Wen Clubhouse? Now!

PROPOSAL NAME: Wen Clubhouse

PROPOSAL CATEGORY: Ecosystem Fund Allocation


CaptainFuego.eth. An OG Bored Ape Yacht Club member since mint and one of the founding members of Magic City Apes DAO. Founder and CEO of Fuego Labs, Co-Founder and CEO of Ape Spirits. Fuego is a serial entrepreneur with experience in developing and manufacturing CPG products dating as far back as 2003 and residential real estate investments spanning across 3 US states.

Danny Hitlist Owner/Partner/Investor in the Blend family of restaurants as well as sLICe, Mojo, The Rabbit Hole, Dive Bar, Bad Habits, Citrico and Made In DR Wynwood. Over a decade of industry experience in the restaurant, bar, lounge business.

Lex Hitlist Owner/Partner/Investor in the Blend family of restaurants as well as sLICe, Mojo, The Rabbit Hole, Dive Bar, Bad Habits, Citrico and El Tiesto Cafe. Over a decade of industry experience in the restaurant, bar, lounge business.

Rusty Partner/Investor in El Tiesto Cafe family of restaurants, Dive Bar, Made In DR Wynwood, and Electric Lady Wynwood. Over a decade of industry experience in the restaurant, bar, lounge business.

DJ Camilo, World renowned DJ with deep connections within the music industry, RocNation and Heavy Hitter DJs. Partner/Investor in the Blend family of restaurants as well as sLICe, Mojo, and others.

This team is made up of IRL friends who have known each other since the early 90s. Having grown up in the same neighborhood in Queens, NY and attending the same middle and high schools, we have built a strong bond and partnered on several businesses over the years.

Some of the restaurants, bars, and lounges owned and operated by this team include:

Blend Lic, Blend on the Water, Blend Astoria, Blend Williamsburg, Mojo Latin, Mojo RVC, sLICe, sLICe Astoria, The Rabbit Hole, Bad Habits Astoria, Dive Bar, Citrico Cafe, Made In DR Wynwood, El Tiesto Cafe Group, Electric Lady Wynwood.


This AIP specifically addresses the one question all Apes are currently asking: Wen Clubhouse? We believe we have the answer: now! We propose to build a clubhouse in Miami that will be exclusive to Apes, Mutants, and $APE holders.

We can all agree that crypto, NFTs, blockchain, metaverse, and AI are the future, but we’re not in the future. We are living in the present and we need revenue now. This project will bring in much needed revenue for our ecosystem and its members.

We will buy a building in Wynwood Miami, renovate it and build out an amazing clubhouse for Apes, and 100% of the net profits will be equally distributed among all ApeCoin holders.


This AIP brings many benefits to Apes and The ApeCoin ecosystem including but not limited to:

  1. Utility. This project will bring utility to all Apes, Mutants and $APE holders by offering an irl hangout where we can all gather and have a great time. Networking, partying, art, entertainment, culture, debauchery. Basically all kinds of fun for simply being a member.
  2. Exposure. Word of mouth will spread throughout the world when they hear that Apes have a clubhouse in the heart of Wynwood, Miami. Imagine the headlines when they discover it was built by the ApeCoin DAO. The news will spread like wildfire, we will all make sure of it.
  3. Awareness. Clearly after exposure comes awareness. When people find out they can’t get in unless they hold either an Ape, Mutant or ApeCoin, they will have to FAFO wtf is an Ape. We will have a sick website to be sure we send them down the rabbit hole.
  4. Onboarding. The clubhouse is for members only. Again, the only way to get in is by holding with an Ape, a Mutant or $APE. Non-holders will need to buy some $APE to get in, we will have a qr code at the door that will send guests to Changelly where users can easily buy some $APE with a debit/credit card, no KYC required.
  5. Sink. The only payment method accepted will be $APE. While Apes and Mutants can have a free drink quota per day, any other purchases will need to be paid in ApeCoin creating an irl commerce for the token.
  6. Revenue. 100% of NET profits from all revenue generated at the club will be deposited into a multisig wallet for the ApeCoin ecosystem. This can be distributed equally to all ApeCoin holders, or it can be held as a secondary ecosystem fund. The same way that holders vote on how the ecosystem fund is spent, holders can decide what to do with these funds by submitting and voting on AIPs.
  7. Diversification. Real estate has been known to be the safest investment class ever. By purchasing this property we will diversify a portion of the treasury into an IRL asset that will not only hold its value but also potentially continue to increase in value. This property was last sold 9 years ago, and in that time its value has increased by over 300%. Wynwood is still an up and coming neighborhood in Miami and we can reasonably expect that property values will continue to grow in the area for many years to come.
  8. Community. We have not all met yet, here we will have a place that gives us the opportunity to meet, talk, and hang out together. Onboarding new members also expands the community and ecosystem. We need this clubhouse.


