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Hello ApeCoin DAO Community, My name is Silvana Gale-Driscoll and I’ve dove into investing into crypto full blast several years ago and trade stocks for fun and done well using instinct rather than charts. My due diligence is simple. Would I use the product or enjoy being in something new and fun. It’s as simple as that.

My background is 25 years + as an Executive Director of Package Development and Engineering, Promotional Print Production and Merchandising in the Cosmetic and Accessories Industries. I have a US Patent in Package Design and worked for such companies as UniLever, LBrands ( Victoria’s Secret Beauty, Pink and Beauty Avenues ) Coty, Elizabeth Arden, Coach and Mark Cross and etc. which has taken me across the globe, creating, purchasing and sourcing primary and secondary packaging worldwide for all color, skin treatment and fragrance as well as leather goods and footwear. I can engineer a perfume atomizer but couldn’t tell you whether we belong with Loopring ( I own ) or any other L2 platform but am learning as I go we go along. I facet diamonds and colored gemstones as a hobby and play video games since 1982. My favorite are Super Mario/Paper Mario/Pokémon video games starting with the NES/SNES/64… and collect NA and JP Pokémon trading cards for 25 years which started during my layover in Narita JP on my way to HK and Manilla because I love cool printing applications. I’m a mom and wife and very young at heart.

I have read so many business proposals in my career and awarded millions in yearly business to vendors in Manhattan and abroad. I may not be versed in everything crypto and all the various applications that have opened up with Web 3 but can be an asset to the group identifying purely what makes sense and trying to identify people or groups that don’t have our best interests at heart. We are the future if we can work well together and look out for each other. Thank you for having me in the group.



Thanks for adding the youtube link. However, the issue that I am having is that I have not been able to figure out how to transfer the BAYC NFT that I purchased from the Crypto.com NFT | Buy, Sell, Discover Exclusive Digital Collectibles marketplace to my metamask NFT wallet. I am able to transfer tokens with no problem.


Hello apecoin world! I’m the GuruOfTroyHill. I’m a retired Gen-Xer who spent a career mixed between financial programming, trading on a US equity desk, and professional gambling. I believe strongly in the utility offered by apecoin as the sole currency of Bored Apes / Otherside, and would like to help guide it where I can.


Nice to meet eveyone! I have been in the tech world all my life! Been making video games, vr fitness equipment, vr headsets, blockchain dev, blender , unity , unreal… always coding! Love ai art!

Excited to be here! Have lots of land and ape coins and looking to make warbales , skins make games in the Otherside! Can’t wait for the sdk!


Hi All! Finally able to do a deep dive here and I’m fascinated. Looking forward to being more active here and with everything Yuga/BAYC has on the horizon.


This is a great thread!

My name is Ari, I’m an artist who got into the Web 3 space via a friend over a year ago. I was really blown away by some of the open ended conversations that were happening on Clubhouse, especially in the NFT.tips rooms starting February 2021. The essence of “the rising tide lifts all ships” is a great mantra in this space.

I bought BAYC on May 1 2021 and felt sick to my stomach as it was a lot of money for me and it was my first big NFT purchase. Maybe my 3rd or 4th NFT altogether. I have made a body of work celebrating my ape and its a reflection of the space itself, the BAYC ecosystem, and current events. You can see it on opensea by searching for the collection “Bored Ape Muse.”

In addition to BAYC, I’m into metaverse exploration, particularly in voxels at the moment, as well as generative and GAN art.

Primarily a “traditional” painter for the last 20 years but have been working digital as well for quite some time. In addition to my painting studio practice I have done collaborations with adidas, Burt’s Bees, Trojan Condoms, MTV, and other brands.

I am into helping others and give mentorship when possible to younger artists.

Here in web3 to build and help others. LFG! :slight_smile:

I just moved from South America back to North America and during the move I was away form my cold wallet and missed the ApeCoin claim by a few hours. It would be amazing if you help vote to extend the claim process for people who held prior to the claim ending a few more weeks to claim. I can’t be the only one who missed out on life changing assets. (Very important as i’m moving countries to New York City) Thank you, we are all in this together, let’s build, have fun, and create a great future.

Please vote here: ApeCoin Claim Extension - Ape help Ape - #4 by ARTmetaverse

Look forward to connecting and meeting more amazing and thoughtful people.


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Hi everyone, my name is Bigbull.

  • I have been in crypto since 2019 and NFTs since end of 2020, early 2021. In 2022 invested in some Blockchain companies private rounds.

  • I am not doxxed but have Board level experience in both very large corporations and also start ups.

