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ApeCoin Community,

The next office hour session is on Wednesday, October 5th at 8.30pm ET.

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Would like to attend.

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I would like to attend

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I dont have any questions but would like to listen in.
Can give my seat up if someone has a topic they would like to discuss.

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Hello! I’d like to go please! =)

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Hi, I’d love to attend! Thank you :slight_smile:


Would like to be on

…20 character minimum


I would like to attend too.

Would love to talk about a) setting up sub-DAO and b) plans for gaming (is the DAO ever gonna fund a game :sweat_smile:).


Hey Fridayyy,

a) Sub-DAOs may not be the path to go just yet – but a games vertical might be worth discussing

b) I would say yes – I would also suggest that a games vertical concept could help get more games proposals passed faster

Just my two-cents✌🏽


I would like to attend, thanks


Interesting, what would a games vertical look like in your books? I’d be interested in joining!

From my understanding talking to the community, whales are never going to fund a game that doesn’t return funds to the treasury. I think we’ll need to dig into this further if we ever want to fund and develop a game with the DAO.

Setting up a sub-DAO is a big undertaking, so there would need to significant buy-in and people onboard to set a gaming sub-DAO up and run it. I’d like to get Cartan’s advice on the subject.


I’ve had an idea about this for a while… the DAO funds a hackathon/game jam, and the winner gets that game put into full production. That way you know the money’s going into an idea that has already proven its popularity/traction somewhat! Anyway, would be interesting to discuss.


Am interested in attending

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Is the call cancelled? Nobody is letting me into the meeting room.

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Last month, it was an AM meeting, this month it’s @ 8:30pm ET. It’ll be later tonight!

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Oh hahaha I didn’t even realize I just assumed it was am!


Oh yea, I like that idea!

One of these days we should get a gaming group together to put together ideas and strategize.


I hit you up on Twitter under the MyX app account.

Great time on Board Meeting. I don’t know if I really got my ideas across the best because they are all fairly new, but I know there’s something here. Cxmmunity brings relationships that can help the situation, namely connections with 50+ colleges and active, high level partnerships with gaming companies including Riot Games and XBox.

I am brainstoring an AIP working towards a game jam at our colleges after my current one gets voted on; would love to hear more about how your ideas could maybe work together with this.

My main takeaway, and someone else said this as well, I believe — the DAO can work its way up to that AAA game. There’s plenty of room in the indie game market to build many projects in parallel with smaller budgets, and have a gaming division become profitable with less risk to the DAO. Possibly work towards building a site like Newgrounds rather than a single IP?

One project in particular, Non Fungible Arcade, I think is doing this model justice. Their socials have grown steadily in the bear market because they are creating these little fun 8-bit-era-type games, but the hook is they are incorporating top NFT communities as characters into the games.

If we integrated schools/education/game jams with this, perhaps the whales would be more amenable to the proposals because they have a branding/educational/non-profit-ish/outreach to web2 component. But we are definitely working towards the full scale, AAA, for profit launch that will be a mainstream hit.



Hi everyone,

Big thanks to the community for coming out to our Office Hours this month!

Curious about what happened in the meeting and what was discussed? We’ve pulled out the audio from the session to share with those who’d like to take a listen. Click below to hear the playback.

As always, keep an eye out for future Office Hours sign-ups here and on Twitter!

Thank you,



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