Make the Apecoin account an "Official Org" on Twitter

Make the Apecoin twitter account an “Official Org” on twitter via subscribing to the Verified Organizations feature.

Having a “Official Org” status on twitter, will make it harder to impersonate due to the square box standing out, thereby making it safer for all in the ApeCoin ecosystem. Those with official roles within the DAO can also get a tag for an additional fee.

Safety as well as recognition for users.

Steps to Implement:
Allocate funds and subscribe, chalk it up to “operational costs” under security and marketing


Overall Cost:
Verified Organizations is $1,000.00 per month (plus any applicable tax). Each additional affiliated account is $50.00 per handle per month (plus any applicable tax).

More Details on Verified Organizations can be found here:


Hi @foxSlightly,

Thank you for suggesting the idea of making the Apecoin Twitter account an “Official Org” on Twitter. This proposal raises interesting possibilities in terms of safety and recognition within the ApeCoin ecosystem. However, I have a few additional questions and considerations regarding this proposal:

  1. Alignment with DAO Values: The terms of use for verified organizations on Twitter may have certain guidelines and restrictions. How well do these terms align with the values and objectives of the ApeCoin DAO? Are there any potential conflicts that might arise between the DAO’s activities and the restrictions imposed by being an “Official Org” on Twitter?

  2. Affiliated Accounts: While becoming an “Official Org” on Twitter can offer benefits, how do you propose determining which DAO members can have affiliated accounts? Would there be specific criteria or qualifications that need to be met to ensure that only trustworthy individuals are granted this privilege? How would the DAO handle the selection process and mitigate any potential risks associated with affiliated accounts? Maybe DAO member lvl 4+ on discourse can have it after KYC and sign on terms of using (also will drive the DAO members to be involve?).

I appreciate your proposal and welcome your insights on these additional questions.

Stay Hyped!
Mr. Hype :fire:


I wouldn’t have thought the ‘official org’ status would in any way impact the DAOs ability to carry out its business. There are thousands (millions even) of principled companies with their own operating procedures that carry the verified badge.

In my eyes all this does is add to reputation optically and prevents (or at least reduces) confusion and possible scam attempts.

Having DAO members carry an affiliation badge might be overkill but the org badge is a decent idea and is inline with other Yuga accounts.



You’re absolutely right, this does not impact the DAOs ability for day to day business, but again, this is more for the safety of our users as well as those who are interested in looking into ApeCoin DAO.

Below is a recent search on twitter as an example, see the issue?


I’ve not thought of this - I am merely suggesting as I told my friends about the DAO, they were interested but were confused as to which was the official account on Twitter.

I dont think we need to add affiliated accounts if there is too much pushback, this was merely a suggestion, but I do think that having those badges for official positions can mitigate spoofing to a degree. I presented it as an option, but I do strongly feel that the official account should get a verification bc there are so many impersonators at the moment.


Hi @foxSlightly!

Thanks so much for your proposal and I think it’s a great idea! I asked the Special Council when they were on the ApeComms twitter spaces yesterday about whether an AIP would need to be written for them to have the twitter account verified and they said that they were already working on having it become a verified organization, so wanted to let you know they’re already in the process of doing this and it doesn’t need an AIP.

Hope that info helps!


Thank you for this - to me its a no brainer


Great idea @foxSlightly, and also glad it’s already being worked on as per @adventurousape. Way, WAY too many scam accounts out there, so this is a worthwhile investment that hopefully takes little to no time to implement. Would you propose that official-capacity members like SC, Stewards and Facilitators add a badge on Twitter as well?


If it were up to me, yes - simply bc it helps opens doors when trying to engage with other organizations and vendors, as well as prevention of bad actors trying to spoof. That being said, if the DAO feels its an unnecessary cost then I’m fine with that as well.


There’s an argument to be made in favor of anything drawing positive, official attention to the DAO. There’s no denying the draw that Twitter brings toward anything in our space, so increasing awareness and presence into Twitter could be a nice step toward expanding our reach into previously-untapped communities.

The only issue I can see emerging is that word “positive” I threw in there… if someone has that badge, they would essentially be acting as an official DAO representative at all times, so that specific account would need to be conducting themselves appropriately in light of such a representative role.

Anyway, just a few ideas. Love that you raised this, hope we get “official” soon :yellow_heart:


Glad to hear its already in the process behind the scenes :+1: :saluting_face:


Really like this. Aligns perfectly with my ThankApe Idea-a-Thon proposal for implementing an ApeCoin Badge of Honor program, to incentivize & reward participation. Having an Official Org Twitter will enable recipients of the ApeCoin badges to have affiliated badges on Twitter as well.
For reference, ThankApe x ApecoinDAO AIP Idea-a-thon: Innovate on DAO Governance - #88 by JustFred


Hi @foxSlightly,

Let’s get into web3 mindset, we own the DAO, we’re the DAO. Official positions are the same as members who are here to help and driven the DAO. You can’t compare it to Yuga and the ones who work there, on the basic anyone who own $APE could have the right to affiliate it to them, I wouldn’t suggest it as we don’t want that people will manipulate this, as I think those who showing commitment such lvl 4+ on discourse or official positions will have it.

What do you think?

-Mr. Hype :fire:

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Ye i totally think this should def be done


Great idea fS, 100% support this!

Having an official account should at least in theory make it harder to create, and easier to eliminate fake Twitter accounts.

Dependent on cost I’m in favor of extending this to elected DAO positions as well. Social engineering is one of the biggest attack vectors in our space, mitigating it in any way would help protect our community. Thank you,



100% on board with elected positions having this attached to their handles.



While we’re on the topic of the ApeCoin Twitter page… should we add separate urls for the Snapshot and the Discourse Forums, rather than the blanket “ApeCoin(dot)com” that appears there?

Feels to me like we could stand to be a bit more descriptive.


I think it’s a great idea to make Apecoin’s Twitter an “Official Org”. It will make us look more trustworthy and keep us safe from fakes. Yes, it costs money, but it’s worth it to keep our community safe and get our name out there. Let’s do it!


Good idea.

Imho just the main account should have the badge, save the money re: the rest. People will rotate in/out a lot, and I’d rather not all my tweets be analyzed as if they’re representative of DAO. Just my 2 cents on that one.


Agree here, it’s no brainer. Good idea :black_heart: