Weekly Poker Tournament

Organizing a Weekly Poker Tournament: The primary objective is to create a fun and engaging experience for the members of your DAO.

  • :1st_place_medal: 1st Place: 20 APE
  • :2nd_place_medal: 2nd Place: 10 APE
  • :3rd_place_medal: 3rd Place: 5 APE

You could even set this up as contributions for the upcoming season.

There will be a contribution worth 5 APE upon participating in the tournament, and an additional contribution for the top 3 winners: 20 APE / 10 APE / 5 APE.

On my end, I can create a poster or a video to present the poker tournament.


Hi @flogirl, a couple questions for you.

Are you hosting the “tournament,” and will you be providing the prizes for the winners? If not, where will they come from?

What do you mean by “contribution” and who would be providing this?

Lastly, you may be aware that gambling is not an activity that’s supported by the DAO. Would this be entirely free for members to participate in?

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Hey @CryptoLogically ,

The tournament idea is not about gambling, it was just about creating a regular event for the members of the DAO.

I must have wrongly explained the whole idea and i’m sorry if you thought it was about gambling.
English is not my monther tongue.

There’s no need to be any prize, or any amount of $APE involved.

When i spoke about “contribution” i was refering to the ThankApe quests on Thrivecoin as a reward to the members who would attend and eventually share about it.

My proposal is to create something the members could gather around sometimes to have fun together and get to know each other better.

And i’m offering to host it.


Gotcha, thanks. I wasn’t insinuating you were making a gambling post, nor did you allude to that anywhere here, I just wanted to make it clear to anyone reading.

Anything fun that will bring ApeCoin holders together is always a plus. Thanks for putting this up.


Hi Flogirl
Your proposal resonated with me … in the hope that it would be accepted I would answer present


continue… :slight_smile: I would like to see imore details :slight_smile:


I think you should look at Mocaverse and Mutant Cats DAO who do weekly poker events. Prizes are pretty big for MC DAO and even special since they give out rewards from their earned staked $ape, now thats following the culture + trusted folks ( Both Moca and Cats )


This sounds very fun!


Here’s my idea:
1 tournament every week.
Only members of the DAO are allowed to register.
The tournament would be hosted on the Poker Now website.
We can even create custom tables.

Regarding the rewards, everything would be managed on Thank Ape (contributions).

Sharing the tournament on Twitter, the rewards for participants and the winners .


Me who is a fan of poker I love the idea
An activity that will be able to unite the members of the DAO even more
And the table design is amazing

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Very interesting, I would like to participate, I love Poker!

I sent a similar proposal in the past about Poker, in order to have fun among the members, but with prize issues the DAO I don’t think it supports poker, because where the DAO is located it’s considered a game of chance to play poker if I’m not mistaken.


Hey Rubinato, thanks for your response. Poker is considered a gambling game if we involve money, but if it’s free and we go through contributions (thankape), it’s just an idea, but I think it could be great!

perfect my friend :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Let me know if the idea is approved

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Interesting idea, but I think that poker now is a very bad platform to play, I would suggest doing it on the Club GG, Apecoin can create a club there for free and the platform is very intuitive and good to play!


That’s a great idea! I mean, playing poker it’s a lot of fun and we can engage with ohters $APE holders and supporters, I would participate for sure!

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Yeah !!! True 100 % agree​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I really like the projects you propose and your commitment within the project. I’m so bad at poker, but I enjoy watching, so if there’s a tournament and we can watch it on Discord, I’m all in!

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I would love to join this game. maybe we can also get other game nights going like spades or other things.

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