Partnering with a Series D Fintech to Lend to Web2 Companies in the Philippines

Partnering with a Series D Fintech to Lend to Web2 Companies in the Philippines:


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I head the PH lending business for the said Series D Fintech. We would basically leverage on the firm’s resources to deploy the funds borrowed from Apecoin DAO.


Please see the attached slides.


10-12% in returns with credit level risk.

Opportunity to build brand by partnering with an established fintech.


Loan for 10-12% per annum for 2-3 years. Detailed information in the attached slides.




Apecoin DAO to provide feedback; if interested, we’d sign an NDA and share more information
Discussion on the commercial terms
Alignment on how to hedge the currency risk
Alignment on security required from Apecoin DAO


For now, the funds that are being requested are to be used for lending, so expense is limited. The expense will be associated to the cost of doing due diligence.

Apecoin - Lending to Web2 Companies in the Philippines.pdf (184.7 KB)

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There are a few issues I’m concerned about:

  • The DAO cannot receive money. So the interest cannot really be collected directly.
  • The ask is not really clear. The slides mention 1M minimum, so if that’s what you’re asking it should be mentioned.
  • We have close to no information to make an informed decision. This is a DAO so all members will be voting on it. How do you expect us to make a decision knowing nothing about the company other than it’s “Series D” and it operates in SEA?

hi @leyota, thanks for raising these points.

  • We can setup a vehicle / intermediary to receive the funds have handle the currency risk management
  • I am not authorized to freely discuss this in public right now. My main goal is to gauge interest on whether this is worthwhile to pursue for the community. Once we get an NDA in place, I can disclose more information.
  • Yes, the ask is at least USD1m, but can go beyond that depending on the risk appetite of the group.

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