Sign-up for June 1st Office Hour, How Can We Help

ApeCoin Community,

This post is for signing up for an office hour with moderators that will take place on Wednesday, June 1st at 8.30am ET.

In order to sign-up, all you have to do is reply to this post (the content of your message does not matter). The first 5 eligible community members to respond will be invited to participate.

To be eligible, your account must have Trust Level 1 - Basic. You can increase your account’s trust level by regularly visiting and engaging with Discourse. Read more about Discourse trust levels here. You must also have not participated in any of the three previous office hour sessions.

A moderator will reply to confirm the 5 community members that will be invited. If you are invited, you will be DM’ed information to join the call.

If you join the call, feel free to be on video or audio only. These sessions are meant to be productive conversations on the DAO, so please be respectful to your fellow community members and the moderators by giving others space to speak and following the same guidelines that govern conversations on the Discourse.

Yours Apefully,


** edited required trust level to basic to expand the number of members able to participate


The first Office Hour will be hosted by @brandon

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I feel like a complete idiot, I still cannot figure out how to send a DM on Discourse. Gotta love new tech.

Anyway, I want to propose an idea to solve for a problem that almost all Apes I have come across have had (as well as most other NFT communities as well).

Merch resale.

We need a way to trade, buy, sell merch from other members in the community that allows for trusted commerce and aftermarket sales. I would like to chat more about this idea if we can. Would love to submit a proposal but would not have the time or skills to build it out myself. I just know it is a recurring issue and the eventual business that could be created is essentially the size of a StockX.

The platform, once launched, could ideally operate solely using $APE to facilitate transactions and could offer a royalty/trnx fee that provides a kickback to the DAO.




Hi @caseyjones.eth I’ve sent you a message. Happy to discuss this idea


@bc can you send me a DM? I couldn’t message you here. Thanks!


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