Multi-player RPG Game For ApeCoin

I have refrained from posting the names specifically because my goal is to first garner interest in the prospects of actually bringing the games to the ApeCoin community (which is much smaller than my game installs). To that end, that’s why I created this thread instead of doing an AIP (in which I would provide a lot more detail) and going from there. I don’t particularly want to put effort into doing an AIP if it’s likely to fail anyway. Plus, I was asked to apply to be a steward of the upcoming Metaverse Working Group; and with that, I don’t know how that would ultimately affect the AIP as there are no rules about that - yet.

Oh, we’re doxing now, are we? :stuck_out_tongue:

ps. You can also click on my SmartApe profile to see a link to my bio.

I think you missed it, but my full intro is in this thread below from a few days ago. Hope that answers your queries. Yes - I do know “a thing or two about this”. :face_with_peeking_eye: