Working Group Zero Mandated AIP-1 Recommendations

Fam… Happy to see changes being proposed. A few thoughts:


Would love to see adjustments made to how props are shown on Snapshot. Not displaying full proposals is problematic for many reasons, none greater than forcing redundant and/or repetitive text, graphics or charts that should otherwise be found in separate sections but forced into the Abstract so authors know the reader will see them — if they are even aware how formatting for Snapshot works.

At the very least, it should be made very clear to authors that all voters will see are these “two or three sentences” that summarize their entire AIP.

Taken from the official AIP Draft Template

Last point I’ll make is that even if the reader still only chooses to read the Abstract before voting, it will still remain the first thing they see — but even those voters will find occasional value after coming across content they are forced to see when scrolling through the rest.

PS in my opinion, the entire Help & Resources area needs to be stripped down and recreated with easy to understand, step-by-step pinned threads at the top.