Needs education and information

Good morning,

I would like to share my thoughts on a topic I saw the started with good intention then went left fast.

Education on this coin- I set out to learn as much as I could about BAYC,MAYC and then the coin, I bought this coin at the onset and set out to find the group associated with the coin. Let’s chart 4 days-yes 4

  1. I couldn’t find your link easily- their is a hack/mimic of it in green with weird links
  2. I couldn’t get CB to acknowledge that I had coins in the wallet
  3. I couldn’t get your website to see I had coins
  4. I couldn’t get Metmask to see the coins

now about ApeCoin

  1. The big big reveal on Opensea accepting the coin was blah
  2. How to use it and use it to do what? Hidden
  3. Stopping the notion that it is a meme coin- certainly not-this cost me dinner with my broker (if I can pay for dinner collectively we can do better education content that can easily be updated)

This entire process took 4 days of coming home from the office and I still couldn’t link properly. Then I passed it to my executive assistant and she finally got it done last night. WOW

All that to say please create some better educational content on this coin, get the word out there about what the coin is for. All these high powered names and talk about being elite okay great my amex black is elite along with platinum but they advertise and educate.

Hope that is not see as snarky.


Good morning Jada,

I’m sorry your experience was lacking. Unfortunately the marketing machine that is the Bored Ape Yacht Club has attracted many bad actors.


  • Verified account being bought and rebranded as BAYC, spam DMs messages being sent.
  • Click Bait articles completely irrelevant to the BAYC that have two paragraphs on the bottom one about CryptoPunks and one about the Bored Ape Yacht Club to trigger SEO.
  • Constant Discord harassment of anyone who enters any of the available Discords for the BAYC.

I’m glad you at least found this forum so you can get some of your questions answered.

My recommendation to you is to learn about ethereum before deep diving into a specific coin and its use cases. It’s very hard to get an understanding of what the ecosystem is trying to create if you don’t understand the basics of ethereum or financial contracts. It all breaks down to simple economics for the most part.

I generally point people to this course:

$APE is an ERC-20 token created by the Bored Ape Yacht Club for use within it’s ecosystem… (merch, othersideland, etc) The use cases will evolve as the ownership of the tokens begin to use their IP rights and find ways to incorporate $APE into their projects.

I hope this sheds some light on the subject, my DMs are always open.


I thank you all for the responses. I am not interested in the coin per se. I am going to learn all I can between building projects to understand this entire process and community. More over, I am really interested in what your purpose is as a group. Why are you together, what is the overall intention of getting this DAO together.

thanks MM

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