Make the Apecoin account an "Official Org" on Twitter

Totally see where you are coming from - and again, I can see both sides of including and not including official positions - I just think including official positions may help mitigate spoofing but if there is too much push back, I’m willing to not have it included. My main concern is the apeCoin account, everything else to me is peripheral.


Keeping our community safe from social engineering attacks is key and $1000/month seems a small price to pay for that peace of mind!

It also seems to make sense to share the badge with officially elected DAO members, especially if the badge is flexible and can be updated in a timely manner to reflect what positions are active.

Thanks for the proposal @foxSlightly!

-Halina.eth :cherry_blossom:


Very much in support of this. Would certainly help newcomers which is always worth it imo.


Ye that would be dope for sure!


Hi @foxSlightly,

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Wow, @Halina.eth, I hadn’t even considered that perspective. These attacks, such as social engineering and phishing, can incur significant costs in terms of financial losses and damage to the reputation of ApeCoin DAO. I believe the expenses involved are justified in order to prevent social engineering and other cyber attacks and scams. Currently, the benefits of establishing ApeCoinTwitter as an “official organization” outweigh the costs.


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Hi @foxSlightly,

The Ape Foundation has confirmed they are already working on having the ApeCoin Twitter account verified. As a result, we are recategorizing this topic to the General category. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.




Hi @foxSlightly,

This alone might make it worth it. A lot of fellow members are scammed daily/weekly/monthly by accounts impersonating.

Price might be a bit “high” to some but I think if it can help one person a month it is worth it!

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imo, safety of the user triumphs all!

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I didn’t even notice that the Apecoin twitter was not verified :flushed:

I think that is a good move for the DAO help protect the community from potential scam accounts! Thanks for bringing up this topic :pray:


Just a heads up for @foxSlightly and the rest of the community, it’s not the exact request in this thread but the ApeCoin Twitter account now has the gold verification badge.



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