Wynwood: Neighborhood in Miami, Florida. Known for its many colorful murals, Wynwood is one of the city’s most happening districts. Wynwood Walls is an outdoor museum showcasing large-scale works by some of the world’s best-known street artists. The surrounding streets have converted warehouses housing craft breweries and funky art galleries. A hip young crowd frequents the neighborhood’s chic clothing boutiques, stylish bistros and late-night bars. ― Google


We will purchase the building located right in the heart of the Wynwood Art District.

It is currently listed for sale for $5,000,000. We will attempt to negotiate a better price since we will be paying all cash, but we will base our budget on a purchase price of $5,000,000.

We will take title to the property in the name of a Florida Land Trust. The beneficiary of this trust will be The Holders of ApeCoin. Each 1 $APE is the equivalent of 0.0000001% ownership.

This means that each 1% of the token supply represents 1% ownership of the property.

Although we have no plans to ever sell the property, in the event it is ever sold, ApeCoin holders will receive their pro rata share of the proceeds from the sale based on their holdings at the time the funds are distributed.

Also, 100% of the NET profits from the club’s revenue will be deposited into a multisig wallet. These funds can either be held and voted on via AIPs, or distributed to ApeCoin equally to all wallets holding at least 1 $APE. For each 1 $APE held, the wallet will receive 0.0000001% of the funds.

We will create a smart contract that will process these disbursements. It will function similarly to the Disperse App, however instead of entering the recipients from a csv file, the contract will pull the holders list from the ApeCoin token contract in the same block as the disbursement.

Immediately after purchasing the property, we will begin a full renovation. The property is 4,875 Sq.Ft. and consists of both indoor and outdoor space, both of which are completely outdated.

We will design the indoor space to look like a modern digital art gallery with lighting and digital display screens on the walls where we will display Apes and Mutants on a constant rotation.

The outdoor space is and will continue to be partially covered. This area can be designed to resemble the BAYC clubhouse.

We will build 2 bars, one inside and one outside. Both will be fully stocked and have a full menu of cocktails, beer, and seltzers as well as soft drinks.

Apes and Mutants will get at least 2 drinks for free each day. Drinks will be fairly priced and paid for in $APE only.

Only ApeCoin holders will be allowed to enter the venue. We will use tokenproof to verify holdings, and non-holders who wish to enter will be onboarded with a qr code at the door.

When Yuga finally builds the clubhouse on the roadmap, we can then vote on what to build on this property or simply have 2 clubhouses in Miami.


First step is of course to purchase the building. Once we receive the funding, we can complete the transaction within 30 days.

Next step is the renovation. We will leverage the knowledge, experience and connections of our team to expedite this project. We project this process will take approximately 90 days.

Before we can open we will need to get our licenses and permits in place. This will take some time, however we can submit applications as soon as we have architectural plans in place. Final inspections and approvals should not take more than 30 days after the renovation is complete.

Based on the knowledge, experience and connections this team possesses, we project it is feasible for us to be able to open our doors to Apes within 4-6 months.

OVERALL COST: 7,500,000 $APE

  • $5,000,000 to purchase the property.
  • $1,000,000 to renovate the property and turn it into the clubhouse
  • $1,500,000 to cover operating expenses for the first year.


Lots to discuss. We really should schedule a separate Spaces and open up the discussion.


I’m sure everyone saw Daniel’s tweet by now, and the new copypasta that ensued.

However, I still think this is proposal is a great initiative which benefits the DAO in so many ways that we should still consider it. Even when Yuga does eventually open an official clubhouse, it will not benefit our ecosystem or ApeCoin holders in any way.

Meanwhile this property will be an immense asset to our ecosystem bringing in revenue and diversify a small portion of the treasury funds. To my understanding legal is working diligently to establish compliant rules for the DAO to accept revenue, this could potentially be one of, if not THE first AIP to provide a sustainable stream of revenue.

So I won’t withdraw the AIP based on one tweet. Instead lets discuss the opportunities presented. For all we know an official clubhouse may still be a few years out.


I think a clubhouse is important.

The question is the plan one club house with reciprocal club houses in major locations (for private clubs), such as NY, LA, London, Hong Kong etc. Also major locations for concentration of holders of Yuga assets (or ApeCoin if it was an ApeCoin related club).

FYI my understanding is this club house mentioned by Daniel is for a MAYC/BAYC members not any ApeCoin holder.

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The idea is very interesting, worth debating.
Expenses are high and feasibility must be investigated for this to be done.
If it is only for MAYC/BAYC members and not $APE token holders, this will greatly limit other community members.
Unfortunately, it also limits the barrier to members living in other countries, but I like the idea.
It’s like @bigbull said, it would be interesting to create where the most active members of Apecoin are, Hong Kong, London, etc.

Good luck.


Yes! I agree that there should definitely be more than one, so we have to start somewhere.

I believe by opening the first one here in Miami we can prove the concept works. There’s a huge concentration of Apes down here and Miami is a beautiful crypto friendly city with major tourism.

We have zero information about the clubhouse Yuga has planned, but we can be sure it won’t benefit the DAO.


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