Re: Evaluating Launchpad Proposal

A community member, K9 has submitted a launchpad proposal here:

Since we have run 30+ launchpad in the past and we are currently drafting a proposal, here are factors
to consider for launchpad related proposals.

1/ Project & Team Matters
The essence of launchpad relies on quality project, resilient team. DAO maker’s killer project for the year is Binance’s killer project for the year is STEPN.

2/ Projects Should Have Minimum Viable Product
In bear market, the project should have minimum viable product that supports $APE, BAYC, MAYC NFTs. Fund first, build later with a business plan does not work.

3/ Other variables to consider
Tokenomic model, art, strategy, partnerships require different experts in the area to make a project successful. Launchpad is the a crowd funding process that gives project exposure and funding, but it does not address above variables.

With that being said, if you have any upcoming projects in Yuga Lab ecosystem that need incubation on tokenomics model, art, strategy, partnerships, funding structure, keen to support.


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