Multi-player RPG Game For ApeCoin

To the admin who is about to review this AIP idea before it closes, as I mentioned above, there’s no point in taking this to AIP as I don’t believe that there’s much interest in this idea.

Also, my analysis of similar gaming ideas - all of which have subsequently failed AIP - didn’t instill much faith that this would fare any better; especially given the skewed metrics of the DAO voting system not being based on number of voting wallets but on how much $Ape a voter has.

Though the DAO funding aspect would have been minimal (server, admin, deployment costs) and just geared towards the DAO having its own $Ape dedicated game server environment, licensing etc - similar to this Discourse, Discord etc. it would have been specifically for the community as I mentioned above. And through that, growing the APE community via the MMO RPG game, while merging it with traditional Web2 gamers, would have allowed an influx of Web2 & Web3 gamers who would have joined the community via the requirement that they have $Ape to join, trade, transact etc.

Nevertheless, hopefully if I do make it into the Metaverse Working Group, given my extensive background in the games industry, I can be more effective in helping to build the community via game (that’s my only interest) related partnerships, initiatives and activities.

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