Reviving the NFT Market: A Plan for Apes, Kodas, Meebits & More Moving Forward

Project Author: ALL CITY
Project Category: Ecosystem Fund Allocation
Project Name: Reviving the NFT Market: A Plan for Apes, Kodas, Meebits & More Moving Forward

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The project’s core team, Advisory Board and projected revenue share framework with the APE Foundation will be announced in the coming weeks before the AIP advances. To ensure clear understanding of this document for Web2 and traditional-world readers evaluating the proposal, we have defined certain Web3 terminology in the KEY TERMS area for your benefit.

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The Ethereum NFT market is facing a crisis.

Destabilizing factors like meme coins and Ordinals have diverted new user interest, contributing to a 60% drop in average trading volume. Established blue-chips like Bored Apes and Azuki have suffered 85-90% declines in value, with other premium collections like Meebits and Kodas seeing similar decreases.

The recent SEC authorization of spot Bitcoin ETFs has generated increased investor interest in crypto, and BTC is back to approaching all-time highs putting us at further risk of Inscriptions being the first form of digital collectibles that onboarded investors recognize and embrace — making it clear that we need a plan.

This proposal calls for the creation of an entity tasked with overseeing a pool of revolving community-owned Ethereum-based NFTs from collections that grant intellectual property rights to their holders. Consultations with project founders and their legal counsel have begun to ensure alignment with long-term visions.

The entity will supervise a contracted multinational Big 6 advertising agency to develop a multi-year, multi-phase marketing plan based on data derived from a global market research study that the agency will be tasked to execute. The initiative will also integrate the development of a physical product or product line based on study findings and subsequent recommendations made by the agency, with a percentage of revenue going directly back to the APE Foundation. In some cases these products may be digital. Particular attention will be placed on children’s toys, games, collectibles and accessories; K-12 education products and apps; food and beverage. Areas of interest for marketing include product placements in television, movies, streaming platforms, and traditional video games; content creation, targeted marketing, and influencer partnerships; traditional media; digital media.

The entity’s head office will be established in Hong Kong.

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To select the advertising agency an RFP process will be facilitated by the ApeCoin DAO Governance Working Group and the community will have a say on who is chosen. Selection will be limited to the following companies:

  1. WPP (WPP plc):
  2. Omnicom Group:
  3. Publicis Groupe: About PUBLICIS GROUPE | Publicis Groupe
  4. Interpublic Group (IPG):
  5. Dentsu Group Inc: Dentsu Group Inc.
  6. Havas Group:

These agencies are among the most influential in the world, operating as holding companies with extensive networks of individual agencies across the globe, granting significant media buying power and access to premium marketing channels.

Costs associated with working with these groups are calculated based on campaign duration and its overall complexity. Common factors include which media channels are being used, target audience reach (global vs. regional), endorsements and partnerships, seniority of the team members tasked with the project, and production costs associated with the creation of promotional materials. Payment structures vary.

Given the complexity and importance of this project, consultants will also be required. Some may be hired when a watchdog will be necessary during meetings with service providers, and others may be required on a more regular basis for manufacturing and distribution during the entity’s first cycles of production.

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Financial Sustainability

  • Direct Profit Sharing: A strong percentage of revenue from any product sales will flow back to the APE Foundation and the ApeCoin DAO treasury to fuel future initiatives and foster financial health for the ecosystem.

Global Brand Awareness

  • Big Agency Partnerships: Taking a top-down approach and partnering with top-tier advertising agencies will unlock immense networks and marketing expertise to reestablish and propel ApeCoin and ApeCoin associated NFTs into the mainstream.

Increased NFT Collection Value

  • Demand Surge & Rising Floor Prices: Campaigns of this magnitude lead to a rapid increase in demand for the products being marketed; which in this case include images from well-known NFT collections. Furthermore, by pairing these images with a mass-marketed product line we underscore the unique opportunity to own a “character” from these projects and be part of the storylines we create.

Ecosystem Growth Engine

  • NFT Market Revitalization and New User Influx: A successful campaign will also reignite widespread interest in Ethereum NFTs and new users into the ApeCoin ecosystem to expand our reach.

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Big 6 Advertising Agency
  • The six largest advertising agency holding companies in the world: WPP, Omnicom, Publicis, Interpublic, Dentsu, and Havas. These companies control a vast network of individual marketing and advertising agencies.
Blue-Chip NFT Collections

The most well-established and valuable NFT collections, often associated with strong communities and prominent creators.

DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)

An organization run by its community members through voting on proposals using a cryptocurrency token. In this case, the ApeCoin DAO is a community-governed organization focused on ApeCoin and the Ape Ecosystem.

Disney Pinnacle

Disney Pinnacle is a new platform where fans collect and trade digital pins featuring Disney, Pixar, and Star Wars characters launched in late 2023. The marketplace uses blockchain technology and offers a social experience for fans to connect and share their collections.

Floor Price

The lowest price at which an NFT in a collection has recently been sold. A rising floor price suggests increasing demand for the collection.

Meme Coin

A cryptocurrency often inspired by internet jokes or memes, known for their high volatility and speculative nature.

NFT (Non-Fungible Token)

A unique digital token representing ownership of a digital asset like an image, video, or piece of music. It should also be noted that NFTs can grant intellectual property rights to the holder, allowing them to use the NFT image commercially for certain purposes.


A recent technology allowing inscription of data directly onto individual Satoshis (the smallest unit of Bitcoin) enabling the creation of NFT-like assets on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Revenue Share

Revenue share is a business model where profits or income generated by a project or product are divided among multiple parties. In this case, we will be formulating a model where the APE Foundation will receive direct funding from any product and advertising revenues that the entity generates. This may also extend to licensing intellectual property from NFT creators for product development.

Spot Bitcoin ETF

An exchange-traded fund that allows investors to gain exposure to the price of Bitcoin without having to buy and hold the cryptocurrency itself. The approval of such ETFs by the SEC is a sign of growing mainstream acceptance.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of GOVERNANCE copy


Given the extensive scale of this project, numerous platforms and technologies will be essential for its production and smooth operation. However, it’s important to acknowledge that we may not yet be well-versed in all of them due to the involvement of multiple third-party service providers. Access to specific digital products may also be exclusive to platforms built on ApeChain, with a goal to replicate similar buying experiences offered to Disney Pinnacle customers through their preffered provider.

Keeping all of this in mind, here are some of the tools we plan on utilizing:


ApeChain is a proposed Layer 2 solution built on top of the Arbitrum network aiming to address scalability limitations of Ethereum mainnet. Once implemented, ApeChain will offer faster transaction speeds and lower fees for users.

Accounting Software

We will be using standard bookkeeping and accounting software like Quickbooks as well as crypto-payment tracking tools like Koinly and CoinTracker.

Blockchain Technology (Ethereum)

Our proposal focuses on the promotion, and potentially creation, of Ethereum-based NFTs, the underlying infrastructure for ApeChain.

Communication Tools

Tools like WhatsApp, WeChat, Signal, Telegram, Slack and email will be used for internal communication. External communication will be channeled through Twitter, Discord, Discourse, Girbook, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Youtube.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

A CMS will be used to manage the creation and distribution of digital marketing materials like website content, social media posts, and video assets.

Contract Management Platforms

Platforms for managing contracts like DocuSign.

Data Privacy Compliance Platforms

Platforms to ensure compliance with data privacy regulations like OneTrust and TrustArc.

Digital Advertising Platforms

Platforms like Google Ads, Meta Ads Manager, or programmatic advertising platforms may be used depending on our internal media buying strategy.

Ecommerce Platforms

Once physical products are developed, ecommerce platforms like Shopify or Magento will be needed to manage any direct B2C online sales.

Intellectual Property (IP) Management Platforms

Platforms for managing IP rights such as Lex Machina and Evisort.

Market Research Tools

Subscription services and other software solutions will be used to conduct internal market research on consumer preferences.

NFT Marketplaces

These platforms like Magic Eden and OpenSea may be used for buying and selling NFTs.

Project Management Tools

Software like Notion, Asana or Trello will be used to manage communication and workflow within our project team and with external partners like advertising agencies and product manufacturers.

Regulatory Compliance Platforms

Platforms to ensure compliance with advertising regulations and product safety standards.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of GOVERNANCE copy


This preliminary timeline outlines a high-level project lifecycle strategy. However, in its final iteration, we will retain the flexibility to adapt and accommodate unforeseen circumstances or feedback from various stakeholders, contracted consultants, advertising agencies, manufacturers, steering and advisory boards, and the ApeCoin DAO community.

Phase 1: Proposal & Community Vote (Estimated Time: 2 Months)

  1. Proposal Refinement (1 Month)
  2. Community Vote & Discussion (1 Month)

Phase 2: Entity Formation & RFP Process (Estimated Time: 3 Months)

  1. Entity Creation (1 Month)
  2. RFP Development (1 Month)
  3. Agency Selection (1 Month)

Phase 3: Market Research & Product Development (Estimated Time: 6 Months)

  1. Global Market Research (2 Months)
  2. Product Development Strategy (2 Months)
  3. Prototype Development & Testing (2 Months)

Phase 4: Marketing Campaign & Product Launch (Estimated Time: 12 Months)

  1. Multi-Phase Marketing Plan (3 Months)
  2. Campaign Execution (18 Months)
  3. Community Engagement & Ongoing Support (12 Months)

Phase 5: Evaluation & Iteration (Ongoing)

  1. Campaign Performance Analysis
  2. Continued Advertising and Manufacturing Planning

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of GOVERNANCE copy


Full request to be provided in the coming weeks.

