Video game school for Apes who can't play good


Video game school for Apes for can’t play good:

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Bored Apes, despite their swagger in the NFT world, are about as skilled at video games as a toaster is at swimming - they’re utterly out of their league. It’s high time they enroll in a school academy, where real gamers can teach them the difference between a joystick and a banana.


Setting up a school for Apes would be a game-changer. Picture this: instead of being the subject of jokes among the gaming community, especially the ladies who can’t help but chuckle at their clumsy attempts, these apes would transform into joystick juggernauts. It’s not just about saving face; it’s about leveling up their street cred. With proper training, they could finally swap those awkward laughs for impressed oohs and aahs.


Before breaking ground, Apes would be able to apply, and prove their need for gaming assistance by participating in the upcoming game event, Snowcrush.


Building a physical school for Bored Apes to level up their gaming skills? Now that’s a project with more layers than an onion in a tech vest. Let’s break it down:

  1. Location, Location, Location: First, you need a spot that says, “This is where gaming greatness happens.” Prime real estate isn’t cheap, especially if you’re eyeing Silicon Valley or Tokyo. Budget at least a few million, depending on the size and location.
  2. Tech Galore: We’re talking high-end PCs, consoles, VR setups, and enough RGB lighting to make Las Vegas jealous. Chuck in another couple of million for top-tier gear.
  3. Instructor Salaries: You can’t have apes learning from amateurs. You need gaming legends, Twitch streamers, maybe even retired eSports pros. They don’t work for peanuts (or bananas, for that matter). Budget a hefty sum for salaries – let’s say a cool million annually.
  4. Building Costs: Ah, construction – where timelines are made up, and budgets are always exceeded. Whether you’re renovating an existing building or starting from scratch, you’re looking at a few million, easy. Don’t forget the architect who wants to make the building look like a giant joystick.
  5. Operating Expenses: Utilities, maintenance, insurance, snacks (because gaming on an empty stomach is a no-go). This can vary, but let’s ballpark it at a few hundred thousand a year.
  6. Marketing and PR: You gotta get the word out, and that means slick marketing campaigns, social media blitzes, and maybe even a mascot. That’s not cheap – think high six figures.
  7. Legal and Administrative Costs: Because nothing says “fun” like legal fees and paperwork. This includes licenses, permits, and a small army of lawyers to ensure you’re not accidentally breaking any laws.


Gaming integration is always a welcome idea mate.:sparkles:especially irl

But don’t you feel it’s a little high on the cost side?


I’m actually worried it’s not asking for enough. Bricks are incredibly expensive right now. And video game teachers are in low supply because they’re all getting sponsorship deals with Logan Paul.


Crooked arms cannot be straightened at any cost :rofl:


Everyone is anxiously awaiting the Yuga metaverse.
We can generate pro player!


Congrats on this most excellent of proposals.

Finally, someone that understands the true nature of DAOs, especially DAOs with a treasury sitting idle. And a proposal that brings real world utility and value to Apes and their anytime-now metaverse adventures in the Otherside.

I particularly love the breakdown of expenses, broad yet so detailed and precise. Well done.

I’m wondering tho, as we’re talking of commercial real estate and an IRL presence, if there isn’t the possibility of adding a co-working space to the plans to give additional utility to members? It could include an inviting coffee shop, perhaps a low-key beer & wine bar, a library and a living room area. The recent news about SoHo houses capping memberships highlights the demand for such use-cases.

I’d also consider adding an event space. And a gallery to hold many of the assets from AIP-304.

Finally, I’d create an agreement with every Ape that goes through the school, to claim 5-15% of all future gaming earnings come back to the DAO – it’s the only way this AIP passes.

$20m is about right and it should be requested in $APE. Your biggest challenge will be location.

Again, excellent proposal. Let’s get to work.

SSP :call_me_hand:t4:


This is crazy honestly, but I’d love to try it out cause I suck at video games


Thanks so much for your proposal, @boredelon! It’s great to see you around again!

A video game school seems like it could be a fun way to build community and increase engagement!

I do have some comments/questions.

  • While I love the concept, I do wonder if there is enough demand for this, even with a slick marketing campaign. Can you please go more into detail about how you would get people to attend the school?

  • Not everyone in the ApeCoin DAO has a Bored Ape. What are the benefits to ApeCoin holders and how can you include them?

  • If this initiative proves to be profitable, are there considerations to allocate a portion of the profits back to the DAO, now that it can receive funds?

Thanks again for your proposal and I look forward to your reply!


(it’s a troll post fam.) :joy:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :skull:

Hard to tell sometimes, I’ve seen ideas much more farfetched than this :joy:

Needed to comment on something to keep my regular badge and this was the first idea that popped up for me, lol


Voted for idea) I like it


anxiously awaiting yuga,
but I think the you should worry more about the expenses needed for this…
although if it’s possible I would love it, I love video games :fire::fire:


Is it impossible to carry out training remotely online? Do you really need ELITE real estate to ensure the required result? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Very interesting, the gaming world has been growing more and more with technology, and bringing this to the community could be very beneficial, considering that people are becoming more interested in games with each passing day.


I am also confused by the need for luxury real estate. On the one hand, APES have to hold their face and show that they are really cool. But on the other hand, it’s probably not worth throwing money away for the sake of luxury real estate. Take a property in another city and there will be more budget for employee salaries.


I think gaming would be the next big thing and I’m ready for that


I can’t figure out if this is a real offer or a sarcastic one? :thinking:


I think this is still a joke. Although the core of the idea itself is good.


Now, this is an AIP I can get behind… great idea @boredelon !

I think you should bring in Hideo Kojima as an instructor, and being that he isn’t cheap, I would increase your budget by an extra $5,000,000.

I’ll leave my questions for you inside the computer.


I agree with this. Although I think we should budget at least $100 million to give this school an endowment that can guarantee its success for generations to come. Because being honest, most apes can’t play good, and they’re simply providing exit liquidity to washed up former professional gamers who are dumping our coins and sending us to zero. This AIP can change that.