Implementation Update | AIP-426: Special Council- Future election requirement and role clarification

AIP Name: AIP-426: Special Council- Future election requirement and role clarification

Implementation Status: Pending

Implementation Date: N/A

Author: @coLossuss0x

Abstract Summary: The Special Council of the APE Foundation, at the behest of the ApeCoin DAO members, acts as a liaison between the ApeCoin DAO members and the directors and officers of the APE Foundation. The Special Council exists to serve the vision of ApeCoin DAO.

To further shape the success of the role long-term, the following changes are proposed to be made:

  1. Clarify that the Special Council is an “Advisory Board’’ that serves an advisory function with no corporate decision-making power.
  • Rationale: Oftentimes there is quoted confusion in the community about what the Special Council is or is not. In practice, the Special Council is in fact an Advisory Board neither corporate officers nor management executives, and they should not be viewed as such. The Advisory Board should also not be misconstrued as the board of directors of the APE Foundation.
  • An effective advisory board member brings unique qualities to the table. Key qualities and characteristics that make an individual effective in this role: diverse knowledge base, proven familiarity and understanding of the ApeCoin DAO ecosystem, good judgment, thoughtfulness, communication skills, commitment, integrity, and team player abilities.
  1. Special Council nominees must have been discourse members for at least 6-months prior to the commencement of the term for which they are running and must have achieved a minimum of Trust Level 2 on discourse. For example, a nominee for the Special Council must have been a discourse member by June 30, 2024 if they are running for the January 1, 2025 term.
  • Rationale: The primary responsibility of Special Council members is to conduct administrative review of AIPs. Accordingly, it is important for the DAO that the individuals elected to the Special Council have a strong history of participation in the discourse and with AIPs.
  1. Removal of the weekly reports established by AIP-305.
  • Rationale: It was a good experiment, but the minimal engagement metrics of the reports has shown that they have not been an effective use of anyone’s time and efforts. Furthermore, such reports are not appropriate for advisory boards.

Overall Cost: No ApeCoin requested from the treasury.

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