Implementation Update | AIP-98: A Community-First ApeCoin DAO Marketplace Proposal

AIP Name: AIP-98: A Community-First ApeCoin DAO Marketplace Proposal

Implementation Status: Complete

Author: @zheerwagen

Abstract Summary: A community marketplace is a natural next step for the ApeCoin DAO. A successful community marketplace will: drive adoption of $APE through $APE listings, drive traffic to the ApeCoin DAO ( ), and decrease fees to community members by building a APE-native marketplace with rich ape-specific user experiences. In order to compete this marketplace must be cost competitive with fees in-line with or lower than competitors like X2Y2.

Our marketplace will host all Yugaverse projects in a single marketplace UI, with dramatically reduced fees, keeping $$ in the BAYC ecosystem and improving the marketplace experience for both buyers and sellers.

Overall Cost: There is no cost associated with this AIP.

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