NFT drop proposal

Hi there!
I was thinking why not to get a random ape ntf for those holders +10k APE as the same way nft holders get 10k APE?

Being able to get an Ape nft without going through buying eth, gas fees and go through opensea would incentive people to get more APEs

It is not kinda fair?

In addition it would make the brand stronger and accessible


BAYC is a collection of NFT minted long time ago, it wouldnt make sense to mint NFT of the same collection again. But I think that next NFTs in the ecosystem should be paid with $APE.


I didn’t say anything about minting the same collection… They could be new ones or even a new dedicated collection


It is an interesting idea but you have to be very careful with diluting the brand. Also the NFTs are made by Yuga so it is really up to them if they want to do something like that. I have a feeling we will see them give some perks to ape coin holders. They love rewarding holders.


How awesome would be an independent collection like “APE HODLERS CLUB” where you only can get them by holding 10k apes for a minimum period of time?

I think this would increase the number of hodlers among the ones who got the 10k for having a NFT and the quantity of +10k holders without NFT.

In addition it would blur the line between that feeling of 1st / 2nd class among the hodlers without the Nft because they would give the opportunity to get one.

Someone could say “is too much work” but it could be series of nfts in order to reduce the work load… It could be random with levels of “rarity” (Like marvel did) Depending on the number of copies… But at least something.

But of course is up to them, i hope they would read it and like the idea.

Please share your thoughts and ideas, maybe we could make like an official proposal for them.


I think it is best we focus on adding uses for the coin first, when the value increases, then the airdrops may come. This will increase value first.


I like this idea…maybe 10,000 coins is a lot though for inclusiveness…bring it down to say 1000 coins(that is abt $14000.00 at present) that is a good mark to set imho.

I do agree we need to get the uses for coin as well.

I agree with focusing on uses for the coin first before we do things like airdrops and benefits for $APE holders. Especially because a large amount of new holders are purchasing $APE through marketplaces like Coinbase where it is listed.

Having said that…hey it would really help with NFT adoption to find ways to get new holders of $APE coin to purchase NFTs! There are a lot options opened up. It’s worth talking about, but I agree with you to first focus on the utility of the coin. Thanks for sharing!


It is a cool idea. We can attract holders with this kind of things


Get 10k ape and hold it to get a NFT that you can’t get otherwise is another use which make increase its value… I don’t understand why something has to be first instead of parallel but if something has to be first the lower is the value the more plausible is to get the NFT so the more number of people can get aboard.

It’s a lot of apecoins “locked” That you can’t sell thus less offer/supply thus rise of price.

And 10k apes in order not to devalue the brand


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