@Lafa - Nomination 7/2023

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @Lafa

Twitter: https://twitter.com/susloov

Nomination Statement

Concise statement on why you are running for the Special Council

I want to bring value to the community and be their voice


Details on your motivation for becoming an ApeCoin DAO Special Council member

Initially, my motivation stems from the desire to serve the people and society. I believe that there are issues in every society that require positive change, and I want to be a part of that process.

The second important motivation is the desire for innovation and development. In our rapidly changing world, we need to adapt and look for new ways to solve complex problems.


Share relevant experience and skills that will bring value to the ApeCoin community

Interacted with various projects to collaborate on different campaigns, implemented marketing strategies to drive growth, and assumed a leadership role among the team of Martians.


Further describe relevant experience, including crypto and governance participation, and/or ideas for DAO improvement

BNB Chain, Equlibria. Held AMA’s, communicated with other projects for different campaigns, made MKT for growth, was the leader of the Martians

Concluding Statement

Summarize your statement as to why you are the best choice for Special Council

I’m just a person who is for the other side of people who do not show off and try to develop themselves on their own.


Hey! Im Kyle and I run the Gazette. Id love to cover your campaign in the paper! would you mind dm-ing me either here or on Twitter?

Hey! I’m just reaching out again about an interview with the Gazette! Let me know if you’d like to talk about your campaign!

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