AIP-305: Establishing Special Council's Accountability Practices

**Establishing Special Council’s Accountability Practices **

Category: Process


This AIP proposes to add a transparent process to the position of Special Council members from AIP-1 in the form of Weekly reports. Including all current, forthcoming and future terms detailed in AIP-137 and AIP-138 .


Since March 2022, Special Council members have played a crucial role in overseeing DAO proposals and aligning with the community’s vision. However, there’s a lack of clarity about their day-to-day responsibilities among community members. To enhance accountability and transparency, I propose implementing Weekly Reports accessible to everyone. This will foster understanding and engagement within the broader community.


As a community, we have diligently sought direct communication with Special Council members to gain insight into their daily responsibilities and the significance of their roles. Regrettably, our efforts have not yielded a comprehensive understanding thus far. Here is a personal conversation with one of the SC members (for the sake of transparency).

I do not want to disregard the work that the Special Council members have done thus far, as I believe they have the best intentions and more was done from their part to be transparent, like a Weekly Twitter Spaces debrief. I’m also aware of AIP-282 that seeks to understand what the role of the Special Council is, but personally I don’t think that is enough.

I believe that with the implementation of this proposal increased transparency will be achieved, fostering a stronger bond between the Special Council and the community they serve.


Special Council Members: Administering DAO proposals and aligning with the community’s vision.

Weekly Reports: Easy to use Google Forms to fill at the end of the week to recap what the Special Council member/s have done/achieved/executed.

Transparency Hub: A new Discourse section that will house documented updates and progress made by the Special Council, fostering transparency and enabling the community to stay informed and engaged.

Weekly Report Template:


Weekly reports will enhance the ApeCoin ecosystem by fostering transparency and accountability. By sharing their tasks and achievements, the community gains awareness of each Special Council Member’s contributions, ensuring the most qualified individuals lead the DAO towards success. Increased awareness and communication lead to a stronger community and a better-positioned DAO.


If the AIP passes, engage with the Administrators/relevant parties & or Ape Foundation to promptly implement and execute the proposed Weekly reports for the Special Council’s tasks.

Create a “Transparency Hub” section on the Discourse forum, providing all ApeCoin DAO members with easy access to weekly reports. This dedicated section will house documented updates and progress made by the Special Council, fostering transparency and enabling the community to stay informed and engaged.


If the AIP is approved, it shall come into effect as soon as possible.


$0. No costs for the ApeCoin DAO.


the idea of the Weekly reports is excellent


This is not a full time role and hence I think weekly reports is already a lot. Right now even a monthly summary would be good.

FYI I don’t think requesting daily reports fits the actual SC role.


Thanks for the feedback bigbull. Yeah this AIP is on a drafting phase as an idea, so any feedback is appreciated. I will say this, most people despise accountability, especially in the form of Daily or Weekly reports, (to the point were they literally quit their job for how much they don’t like it) but I’ve seen it over the years in many businesses and they are very effective. Elon Musk uses Weekly Reports for Twitter for example.

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I also think that weekly reports would be sufficient. I am sure there are some days when less gets done than other days, and we don’t want to waste their time on stuff nobody will read. Weekly reports I think are more than sufficient. Maybe some larger quarterly reports with more data on objectives and progress, etc.


Hey anna, thanks for the feedback!

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So, you think the SC are being paid $20,833 per month for a part-time gig? What led you to this conclusion? And where did you read that it’s not a full-time role?


I’d strongly advise against something like a daily report. It’s micromanaging and it’s honestly a poor use of a person’s time. If we do not trust the SC to do their jobs, they should be voted out the next cycle, or an AIP should be put up to remove them.


By definition it’s not a full-time role. However, many SC members have expressed that they work full-time or beyond full-time hours.


Hence my query. I haven’t seen anything that says it’s not a full-time role. Do you have any resources to share regarding this?

I would be spectacularly surprised that the DAO is paying someone $250K per year for a part-time gig. If that’s the case, AIP-277 is even more eye-opening - to say the least.


I think this is a great AIP. I think daily reports would be too burdensome - especially since the SC job isn’t as involved as, say, herding cats, or moderating a highly volatile community forum.

Our excellent secretary @Vulkan.Admin does a fantastic job with reports, charts etc. So, perhaps this is something that person can assist the SC with, and just roll those weekly reports into those. Thinking about it now, perhaps we even need a newsletter to consolidate that material.

I also believe that it complements AIP-282 by @badteeth very well.


Direct in AIP-137

" Experience & Expectations of Applicants

Elected Special Council members are expected to attend weekly, or on an as-needed basis, council meetings, review AIPs at meetings or by email, and commit 3 or more hours per week or as sufficient time as needed to the role. A standard non-disclosure agreement shall be entered into with the Ape Foundation and KYC documents shall be collected as well."

Alexis Ohanian was on the SC. Helps put context to it not being a full-time requirement.


In order to establish measures of accountability we would require a clear and concise outline of Special Council obligations and responsibilities. Without knowing what the special council are contracted to do, how can we establish accountability?

The first step would be to request a copy of Special Council contracts of employment in order for it to be the basis of these measures. As far as I’m aware they are only contracted for 3 hours per week, so technically would only be accountable for that duration of time.


wow. I don’t even. wow. 3hrs per week. $250K per year.

Thanks for that Matt. I have made it a note of this for use in my upcoming AIP.


I agree. AIP-282 is part of that. I will be addressing the other part in an upcoming AIP which I should have up later this week.

ps. We requested these same contracts as part of AIP-277. The SC stone-walled us. Then never complied.


Thanks for your proposal @Moonlyght!

While I like the idea of reports from the Special Council, I agree with those who have said that daily is too much. Weekly may be too frequent as well. I don’t think we need to micromanage them and if the reporting is too frequent, it just takes up time they could be doing other things and very few people will even read them. Perhaps bi-weekly or monthly summaries would be better with more in depth quarterly/yearly reports with KPIs? I also think it would be best to wait to see what comes out of AIP-282 before this moves forward so we have a better understanding of what the Special Council does.

Also, there are things that the Special Council can’t talk about because of the regulatory environment we find ourselves in, but spend their time on, how do you suggest they report these activities?

Thanks again for your proposal and I look forward to your reply!


Appreciate and thanks for being proactive.

At the moment I think weekly reports are more than sufficient and probably quarterly report for more bigger in depth detail breakdown overall reports

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I hope not :skull:

$249,996 per year / 150 hrs = ~$1,666 per hr. :smiling_imp:

I wonder how much work has been done for our 1st $20,833 this month and if that work is worth what we are paying :eyes:

How much work can even be done in less than half an hour a day? :thinking:


It’s not about trust or not trust. It’s about accountability and improving a person’s performance. What you can’t measure you can’t improve. Highly successfull businesses and entrepreneurs do this all the time. But thanks for the feedback, maybe just a weekly report would be better.


How do you know? I’m sure they work and are doing the best they can. But daily/weekly accountability helps you to become the best version of yourself in terms of results and actions.