APE Foundation Players – The Special Council [AIP-282]

The Special Council job responsibilities encompass the following, though they are not limited to the items listed below:

  • Reviewing AIPs
    • Conducting meticulous reviews and evaluations of proposed AIPs, integrating critical and analytical perspectives to grasp the depth and breadth of each AIP
    • Engaging in thoughtful and informed discussions with fellow SC members and the APE Foundation on potential impacts and benefits of AIPs
    • Participating in internal votes to send AIPs to vote by the ApeCoin DAO after comprehensive discussions, as outlined by Phase 6 of The Process in AIP-1
  • Attending regular meetings with the APE Foundation, ApeCoin DAO administrator, directors, and legal counsel to ensure strategic alignment and operational flow
    • Actively participating in ApeCoin DAO governance, contributing insights and ideas to upholding the principles and mission of ApeCoin DAO where appropriate
    • Exploring regulatory strategies in order to comply with relevant laws and regulations and mitigating legal risks to the ApeCoin DAO ecosystem
    • Stewarding the Treasury, ensuring efficient utilization of resources and implementing fiscal policies in support of the ApeCoin DAO’s objectives
    • Overseeing the APE Foundation administrators and other foundation service providers to ensure their tasks are executed appropriately, efficiently, diligently, and in a timely manner.
  • Consistently exploring innovative strategies to enhance the governance structure and processes of the ApeCoin DAO with a commitment to the improvement and adaptability of the ApeCoin DAO
    • Regularly attending ApeCoin DAO meetings with Working Group Stewards and Discourse Facilitators, contributing actively to discussion and ApeCoin DAO governance processes
  • Actively engaging with the community and broader ecosystem, fostering a collaborative environment and establishing positive relationships amongst all ApeCoin DAO members
    • Contributing to conversations in various ApeCoin DAO communication channels, facilitating discussions and providing updates on ApeCoin DAO initiatives
    • Providing responses to community members and fostering open communication, ensuring that inquiries, concerns and suggestions are adequately addressed
    • Participating in relevant spaces/events, representing the community’s interests and expanding the ApeCoin DAO network within the broader ecosystem
    • Collaborating with the community in an effort to guide the general direction of the ApeCoin DAO, ensuring the ApeCoin DAO’s objectives align with the needs and interests of the broader community
    • Working with the community to facilitate DAO initiatives; leveraging collective knowledge and resources to drive the implementation of strategic goals
    • Proactively exploring and identifying opportunities for the ApeCoin DAO, fostering growth and advancement in line with the ApeCoin DAO’s strategic goals
    • Advocating for the ApeCoin DAO within the broader web3 and non-web3 communities, including the adoption and decentralization of ApeCoin DAO with the intent of expanding its reach and influence in resilient ways
    • Advocating for the adoption of ApeCoin across diverse demographic and geographic scopes
    • Planning for sustainability of APE Foundation’s and ApeCoin DAO’s operational expenses
    • Stewarding the intellectual property rights of the ApeCoin DAO

Requirements of Special Council members:

  • Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the ApeCoin DAO structure, including the APE Foundation, its functioning and relevant governance protocols Flexibility/adaptability to commit full-time hours when required
  • Excellent communication skills, with the ability to articulate complex ideas clearly and effectively across diverse audiences
  • Demonstrative leadership skills, including the ability to guide multiple teams and inspire others toward achieving ApeCoin DAO goals
  • Exceptional attention to detail, ensuring accuracy and thoroughness in all aspects of the role
  • A strong desire for community service, manifesting in a commitment to work towards the betterment of the ApeCoin DAO community and broader ecosystem

Expectations of Special Council members:

  • Maintaining availability for meetings, events hosted by the APE Foundation and/or ecosystem members, discussions, or otherwise, on a flexible basis, including adapting to varying schedules and committing necessary hours to fulfill responsibilities effectively
  • Demonstrate flexibility in terms of working hours, showing willingness and ability to accommodate changing schedules and deadlines in line with the ApeCoin DAO’s requirements and needs
  • Ensuring that they are adequately informed on all AIPs