Webcomic "Apekins Web3 Adventures" in collaboration with Boring Security

I’m proud to present my very first Web3 security webcomic in collaboration with Boring Security - featuring Apekin, our mascot.

Always be cautious to avoid getting scammed in the crypto space!

Scammers can get very creative. They would do anything to convince you to send them money or NFTs.

Don’t fall for that!

Something doesn’t feel right? Double check.

Want to learn more about the methods they like to use?
Here’s an article for you!


This webcomic strip was one of my entries for the builder contest hosted by Thank Ape back in August, and won in the futurist collaboration category.


Thank you for reading!

And thanks to @Feld for volunteering for this one.


Looks good. Looking forward to more of these.


@AnnieRawrz that’s so cool! Looking forward to the next one :innocent:


Can I suggest removing the swear word perhaps, no biggie, we all adults but that kinda makes it PG rated. Just a thought!


Cool idea - security in comics and looks great. I wish you inspiration and look forward to further works.


I like this suggestion.


thats cool.
security is one of the most needed topics in web3, looking forward for more on these.

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I’ll keep that in mind incase there will be a series of webcomics. @0xWebMoss @Apewhale

Thanks for pointing that out!

I didn’t even thought of that since web3 isn’t really a place for young children. But it won’t hurt to also consider kids as the audience for these educational comics. You’re right! Thanks for the feedback!


I wouldn’t say it’s not for children as I’ve seen a few cases where children are now creating their own NFTs, getting into different games, the metaverse and quite a few different aspects of web3.

The children of today are very tech savy and we should definitely be considerate of this.

Security should be the first thing we teach the younger generation imho.


I think comics are good for security. I am amazed that people have high value NFTs on hot wallets on their mobile phones. A guy from MBAs got scammed this week.

Are you putting up an AIP or ThankApe to fund to do more?

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A very interesting comic, I think it’s worth continuing) It would be great if it wasn’t limited to one page.

And when will the next issue be?)

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