  • I have a curious mind and two weeks ago, I decided to go deep dive into ApeCoin Dao and now after reading approximately 8000 posts, 100 comments and two AIP submissions (process improvements) I can confidently say I have the base knowledge of all the history here. Before this have been staking ApeCoin, used ApeCoin to buy merch 70+ items. Keen to see more use cases.

  • First got into Nifty gateway and hold a Bitcoin Angel. Then was gifted a Bullsontheblock from a Punk friend.

  • Holding - BAYC #6304, MAYC #22608, BAKC #5380 #2911, though my first collectible NFT was a Bullsontheblock which I hold hundreds of them happily.

  • Plans for the future - To put forward a very large and impactful AIP to move the needle on ApeCoin. I am thinking on how large amounts of Ape can be granted but also investment options which would be totally legal for a Cayman Foundation to participate.

  • What you expect from the project? To be a flagship to what is possible in a new form or organisation.

Glad to meet you all.



Bigbull Twitter Link

Fun fact - I went to the bathroom of BAYC website before mint and was like what is this s**t about and didn’t mint.


Hi I’m raph , I from Switzerland and I’m new in the DAO happy to meet you everyone


Hi Everybody!
This is a cool idea so I’ll add a little.
I go by Luna and I’m still relatively new to web3.
I entered Yuga recently with a Mutant and also hold a HV-MTL.
Excited for the Forge and to see how $Ape develops as well as the Yuga ecosystem!
Yuga is web3 so I’m happy to be here.

Outside of web3, I have a JD, a MBA/MHA and I work with contracts for a health system :slight_smile:
Looking forward to getting more involved!


Hi I am Ahm3cL an artist.

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Hello everybody!

I’m Victor Tacher a sustainable development engineer with passion for art, culture, sculptures and web3. Been working tirelessly for the Bored Ape Community for more than a year. I’ve been completely and obsessively focused on getting the volumetric work of the Bored Apes to the finest detail and bringing them to life with the highest quality possible.

I’ll be hanging out a lot more in this forum and my mission is to get to know as many of you possible!

This is me and a 1.9m sculpture I made for Dabbing Dad, a well known community member :slightly_smiling_face:

You can find me on Twitter on this link:
My Twitter


Hey everyone!
Totally didn’t see this topic :smile:

I’m Annie, 32 years old from Dresden Germany.

In 2021 I joined the web3 realm and have been actively involved in numerous projects as an artist, moderator, community manager or Discord manager ever since. I launched my own NFT collection last year in December.

I’m an artist specialized in creating mascots and emote/sticker sets for communities, profile pictures and portraits.

My portfolio: Portfolio – AnnieRawrz

In fact, I currently have an AIP going about making an official mascot for Apecoin.
Check it out if you like: Designing a Mascot for Apecoin

I also just started a little merch store featuring NFTs I hold. I don’t like to just hold assets, I turn them into opportunities.

One day I hope I can work in web3 full time, until then I grind the 9 to 5 and hustle in my spare time.

You can find me on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/annierawrz
and Instagram: Annie Rawrz (@annierawrz) • Instagram photos and videos
(I mostly post AI art there though)


Wow, this statue is insane! Awesome job!


Thanks so much Annie! Hopefully we can also turn your mascot into one

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8uddha aka young8uddha
twitter: @young8uddha
BAYC 4381, 321
my expertise is GTM strategy, project management, and what I would describe as a facilitator

I love ApeCoin DAO and excited for what is ahead.


My name is Iago, I’m 30 years old, I live in Brasília, (Brazil) I’m graduated in Law, I’ve worked in the area but I never really liked the field. I’ve been living on crypto for 2 years now. And each day that passes is a day of learning, and I learn every day here at the Forum and in the classes that have already been taught, for safety.


Hi everyone! Happy to connect!

I am Miss3B from Hong Kong! Currently, I am the Community Manager of Mocaverse Team and got to know about ApeCoin DAO through the previous round of DAO elections. Governance is something I hold dearly IRL as well and I have previously been involved in several lobbying / advocacy initiatives in my community and on a global scale in different organizations.

Excited to learn more about DAOs, governance, and community building here at ApeCoin DAO!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/miss3bbb

P.S. Happy to post my first post kek, WalletConnect has been a pain for the past couple of days.


Sup everyone,

Goku here :wave: Been in this space for almost 2 years and recently loaded up a few $ape to my bags as I believe in its value for the next few years. Been wanting to connect with y’all and to keep building the DAO with giga chad in this space.

Looking forward to brainstorm and hopefully our $ape bag will go to moon.


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