Voting: Already vote? You can change your vote

With the discussion of AIP 4 & 5, you may be thinking that since your vote is already in as “in favor” or “against” that you cannot change it. However, if you visit Snapshot again, you are able to change your vote.
As I can see, your vote is overwritten so its not like you are voting a 2nd time; you’re simply changing your vote. Just wanted to put this out there in case anyone had been wondering.


Great catch! I’ve voted but have some hesitations on the current staking proposals as well. I think we need some clarity and will be continuing to watch the discussion throughout the week.


Very helpful! You also earned a follower on Twitter!


Thank you for this helpful post!

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Definitely helpful, I am curious why topics that attempt to discuss the current proposals in detail are not being approved.


I also tried to post a topic about this and it hasnt been approved.


Thanks for the information. I do have a question or two about voting.

1 vote = 1 Apecoin right?

And whats the deal with the voting power metric?

Yes @Circuitbrain , 1$APE === 1 vote

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i think that would be the way to go in order to get great ideas for the platorm>

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thanks for the helpful advice!

sad that my coins were put in CEX right before the snapshot were taken yesterday. so i got no voting power now :’( wish i knew about this earlier.

Thank you for the heads up

Same no topics offering constructive criticism for the current AIP proposals are being approved for discussion, this is SUS

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