Full support for the initiative!


A very much in need . A BIG YES :heart: :handshake:


Hi @AllCityBAYC,

This is great idea and fit $APE’s approach to become the leader of web3. We need to come up with a good plan, make the products, and start telling people about it.

-Mr. Hype :fire:


Amazing ideal I think this would bring more optimism among investors eth nft are greatly in need of an initiative to jump start the market, if this get voted on it would be wonderful.


I think so too, Hazan…



If i’m reading this correctly, this could help with assisting NFT holders, that are awarded with IP rights by owning the NFT, to help spearhead the process of licensing out their NFTs, right?


I think that given the current interest levels in some of the most well-known collections and Ethereum NFT market as a whole, the days of big brands knocking on doors to use our assets in their marketing may be numbered unless we take matters into our own hands. So the rationale behind this is not so much about the specific pool of NFTs being showcased, but rather about the overall aesthetics of those collections, taking a “rising tide lifts all boats” approach to uplift the market as a whole by initiating that demand. For example, if I show a friend who doesn’t know a lot about NFTs a picture of my Bored Ape and then a picture of Curtis, they don’t zoom in on the fact that they have different shirts on; they see a Bored Ape. So essentially, we could create the same domino effect for everyone that was experienced during the last bullrun and get similar results with different assets, while remaining within the guardrails that project founders need us to so that their long-term planning isn’t affected. The goal would be to become a support mechanism for them, and in turn, the space as a whole.

Also, to be clear, the reason why I included Azuki as a reference point in this proposal was to:

  1. Convey that this isn’t a problem isolated to one group but rather affects all of them, dictated by a series of black swan events that damaged the industry in ways nobody could have predicted.
  2. Get people to start thinking about highlighting a variety of marketable projects by taking a top-down approach.

Of course, for a plan of this magnitude to be executed properly, it requires a significant team in place to execute it. And this is why the proposal won’t be rushed.



I once again have to strongly advocate for decentralization and diversification instead of centralization. So many proposals in this DAO seem to revolve heavily around Yuga. It makes sense. Yuga created $APE, and gave $APE to Yuga holders. So many members of the DAO are heavily invested in the success of Yuga.

But, this is ultimately bias. $APE is meant to be the token of the metaverse, to be inclusive of all communities. Instead we’ve consistently seen efforts designed to further centralize $APE within the Yuga ecosystem to benefit Yuga holders.

Arbitrum just passed a temperature check proposal, with massive positive support, to make a $400 million dollar gaming fund. They’re positioning themselves to walk all over $APE by making a REAL INVESTMENT to fund a diverse amount of initiatives. Proper decentralization.

We could and should be sponsoring proven developers to use $APE, and to buy existing IP to translate into $APE IP, just like what Yuga did with Mutants vs. Apes. They purchased an existing game and simply reskinned it to make the characters relevant to the community.

I’d argue that Yuga NFT prices are still irrationally high given the utility they provide. I do not believe that it’s the purpose of this DAO to try to hold or maintain those prices. Let Yuga provide value, they have the funds to do so. Let the market participants make the call. Yuga had incredible product market fit as a social club, and lost that when they re-focused on the metaverse, which obviously also does not have product market fit currently.

Let’s make big moves to compete with players with Arbitrum who are doing exactly that. We need to break out of the Yuga mindset and properly diversify the efforts that exist to support $APE and its use cases.


I’m really on board with this idea, but I’m gonna need to see what the additional details are. Looking forward to your update in the coming weeks.

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I think the DAO can afford and should branch out and try different things for the betterment of itself.

Yes, we need to focus on gaming, and we already have Space Nation being worked on because of Ape Accelerator. Plus, I suspect we are going to have many many more AIPs directed towards gaming once ApeChain is deployed.

However, i think this AIP raises a good point about another issue within the ecosystem that is ripe for us to established ourselves.


Definitely not one rush fam… This type of move requires a big team.


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My man! As mentioned in the dm I felt bad I wasn’t able to chime in on this sooner, just haven’t had the time to provide a thoughtful reply @mattborchert.

^^ Love this…

A couple of things here, fam:

Personally, I don’t view it as Yuga’s job to put this type of campaign together again after the amount of hype that was created during the last cycle, however that came about.

