What is the most/least important aspect of an AIP that factors into your voting decision?


I’m looking to gauge community sentiment on what aspects of the AIP are particularly relevant to voters.

What is the most/least important aspect of an AIP that factors into your voting decision?

  • Abstract - This option is for if details and reasons that are listed in the Abstract.
  • Author - This option is for aspects related to the author, such as who is the author? How are they perceived within the community? Are they new to the community? Is this their first AIP? Are they new to Web3? What is their social media presence?
  • Cost - This option is for aspects directed towards how much the author asking for. It can include things like how reasonable is this ask and is it reasonable compared to what they plan on doing in the AIP?
  • Category of AIP - This option is for aspects directed towards the type of AIP that it is (e.g. Branding, Process, etc.).
  • Benefit to the ApeCoin Ecosystem - This option is for aspects directed towards what the AIP does/will do and what will it yield for the community.
  • The overall AIP concept - This option is for aspects directed towards the overall vision and purpose of the AIP. This can include things like, is it something that the community wants? Is it something that could be beneficial to the community? It the AIP novel, niche, or a gimmick?
  • Timeline - This option is for aspects directed towards how long will it take to complete the AIP. This can include things like can it be done and implemented quickly? Is this a long-term project with a lofty vision that may not payout?
  • Revenue Share - This option is for aspects directed towards whether the AIP will return or share any of the profits or revenue stream back into the treasury.
  • The current voting results at the time of my vote - This option is for if you vote based on how the current voting results are at the time you vote.
  • How a specific voter or delegate voted - This option is for if you vote simply because how someone else voted.
  • Other - Leave a comment

What do you think?

We now have a vote up on GWG Tempchecks.

For MOST important aspect: Click here
For LEAST important aspect: Click here


In order;

  1. Benefits
  2. Cost
  3. Team
  4. Abstract
  5. Overall concept

Everything else comes in approximately equally below that


For me i will say the Abstract,cost,category of AIP,benefit to the Apecoin Dao,the overall AIP concept and revenue share

These are very important for our knowledge


Really, the category of AIP is 3rd? Why is that so high if you don’t mind me asking?

Nice concept here LiveFast.

I’m going to tap in, but with a bit of a twist to provide a few not-so-obvious pointers from someone who reads, writes, and mentors a lot of proposals, particularly ApeCoinDAO proposals.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of GOVERNANCE
First off, the AIP Draft Template is an ongoing work in progress that generates various opinions on its formatting, the contents within it, overall length, whether additional legal agreement components should be added, categories, and more. Currently, this is something I am particularly focused on.

So for this reason, I’m going rogue in the thread :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:
Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of GOVERNANCE

Number 1: Clear Messaging

People need to click on your AIP and understand all of it just by reading the Abstract. This is critical on many levels, but one thing that people don’t tend to recognize is that with a clean foundation, you pave the way to accelerated acceptance by making others able to feel comfortable enough to share their thoughts publicly, and engage in meaningful discussion – because they get it; therefore, they can talk about it.

It’s also worth noting that for me, proposal writing and review is just as much of a creative process as when I’m, say, conducting nearly 40% of total content for our magazine project, where part of my entire approach is to find fun, new ways to dive into the action with those who are being interviewed and the questions that I’m asking them (may or may not be test printing 50 copies for NFC Lisbon with full production kicking off when I’m back – just sayin… WootWoot).

So keeping all of that in mind, this is another reason that I’ve chosen to take a different approach to how I’m answering the question that this thread is posing because, in large part, I view the entire written portion of an AIP as one.

Lastly, messaging will also serve as the community’s first high-level screening of your ability to conceptualize, organize, campaign, and otherwise execute what you are proposing. View it like your first impression at a job interview or a first date.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of GOVERNANCE
Number 2: Community Outreach

I would emphasize that this will become the most critical aspect of your proposal, and one that cannot be manufactured. Well, the outreach itself can, but the trust that makes it stick cannot. How do you establish trust? You need to be around for a while, engage — show up.

It’s no secret that we’re all building a personal brand, whether we realize it or not. But once you begin viewing your interactions through that lens, you could find yourself moving differently. This shift in perspective may even end up being one of your most significant life journeys. Also worth noting that in the end, you may just find yourself like me, where my personal brand is quite simply — me.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of GOVERNANCE

Number 3: Be Creative

Creativity comes in many forms, where many associate the term only with artworks — this is a mistake. Some of the greatest channels of creativity are unseen and have nothing to do with the arts.

View creativity as a strategic superpower that can be unleashed when you’ve mastered the abilitiy to conduct effective risk assessments on your ideas.

And as far as proposal writing goes, I want to see it.



Wow. This was an incredibly take. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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I have my moments :stuck_out_tongue:


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