ELECTION ANNOUNCEMENT: Special Council Nominations


The ApeCoin DAO Special Council nomination and election process is officially open for two candidates to be selected to serve a term of one year, beginning on July 1st, 2024, and concluding on June 30th, 2025.

Please note that elections are facilitated by the ApeCoin DAO Governance Working Group, and any election procedures, application prerequisites, and pertinent timelines written in this document serve as our official notice.

If you’re interested in nominating yourself, fill out the application form:

Nominations close at 9 p.m. EST on May 22nd, 2024.

For a detailed breakdown of the roles, requirements and expectations of Special Council, please review APE Foundation Players – The Special Council [AIP-282] and to remain ahead of any potential changes follow along with Special Council - Role Clarification for upcoming election cycle.


Applicant: An Applicant is defined as any individual who submits a nomination application.

Nominee: A Nominee is an Applicant that has submitted an application and completed the KYC and background verification process.

Candidate: Candidates are Nominees who attain eligibility for the electoral process.

KYC / Know Your Customer: Procedure whereby a business verifies the identity of its clientele. In the nomination process, KYC serves to safeguard the ApeCoin community by ensuring that candidates do not present a risk and have no affiliations with sanctioned entities, countries, or businesses.

Nomination Announcement: A topic posted in Discourse that signifies the beginning of a nomination and election process. The Nomination Announcement will include details about the process, timeline and critical dates, the application and candidate process, and any other relevant details for the community.


Reviewing AIP proposals:

  • Reviewing and evaluating proposed AIPs with critical analysis.

  • Participating in informed discussions with SC members and the APE Foundation about AIP impacts.

  • Advancing AIPs for ApeCoin DAO voting after internal deliberations outlined in AIP-1, Phase 6.

Ensuring strategic alignment and operational flow:

  • Attending meetings with the APE Foundation, DAO Administrators, Directors, and legal counsel.

  • Actively contributing to ApeCoin DAO governance by providing insights and ideas aligned with its principles and mission.

  • Developing regulatory strategies to ensure compliance and mitigate legal risks within the ApeCoin DAO ecosystem.

  • Managing the Treasury efficiently and implementing fiscal policies to support ApeCoin DAO objectives.

  • Supervising APE Foundation administrators and service providers to ensure diligent and timely task execution.

  • Regularly attending ApeCoin DAO meetings with Working Group Stewards and Discourse Facilitators, actively contributing to discussion and ApeCoin DAO governance processes.

Actively engaging with the ApeCoin DAO community and broader ecosystem:

  • Engaging in conversations across various ApeCoin DAO communication channels, facilitating discussions, and providing updates on initiatives.

  • Addressing community inquiries, concerns, and suggestions to foster open communication and ensure responsiveness.

  • Representing the community’s interests in relevant spaces/events to expand the ApeCoin DAO network.

  • Collaborating with the community to guide the DAO’s direction and align with broader community needs. Facilitating DAO initiatives with community involvement to drive strategic goals. Identifying growth opportunities and advocating for ApeCoin DAO within web3 and non-web3 communities.

  • Promoting ApeCoin adoption across diverse demographics and geographies.

  • Planning for the sustainability of operational expenses for the APE Foundation and ApeCoin DAO.

  • Ensuring stewardship of ApeCoin DAO’s intellectual property rights.

Special Council Requirements:

  • Thorough understanding of ApeCoin DAO’s structure, including APE Foundation operations and governance protocols.

  • Capacity to dedicate full-time hours as needed, demonstrating flexibility and adaptability. Strong communication skills, adept at conveying complex concepts to diverse audiences with clarity.

  • Proven leadership abilities, capable of guiding multiple teams and motivating others to attain ApeCoin DAO objectives.

  • Meticulous attention to detail, ensuring precision and completeness in all responsibilities.

  • Passionate about community service, committed to enhancing the ApeCoin DAO community and broader ecosystem.

Special Council Expectations:

  • Remaining accessible for meetings, events, and discussions hosted by the APE Foundation or ecosystem members, with flexibility to accommodate diverse schedules and commit necessary hours for effective participation.

