WG Alternative: Empower Special Council To Fill Key Essential Service Positions

The fifth and final component of the WG0 Mandate, as ratified in AIP-196 was:

WG0 will propose future Official ApeCoin DAO Working Group guidelines and objectives via AIP that will also delegate all WG0 responsibilities to said working groups by the end of the 3-month term and dissolve.

The ApeCoin DAO has voted for WG0 to do this work, and the Working Group Guidelines proposal is the result of this work.

The Working Group proposal has been incredibly well researched, iterated on extensively with the community in the most transparent AIP proposal process to date, takes into account the input of the Special Council, Ape Foundation, some of the best attorneys in the DAO space, along with many DAO professionals. It further decentralizes the operations of the DAO, empowers our community, and by doing so strengthens our ecosystem.

Your proposal does none of these things. It advocates for complete centralization of all DAO operations under the Ape Foundation – to a group of people who aren’t employees of the Ape Foundation. It is both practically and legally impossible.