Messari Q4 State of Apecoin Report

This was featured in Messari’s email newsletter today. A few interesting charts and data points around adoption. I thought the community would find this useful. The key insights are the following:

  • The ApeCoin DAO ecosystem experienced spikes in new users and token velocity before the launch of ApeCoin staking in mid-Q4.

  • These spikes quickly subsided, indicating that more product development is needed to create long-term demand for the APE token.

  • Governance forums remained diverse in input and outcome during Q4’22, giving a promising sign of real decentralization within the community.

  • Additionally, unique voters maintained an uptrend throughout Q4 despite declining token prices.

  • The DAO Ecosystem Fund continued to fund third-party initiatives around IRL drops, security, and more. To catalyze more sustainable growth, the community will need to hit on bigger developments like Yuga Labs’ Otherside.

I know we are paying for this out of the DAO, so I would love to be able to access this report via the resources on a regular basis.


Thanks for surfacing this. Consider adding to WG0 Discord too.

Do you happen to know if the author is active in the ApeCoin DAO?


will go add this now. don’t know if the author is active in the discord. Do any of the council members know who manages the Messari relationship?


Believe this is managed by the current DAO administrator, will confirm in the coming week.


thanks. not a big rush, but I found the last quarterly report helpful to see some analysis about the token, and I think it will be helpful to guide some of the DAO initiatives. Having this regularly shared I think is a good thing, especially as the DAO is paying for it to be conducted.


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