👋 Introduce yourself

Hi everyone, my name is Luz and I started this thread to encourage holders to introduce themselves to the community. I suggest you talk about your experiences with Web3 and the ecosystem, what are your skills and characteristics that you think are most interesting at the moment, plans for the future, what you expect from the project and what else you want.

I start:

  1. My name is Matheus Luz (but I prefer to be called Luz);

  2. My experiences with Web3 are brief compared to founders of major projects that had their beginnings in the NFTs, but I often get in touch with founders to give ideas on what they could implement (and how to do it) in their projects to they become more solid and interesting to the community (as well as attracting more holders and others).

  3. I consider as my main characteristics and skills: long-term vision, systemic vision, creativity, ambition, focus and willpower.

  4. My plans for the future are to help the project grow, adding value to find and build interesting solutions for the community and more.

  5. I believe that this DAO will be one of the few that will really be successful (at least for me, the Ape community has proved to be strong, which is essential for everything to work correctly) and with that thought, I intend to contribute what I can and I hope that all holders will also support the good projects that will be presented for everyone!

That’s it, hugs and let’s build together :smiley:


Welcome to the community @omateusluz :wave:
Full disclosure I have no relevant experience with web3 and do not plan on being a contributing member. That being said I aped in anyways and am really excited to see the talents of this community and what ideas people are able to bring to the table.


My name is Sword.

Yes, I’m a gaming personality. I’ve played a great many years of Warcraft and have been especially focused on immersion and roleplay environments. There are few with a resume like mine. A strange business card, I know. It’s relevant here.

They called me the Illuminator and I sparked and told my stories to an entire server of players as I taught adult ERP and high magic combat D20 roleplay. I’ve trained nearly 40 players over 170 days played in the last 3 years. They have trained others and my realm now thrives. My “kids” taught others causing a chain effect. It’s been an incredibly fulfilling experience.

Again, it’s a strange business card. But what I’ve done is incredible. I believe i can spark conversation and life here. So I’ve come to do neat things.

I’d like to help guide conversations. I’d like to see people use complete sentences. These are not 240 character tweets. Prepare a complete thought on the topic. It’s ok to spend some time thinking about it. Create conversation. Don’t fill up important threads with short responses. You will flood out conversation just the same as retweets hide your original content and posts on Twitter. Take note of what others do.

I will respond to things and thoughts you have and we can carry on conversations. Please do not get sidetracked shitposting. Thank you for seriousness.

I need your engagement and support else I will not be able to accomplish my goals. New people coming into the space will behave and blend in like the current are. Please focus on community and quality of posts. This is a new exp for some while others it’s familiar much like gaming forums of yesterday and tomorrow. This is frontline battlefield of metaverse.

You can support me on Twitter. @i_am_0xsword. Read it from the bottom up as I’ve curated my posts to read like a story. The media tab where I use gifs is especially fun to scroll through. Enjoy the story.

Thank you for acceptance and engaging with me in conversations. I am proud to be here with you all!



Thanks for the initiative, @omateusluz! Appreciate you getting this thread going.

Howdy, Apes! Here goes:

  • Matt Galligan, though I often go by mg on the web
  • I’m a co-founder at XMTP Labs
    • We’re building the communication network for web3: think wallet-to-wallet messaging, email, push notifications, etc. but decentralized and with an inbox that you carry with from app to app
    • Twitter: @xmtp_
  • In general you can say I’m a serial entrepreneur: four startups prior to this one, always working to solve some big problems
  • My typical areas of contribution are around product, design, branding, and just overall vision stuff
  • Got into crypto back in 2017 with investing in Bitcoin and Ethereum, and have been stoked on NFTs ever since.
  • Aped in to BAYC at mint, and still hold onto #3073
    • Also have MAYC #16146 #16142, BAKC #3071 #3073

Glad to be here, excited to meet you all!


Hi there!

My name is Pablo and my experience with Web3 began creating a project in 2018, called easycryptoname, to buy ENS domains with fiat money. I’m a developer and since then ive been creating things around the crypto space, most for personal use.

When I knew BAYC it was too hight for me to ape in, so I’m glad $APE is finally out and I can be part of the community.

My plans for the future is to be part longterm of this great metaverse powered by $APE. I would like to give ideas and work hand by hand with other members to build amazing things.

I think this DAO and $APE itself will be a huge thing in crypto and I want to be here with all my fellow apes.

