Requiring Voters Read Full Proposal Before Voting

This is easy to achieve, but who gonna do the development? Is it require another AIP? And require voters to read through and understand. Kinda dead loop. We can’t remtoe control others IMO


I appreciate the idea of restricting voting to educated voters… is there potentially a situation where an English as a second language individuals could be restricted even though they are informed through other means? What channels could be provided to educate voters by other means? Does every AIP receive a video explanation as well for vision impaired? I like the concept, just thinking about outliers.


Great point, however there is only one accurate means of info - this forum.

If they’re using translation software, no problem. If they’re getting info by other means there’s no reason to believe that info is accurate, especially given some of the amounts at stake.


To me I think those that vote do actually read before voting. But I do agree some may just vote based on the title of the AIP or just speed reading before fully going thru in depth the essence and importance of the AIP to fully understand it before casting their vote


I like the concept completely. It should undoubtedly be a qualification to have some knowledge in regards to what someone is casting a vote on. If that’s reading the vote in it’s entirety, I would do so.

How about a TLDR video attached to proposals? I guess that’s another AIP idea…

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I think it’s a fascinating idea to require voters to read the full proposal before casting their vote. It would certainly help ensure that voters are more informed and engaged in the decision-making process. However, I can also see some potential drawbacks to this approach.

On the one hand, requiring voters to read the full proposal before voting would encourage greater engagement and discussion around the proposal, which could lead to better decision-making. By ensuring that voters have access to all of the relevant information before casting their vote, we can help ensure that the outcome of the vote is more reflective of the will of the community. Even reduce the ratio of abstain votes (related to this topic).

On the other hand, there is a risk that such a requirement could be perceived as antithetical to a freely accessible, democratic process. Additionally, it could impede routine voting for those who may not have the time or resources to read through every proposal in full.

Overall, I think it’s a worthwhile discussion to have, and there may be ways to implement this approach without creating unnecessary barriers to participation. Perhaps we could consider offering a summary of the proposal, with a clear indication that a full article is available for those who want to learn more, @SeraStargirl and @Halina.eth making great job in that matter. This could help strike a balance between encouraging engagement and ensuring accessibility.

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Good! :slight_smile:

Having a clue what one is voting on isn’t a barrier to participation, it’s a basic requirement. At least ethically. If we make it an official requirement, even in some small way, so much the better, and much better than IRL voting where the major problem is self-serving and uninformed voting.


Voting is a responsibility, not just a right. If one can’t bother to read what they’re voting for, one shouldn’t be voting.

But regardless this is a mute point tbh since people who don’t want to read, won’t. They’ll just scroll to the bottom / wait for timer to end so the vote buttons are enabled (whichever system is implemented). All this here does is encourages people to read. But it doesn’t (and no system will) prevent people from voting without reading, if they really want to go that route.

We should encourage people to read, imho. A whole lotta money is at stake!


Communities that have a large delegated vote must definitely get together and discuss the proposals. Nice to see Bored Canada members putting in such processes


Do you always read the terms of service before scrolling and signing? If not, perhaps its the material.

Personally I think the responsibility to get someone to engage with their AIP lies solely on the author not the reader.

The Motivation in my humble opinion should not only explain your motivation for writing an AIP, but it should instead be used to Motivate someone to continue reading.


Mmm interesting and good point.

Also videos are underutilized tbh.

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The idea behind your reasoning is good but keep in mind that it could have counterproductive effects and reduce the number of people who vote.

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Of course, which is why I included both “pros” and “cons” of such a policy.

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my fear is that articles that are too long discourage reading and consequently voting. This could allow the passage of costly and useless AIP.

I agree that having weekly voice calls to discuss proposals is a great idea. I encourage you to push this idea and gauge interest. I’m confident that there will be enough support to move forward with it. Additionally, having the voice calls available for those who miss the Twitter space can ensure that all members have an opportunity to participate and stay informed.

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Having the feature remember whether a user has read the full proposal, ideally in a database or through cookies, will be dope. It’s important to ensure that the feature is polished properly and does not add any unnecessary friction to the voting process. Nice input Senior developer :+1:t5:@Sasha

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We do! But they’re hosted by @ApeComms twitter account instead of the official @ApeCoin account, which is unfortunate. I think the Governance WG will put forth a budget to hire a social media person and then we can probably host with @apecoin account :partying_face:

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yeah I know they do but I mostly miss that :sweat_smile:

would be nice hosting with the @apecoin account too :fire:

I used to, too! If it helps having them in your calendar, check this out (by @CEOofWeb3.0). Dunno Android, something similar, but on iPhone:

  1. Open Calendar app
  2. Tap Calendars on the bottom-center
  3. Choose “Add Subscription Calendar” from menu
  4. Paste this link:
  5. Profit
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