Two Year Anniversary of ApeCoin? Coming up soon 17th March

Gm Gm,

It is soon the two year Anniversary of ApeCoin. It is just under 6 weeks away.

Any great suggestions on ways to celebrate or award the community?

Add your thoughts as replies to this Topic.

APE commenced trading at $7.26 when it launched on March 17, 2022.


Fun awaits….




Can’t wait to see what the team has in mind​:innocent::innocent:


Where did that time go !!

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I am doubtful that anything will be done, but would love to see a small celebration with small prizes given out.

nothing crazy, but something to at least acknowledge and celebrate the day. :partying_face:

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We have a community here in the Bay Area that’s not to be underestimated. Let’s get some funding together, throw up the Bat/Ape Signal, and make some IRL $APE magic happen :yellow_heart:

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Love the idea! Something def needs to happen! :white_check_mark:

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Your personal Anniversary in the DAO

Did you know you can see the anniversary of when someone joined the forum here:

For example, we can see @AaronHaber has his anniversary coming up in 2 days! Happy Anniversary, Congrats being in the DAO for 1 year!

As we are still under 2 years old, how do people feel this can be best used?

FYI. As we will soon hit 2 years, you can also see exactly which date they joined by looking on their profile.

Did you know you get a pretty little cake logo on your anniversary (or birthday, but that info is optional).


A badge should be offered for those who have members who be with them during the two years


Questions and answers about the community with prizes and raffles, it would be fun, 1 full day of Ape’s birthday :smiling_face:

this is great news to the community.
ps; Does any one has ideal on how to get access to the thrivecoin channel?

We could have an ApeCoin trivia contest with prizes awarded to the winners or we could have a community art contest where people could submit their own art inspired by ApeCoin.

Happy 2 Year Anniversary!

Who else hits 2 years from joining the forum today?


Happy Birfday to ApeCoin

For some reason i’m not able to see the anniversary page.

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Let’s have a throwback to the events which transpired to bring us here at this point.

Everything from the initial setting up (Cartan LLC) to the major changes that took place like the ape assembly and allat. Just a nostalgia filled experience

TLDR : Basically go over the entirety of the lore of the Apecoin DAO

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