  • Adapting working hours as needed to meet changing schedules and deadlines aligned with ApeCoin DAO’s requirements.

  • Maintaining comprehensive awareness of all AIPs.


The Special Council election process will start on May 1st, 2024 at 9 p.m EST and will end on June 19th, 2024 at 9 p.m EST.

PHASE 1: Application and Verification

  • Community members are invited to submit KYC and nomination profile information, here.

  • Applications will remain open for 21 days.

  • KYC and background verifications will be conducted within up to 7 days.

PHASE 2: Community Discussions

  • Nominee profiles will be published on Discourse.

  • Topics in the discussion categories will be locked for editing, but will be open for comments for 14 days.

  • Community members are encouraged to review and engage with the Nominees.

PHASE 3: Community Vote

  • A Snapshot vote will be conducted if there are more than 5 Nominees, aiming to select the top 5 Nominees who will proceed as official Candidates.

  • If there are 5 or fewer Nominees initially, all will become Candidates and advance to the second and final round of elections.

Refer to AIP-137: The Special Council Nomination Process for further details.


The Special Council election process is designed to ensure equitable and unbiased opportunities for all Applicants and is conducted every six months to uphold continuity.

  • Elected candidates will serve a one-year term with the option to run for a second term.

  • Voting will be conducted on the ApeCoin DAO Snapshot space.

  • The two Candidates garnering the highest number of votes will be elected.

Refer to AIP-138: The Special Council Election Process for further details.


If the number of nominees after the KYC verification process is fewer than the seats up for election, the seats will be reduced accordingly, with the vacancies open for election in the subsequent nomination and election cycle.


The APE Foundation, as a legal entity, is obligated to collect information and documents for KYC purposes. The information provided in Section 2 of the Special Council Nomination Form shall be treated as confidential unless the Applicant opts for its inclusion in the nomination profile at their discretion.

At no point will Governance Working Group Stewards or any other elected (or non-elected) members at ApeCoin DAO see your information.

1. Collection and Purpose: All personal information collected through this application process will be used solely for Know Your Customer (KYC) verification and other verification procedures mandated by AIP-137 and AIP-138.

2. Data Administrator: Webslinger, acting as administrator for the APE Foundation, will collect and manage all personal information.

Upon submission, applicants will enter the KYC and background verification process.

Applicants can withdraw their application at any time by initiating a request via email to nominations@apecoin.com.


If considering self-nomination, it is imperative to recognize that the community will rely on the information provided in the relevant sections outlined in Section 3 of the Special Council Nomination Form. These sections include the nomination statement, educational background, professional background and relevant experience, motivation, vision and goals, values and commitment, as well as a space for a concluding statement. Please ensure thoughtful consideration and thoroughness when completing these sections.


Discourse serves as our official hub for dedicated election-focused categories:

  • Special Council Elections
  • Working Group Steward Elections
  • Prior Election Candidates

Each category contains four tagged sub-categories:

Announcements: This section will keep you up-to-date with our overarching announcements concerning the nomination and election processes for the current election cycle.

Nominees: Throughout PHASE 2 this sub-category will serve as a platform for community interaction, allowing members to engage with, pose inquiries to, and seek clarification from nominees on their respective nomination profile pages. Nominees are individuals who have submitted an application and completed the KYC and background verification procedures.

Election Candidates: Profiles of applicants will begin transitioning from the “Special Council Nominees” sub-category to “Election Candidates” under the following conditions:

  • If the total number of nominees is 5 or fewer; or

  • If the number of nominees exceeds 5, and the applicant ranks among that top 5, as determined by our community vote on Snapshot.

Rejected/Withdrawn Nominations: This section serves as a repository for applications that the applicant has withdrawn, rejected through a community vote (at either the nomination or election stage), or withdrawn for any other reason.

Please note that APE Foundation governance is ongoing and nomination eligibility terms can be effected at any time. If you have any further questions contact a Facilitator for feedback.