Ongoing Discourse discussion while AIPs are live.

We should discuss the idea of having replies remain open after AIPs go live. Many DAO members become more engaged with an AIP once it goes live, but the ability to communicate with the authors on discourse decreases. There are often simple questions/ statements that can be publicly and quickly answered via discourse. Our current method of having to privately message authors in hopes of a response, or join a spaces to get any questions answered, are not always the best method of communication during one of the most crucial times in the life cycle of an AIP. I believe we should also have the ability to continue to publicly ask questions on discourse for answers. What do others think?


I think this is a great idea to keep discussion open. Often times we only see questions scratch the surface, and then as you said, questions are answered in private or on other outlets.

Perhaps there is an option for a badge next to proposals that show that the first window has closed but discussion and replies are still open.


Agreed. I think the initial reasoning behind shutting down discussion was to set a clear line between Draft and Live version of the AIP (and possibly because an active thread can’t be moved to another section), but I don’t see any reason why comments aren’t to be re-enabled once it’s been moved to the “Live AIPs” section.

It may be especially important given that many voters aren’t as dialed in as many of us DAO regulars who may have seen these since Idea stage, and once it’s Live some of those new eyes might have questions that didn’t present themselves earlier. I’d like to see this implemented, good call.


Fantastic idea!

I’ve wanted this too, and it seems so obvious I presumed there was a specific rule against it. Never presume.

Spaces & Discord discussion of AIPs is problematic in and of itself, since those aren’t official channels and people can say whatever without accountability - IRL election style - while key questions or answers are lost in a lot of random unrelated noise.

Ideal would be AIP discussion with authors only takes place here - official forum, in writing, relatively permanent and in place for future accountability, which anyone interested can read through or search on key items of interest very quickly at any time (all of which are not true of Spaces, etc.).


I can get with this… May also get more voters who aren’t already active in Discourse accustomed to it, should they choose to engage once props go live. Allows authors a final opportunity to campaign and show the community more of what they’re all about as well.

Net positive IMO.



yes, some kind of clear differentiation of “before live”, and “after live”, should be included in this, imo.


Would love to see this idea implemented^^

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Wouldn’t that be what “AIP Ideas” and “AIP Drafts” sections are for, before they’re moved to “Live AIPs,” or do I misunderstand your comment?

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Yes this would be great and we are able to be kept in the loop of those AIP that is being approved and follow up or get questions answered on the progress . Looking forward to have this implemented

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Great point, would like to see this implemented.


I second (technically 15’th) this, We can’t let the conversation breakdown when it’s in the most important phases


I think this is a great idea, it helps with any last min questions voters may have.


Great idea! The WG0 Stewards put forth our recommendations for revisions to AIP-1, Working Group Zero Mandated AIP-1 Recommendations, and having replies remain open throughout the entire process was one of our recommendations as well:


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