Thank you guys, and lets go to the Otherside :smile:


I’m Warren, I’ve been in crypto since 2016 and working in Cybersecurity for organizations like crypto.com and U.S. Bank. I recently quit the corporate world because… well it sucks. Own some MAYCs and looking forward to building Web3 as actively as possible. I’m 100% confident “The Other Side” is going to end up steam rolling decentraland and sandbox even with their first mover advantage. I have deep connections in the industry so if you have an idea, i’m really good at connecting people to make it happen. LESSSS FUGGGGINNNN GOHHHHHHHHHH


Hey Guys,

my name is Ghozt. I’m an NFT Artist, Collector and Trader and strong believer in ApeCoin.
Super happy to be a part of this wonderful Group of holders.

My work can be found here:


Good morning my name is mike. i have been following the progress of this platform and would love to be apart of the family. Just wanted to say hi and thanks for letting me be apart of the great idea!!!


Hi there! My name is Thibaut (NFThibaut.eth) I’m 23, I from Paris and I’m from 42 school :raised_hands:

I’m passionate about blockchain since summer 2016 and in parallel I’m building with 2 friends Pikomit, a Web3 social App that unites and empowers NFT communities, you log in with your wallet, you can send DMs to other NFT holders and your NFT and Token give you access to exclusive clubs. Clubs are ecosystems with features to create the best interaction between members, DAO tools and gamification system :green_heart:

We are currently incubated at Station F (the largest incubator in Europe) to build this project which will be launched next week :rocket:

You can DM me on my twitter :point_right: https://twitter.com/ThibautMelen


Hello! I am sinlam. Been in the nft space since last year and this is the first time i join a DAO! Feeling so excited and hope to learn & grow along with the community here.


Salut! @NFThibaut.eth


hey guys mike here! greetings from china! started to follow nfts last year n this is the first time im in a dao! so cool!!!


Thank you @omateusluz for seeing this up!

Hi! I am DBKW, or rather as my parents called me Drink Beer; Kill War. I am a Charles Bukowski fan if that isn’t already clear. I am new to Web3. Started down the rabbit hole a little over a month ago when I started taking the MIT Sloan Blockchain course. I read ApeCoin’s white paper and see amazing value and potential in what they are doing.

I am also approaching a career transition over the next year and am very interested in moving into Web3 (I am a military strategist by trade…not a dev…so this is my foray into Web3). It is my aim to learn, participate, and help grow ApeCoin as a result!


Hey, my name is Tommy and I have been in the cryptoverse since mid 2017. I rode the rollercoaster up and down and learned a lot along the way. I found the coolest mutant ape and had to have it, and from there it was all downhill. I purchased my ape because I really liked the art and the vibe. From there I got a BAYC and a BAKC and have a small family of the rainbow grillz!

I just voted on our various topics and am looking forward to see what is coming next. BAYC has been full of great surprises.


Hello, my name is Marco, I’m from Austria and I’m obsessed with NFTs in December 2021. Unfortunately I’ve already lost a lot of money but I’ve learned a lot. I love BAYC and hope to hold a monkey oneday. I currently own a ridiculous 16 Ape Coins, but what the fu.ck… better than nothing.
The funny thing is, that everyone who I know, hasn’t even heard of nft and we’re right in the middle of it. I wish you all the best. I just love it and believe in Apecoins and the Otherside. If anyone has coins left, always bring it on…joke


Love ya post, I’m here to represent those who don’t have any of the nft’s but have aped into apecoin and loving this ecosystem unfolding, seems like big things on the horizon


Hello everyone!
My name is Nic and I am here to see whats happening in the space!
I’m a photographer living in the land of the rising sun. I love photography and art in general but with that I also have a love for technology and strong interest in crypto which is what eventually has led me here.
Upon the release of ApeCoin I decided to go for it and grab some because well…I love the apes so why not! I also of course think this is really going to be a special place to be in the space and wanted to be apart of it. I dont have a BAYC Ape yet but someday I really hope to have one of my own.
First time being in a space/community like this apart from just hanging around on Twitter so I am really looking forward to connecting, learning, sharing and building!
See you around :v:


Thanks for launching the coin, as the barrier of entry for the NFT is so high. This is a great way to expand the community, cheers


CSW here, retired community manager just starting out with NFTs / Crypto

Looking forward to navigating this all together!


Hi! I’m 3433. Nice to meet you all. :slightly_smiling_face: