Profile Pictures in Web3: How Important Are They!?

Hey Fam!

We’re excited to see so many new faces here on Discourse and loving all of the enthusiasm.

One thing that I wanted to highlight for helping our newcomers assimilate quicker was to bring up the importance of having a profile picture (PFP)… No these don’t need to be pictures of Bored Apes, or a Node Monkey, or any other fancy variation of a cool-looking primate (although we love those too :stuck_out_tongue:), I’m just suggesting that you make yourselves stand out from the crowd by showing us a little more about you. Whether it’s a photo of yourself, something you created, or even just an image that resonates with you, adding a profile picture can go a long way in building trust within the Web3 space. It also shows that you’re engaged and understand the value of online identity, which will resonate with most of us in here who are ready to cheer your trajectory on at ApeCoin DAO every step of the way.

It also adds a human touch, where in a world with increasing automation, profile pictures also distinguish genuine users from potential bots or people signing up just to farm reward programs. BTW, nothing wrong with being a robot — Terminator 2 was one of my favorite movies. There’s also absolutely nothing wrong with participating in all of the awesome reward programs helping to grow our DAO in big and meaningful ways, but if you are a human and here for a little more than just that, why not put up an avatar and stay for a while! No pressure, just personalization…

The Governance Working Group is also in the process of rolling out some new weekly content concepts that will involve recognizing our top contributors in Discourse, as this really is all about YOU.

And on that note, no sweat this time around as @Davinic has been absolutely crushing it around here lately, but starting next week we’ll transition to highlighting users with PFPs only. And again, I can’t stress this part enough — these can be literally anything; all we’d love to see is some thought put into them so we know you’re human.

Now, let’s celebrate with this week’s top contributors and welcome the newest member of the GWG, @shotgun.tobi!!! And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter!!


100% agree about adding your pfp or photo or an image of your choice.

Btw we have various communities with Delegations of ApeCoin. All at various different price levels. I included examples, where owning the NFT or being a community member gives you the right to vote.

BAYC/MAYC - many delegations. UK Apes, Bored Canada etc.

Mocaverse - Used to be a low entry point, but now higher and has been one of the best performing NFTs in the last 12 months.
3.6k Wallets connected
200 wallets vote (approx)
2k+ NFTs vote (approx)

BOTB (Bullsontheblock) - Entry level, they just started voting this week on AIPs.

1.2k wallets connected
50 wallets vote (approx)
2k+ NFTs vote (approx)


Also shout out to @mattborchert @furiousanger @LiveFast9986 as super active community members in Q1 2024. Also to the whole GWG team for active contributions.


PFP = web 3 identity
I agree it very important

I’m also excited and looking forward to all the thing the governance working group has installed for us
I see they have been pushing value relentless to the Dao


Thanks fam!

We’re excited too…



Thanks for the reminder
I will continue to do my part in growing the DAO


Love to see it, and looking good David!

Also for being one of our top contributors of the week!! Keep up the great work!!!



Where can I find this list?

The message you’re referring to really highlights the value of having a profile picture on Web3 platforms, like the ApeCoin DAO’s Discourse community. It’s a nudge for everyone to express themselves with an image that represents who they are or what they’re about. This isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about building trust, showing engagement, and setting yourself apart from bots or those who are here just for rewards. Whether it’s a selfie, a piece of art, or something else that resonates with you, a profile picture adds that personal touch in a space that’s becoming more automated by the day. Plus, with plans to spotlight active and contributing members, having a PFP could even get you recognized. It’s all about bringing a bit of humanity to the digital realm, making real connections, and showing you’re here for the long haul.


Totally agree! pfps clearly makes one stands out from potential farmers


Adding a profile picture might seem like a small detail, but it goes a long way in building trust and adding a human touch to our interactions here on Discourse. It’s not just about standing out, but also about showing that you’re engaged and value your online identity. Plus, it helps distinguish genuine users from bots or those just here for rewards. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s avatars and celebrating our top contributors! :tada:


you can become beautiful pixelated ape like me here, floor is around 10 $APE:

-Mr. Hype :fire:


It’s all about creating a welcoming environment where everyone feels valued and engaged. Great initiative!


100% nice to see another option. Can you share more about your delegation or plans for a delegation here.


Congratulations to all of them

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