ApeCoin DAO Dissected: The Foundation

A DAO is a big, bold, and pretty new idea. Behind every big idea, though, is a person or group of people.

In addition to ‘the community,’ which is simpler to understand (all of you $APE hodlers!), the other key piece here is the APE Foundation. Today we’re sharing a quick explanation of the Foundation – what it’s made of and the role people play both on it and to support it.

What is the Foundation?

The APE Foundation is designed with one purpose in mind – to be a steward for ApeCoin by facilitating its decentralized governance. This means the Foundation is not here to decide the coin’s future, but to empower the community to be our guide and deliver on their vision.

Two key groups help to make up and support the APE Foundation: the Special Council , and the Administrators.

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