Keezi - Metaverse WG Nomination 07/2024

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @Keezi

Nomination Statement:

I’ve been with the ape community since day one and currently serve as the creative director of a web3 design studio. I’m running for Metaverse Working Group Steward because I genuinely believe in the potential of our community and want to help shape our future in the metaverse. I’ve got the experience, passion, and dedication to make sure our projects not only succeed but thrive. Let’s build something amazing together.

Motivation, Vision & Goals:

My motivation to become an elected ApeCoin DAO Working Group Steward stems from a deep passion for our community and a strong desire to drive tangible results. I’ve been part of the ape community since the beginning, and I’ve witnessed the incredible potential we have when we come together. I want to get things done and empower the builders and the greater community to realize our collective vision.

As a creative director in the web3 space, I’ve seen firsthand the transformative power of collaboration and innovation. My vision is to create an environment where builders have the resources, support, and freedom to push boundaries and bring groundbreaking ideas to life. I aim to establish clear, actionable goals and foster a culture of accountability and excellence, ensuring that our initiatives are not only ambitious but also achievable.

By focusing on empowering our members and streamlining processes, I believe we can accelerate our progress and make significant strides in the metaverse. Let’s work together to turn our shared dreams into reality and build a future we can all be proud of.

Values & Commitment:

My core values of innovation, collaboration, and integrity perfectly align with the ApeCoin DAO community. I believe in pushing boundaries, working together, and maintaining transparency.

As a long-time member, I’m committed to dedicating significant time and energy to the Metaverse Working Group Steward role. I will actively engage with our community, listen to their needs, and collaborate with other leaders to ensure we achieve our goals efficiently and effectively. Together, we can build something truly remarkable.

Concluding Statement:

I’ve worked with the biggest players in web3 and collaborated with web2 titans, making me well-prepared for the Metaverse Working Group Steward role. Beyond my experience, my dedication to community growth and empowerment sets me apart. I believe in driving meaningful progress and fostering a thriving environment for all members.


Good luck for the election Keezi!

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I also joined very early (3 days before you), not holding that against you ;-). I also took a hiatus before going deep down the ApeCoin DAO rabbit hole.

What is making you reengage now? As I see your profile has very little activity to date? What will you do if elected or if not elected?

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Good luck on the elections Keezi!

For anyone interested in checking out a quick breakdown of each Metaverse WG execution plan, simply click on the image below!

Metaverse WG nominees

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What was the last thing that you build in 3D of VR if any and can you show us examples?