Also, market and consumer behaviour have changed drastically since then, so IMO we need to develop strategies that address these needs — or develop entirely new ones in segments the NFT market hasn’t entered yet, or at least on this level.

I’m also not sure that we were hitting 150 ETH floors because of BAYC being a social club. This was created by demand, which was created by a) the strongest community in Web3 with wiiiide distribution. Unique wallet count has always been a a huge difference-maker for BAYC versus Cryptopunks b) celebrity endorsements through Moonpay and the ripple effect that had. What we witnessed with demand outside of our space was a trend. And trends can be very finicky when it comes to longevity. So combine that with nasty unexpected downturns like Terra Luna and FTX, the life cycle is drastically reduced — and fast, making it difficult for projects to pivot. Now combine that with creator royalties drying up. Nasty, nasty environment.

So I think we pony up and look to work with these projects, get these images back out into the wild in new ways and leverage the familiarity many traditional-world people have with them now, before this cycle passes with Ordinals crowned king creating much deeper issues.

I also believe that it is critical to re-spark outside interests by presenting them in different ways as opposed to trying to market the same, static PFPs. For example, if we made a digital product that showcased Apes, they could be recreated in a different style to capture new eyes and regain old ones — but doing so in a way where all of the traits shown on the new-look characters would be based on specific NFTs from these collections, contractually. This way, everything will always flow back to where it should, the OG collections.

Similar to what @LiveFast9986 mentions up top, these two types of strategies wouldn’t be mutually exclusive of one another. We need a multipronged approach so people of all walks of life are seeing them. I’d also add that although not cheap, the type of campaign and potential product development overviewed here would be coming in at a fraction of the figure that Arbitrum has invested in their gaming fund. An expensive fraction, but still dramatically lower in dollar value, as it is addressing different needs.

Hope this helps! And thanks for your patience with my reply!! Squad!!!



Who will be in this entity? What is the purpose of the entity outside of managing the Ad agency?


Certainly. My POV is more-so that 150 ETH floors for BAYC were not reasonable. It was a speculative bubble created by a new technology combined with a global pandemic which had a lot of people doing things they normally wouldn’t do. We (as in the greater NFT community) should not be chasing these highs again. If they happen, they should happen because the teams who run these projects drive absolutely insane value back to the holders. Yuga, as of late, has had a series of very high profile misses because they lost touch with what made them special in the first place. The core community. Even the current floor prices, around $50k USD for an OG ape, make no sense to me when I compare price against what you get in return. That’s why I sold my final ape not so long ago.

Obviously these statements are heavily opinionated, but I want people to try to be as grounded in reality as possible when trying to determine next steps moving forward. There are so many talented creators and developers out there who I think we could help, who would dream of having 1% of the current funding Yuga has. Yuga is a for-profit, a16z backed entity. It’s on them to find product market fit again. They have everything they need to do so.

I also don’t see this as a BTC vs. ETH market issue. Ordinals are interesting right now because people over there are innovating like crazy and pushing the Bitcoin blockchain to do things that it’s never done before. ETH has serious advantages, however, due to its ability to have smart contracts. As someone who was in ETH NFTs since 2020, the way the Ordinals markets operate and cycle feels different. Different types of collections and different types of collectors. They can, and should, exist together. Each can focus on their core strengths.

I do appreciate the passion and there’s many ways of looking at this. I’ll continue to push for broadening the sphere that $APE encompasses as large as possible, as I believe that gives it the best chance of long-term success. But I can see it also being successful as a highly Yuga-centric DAO. That single point of failure just really concerns me though. Once I fix my time machine, I’ll let you know what the future holds. :joy:



Haha dude, you better not leave me standing with my thumb out looking for a ride back to 2022 in the time machine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But yeah, I feel you on a lot of these notes, and I’m definitely not hating on Ordinals, we just need to make sure that the OG collections on Ethereum don’t end up like Blockbuster Video to their Netflix. Pretty slippery slope if you’re not getting aggressive during rapid growth stages when others and/other segments are. Also way too much cool stuff the DAO could be doing to help support some of the launch partners that got us here.

Nonetheless, always happy to agree to disagree with the homies but in the meantime for time travel I’m thinkin skateboarding San Francisco,1995 this summer and maybe the Caymans, 2010/11 to load up on Satoshis in October for winter — I’ll pay the gas.


Souds good All City! Lets start with Apes and Kodas :smiley:


We need this, love RFP for this kind of topic !

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I hope that AIP-401 has a favorable outcome for you to do this part.


:muscle: :muscle:

Two of the six agencies also based in Paris :slight_smile:

:pray: :pray: