Next Steps for Polygon Labs

Hi Apes,

I wanted to give a huge thank you to everyone in the ApeCoin community who voted and collaborated during the ApeChain governance proposals. I also want to provide an update on our future involvement with the ApeCoin community.

We have enormous respect for the community members and governance process and thank you for your insight, feedback, and excitement over the last couple of years. It’s been an incredible privilege to listen to your vision of Web3, and to share in turn how we see the future of this space. Even though the vote didn’t go our way, we believe there may be many paths to continue to work together in the future.

Many have asked what Polygon Labs plans to do with its APE holdings, so today we want to share our intention that we will begin selling our holdings one month from the date of this post. Our plan is to divest gradually over days or weeks to impact APE holders in the most minimal way possible. Please feel free to share any suggestions for a smooth transition.

But, most importantly, we aim to maintain dialogue while we continue to introduce groundbreaking technology. We’re building open-source ZK technology that can bring all of web3 together and foster unified liquidity, with the goal to transform the Internet. Feel free to reach out for more information or follow our blog for updates—and know we’ll be rooting for the ApeCoin community from the sidelines!

On behalf of everyone at Polygon Labs, we thank you again for this opportunity and look forward to collaborating with this amazing community for years to come.

Marc Boiron


It is really good to see Polygon Labs reacting in a positive way after the vote did not go their way. Explaining their plan to sell their ApeCoin holdings slowly over time, instead of all at once, shows consideration for the ApeCoin community. Even better is their wish to keep communicating and maybe work together again in the future.

This open-minded attitude represents the true meaning of decentralization.
Wishing Polygon Labs success as they keep working on new blockchain technology. The ApeCoin community will likely benefit from innovators like Polygon staying engaged.

Also Many Thanks to you Marc Boiron​:handshake::handshake:


While it’s disheartening, your optimistic outlook is commendable. I anticipate future collaborations and a continuation of positive engagement between Polygon lab and Apecoin


Can’t wait to see what’s next


First and foremost welcome.

And thanks for the full transparency from polygon lab, hopefully one day polygon lab and the Apecoin Dao would work together, plus you don’t need to sell all your holdings you can be an active part of the Apecoin governance process.


Best wishes to Polygon Labs, and I’m excited about the transformative journey ahead for the ApeCoin community!


All class.

You’re a legend Marc. Wild voting environment with so much on the line.

Yall did great :muscle::muscle:



I hope in the future we would get to see another polygon labs and ape collaboration


Its so nice for polygon labs because their willingness to maintain dialogue and continue to innovate in the web3 space is inspiring. It’s nice to see that they are taking steps to minimize the impact on APE holders by selling their holdings gradually and i think this will go a long way in building trust and goodwill with the ApeCoin community.


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