precedent for how $APE, through targeted ad spend across major ad networks, can fuel new demand for $APE in an ROI positive manner.

We are $APE holders and we want to see new demand for $APE. It is in the DAO’s benefit for there to be a #1 hit mobile game that is utilizing $APE to be exposed to a wider audience of gamers, and burst outside of our current bubble. The more new players exposed to games involving $APE, the more new demand there will be for $APE. This will hopefully serve as a great use case to not only provide DAO marketing support for games utilizing $APE in their ecosystem, but also act another way to encourage games to implement $APE into their game.

Superfine, a Made By Apes Company, is an AI growth tool for games to maximize their UA. It allows the capability to spend $APE across all ad networks simultaneously, focusing on maximizing your goals, be it maximum installs, lower CPA, or ROAS (return on ad spend). The game is able to determine which player qualifications it wants to target (by country, age, etc) and will only hit the bid if it fits into the desired goal. This AIP is also represented by Faraway, the studio behind Dookey Dash, which has also produced another game, Serum City, that implements $APE and supports the ecosystem.

Overall Cost: $150,000 denominated in ApeCoin

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