A Public Letter to Cartan Group

Hi @bc @Pearson @Escape ,

Yesterday we received two messages from your team and we are beyond disappointed on the current management and the decision run by Cartan Group.

Currently our team, me and community members are being blocked from commenting in the proposal. Community members who have upvoted for this topic are unable to see the rejected reason:

Attached our both private DM and Public Message

Our Letter to Cartan Group

  • (1) The community and us are not able to comment on the ApeCoin forum despite @Pearson mentioned the forum will be open for 7 days for community discussion. We are blocked to communicate from the proposal we started. The community is blocked from sharing any feedback.
  • (2) The reason for the rejection is not open in the public. We have 10+ parties DMing us on why we withdraw this AIP after spending 4 months preparing for it. The fact is we didn’t withdraw the AIP, our proposal AIP-141 is being labeled as “Withdrawn AIP”. We are not able to speak about this matter directly on the proposal. ApeCoin community members who have been supporting us, upvoted the post are uninformed and misinformed of such decision.
  • (3) Our proposal is now in withdrawn AIP without clear instruction what to do next.
  • (4) The reason of the rejection is multi-sig participation which could have been informed. For the last 30 days, which there is plenty of of time for 1 guidance from anyone in the Cartan Group team to make this adjustment, we were not informed nor gotten any advice from you or your team.
  • (5) We have submitted the resolution below with candidates who can support the Multi-sig.

The Cost of Delay

OG Collective, the #1 Otherside guild with 2000+ Otherdeeds owners during these months of waiting, on Jan 3th, they announced shutting down because of lack of support. We could have supported them via our accelerator. We could have helped them with NFT sales to survive in this market. We have chatted with 50+ founders in the last 6 months and many of them need our support to continue their initiatives.

Our Past Contribution

During this time, we have been adding value to the community through Binance Live, driving adoption of Apecoin with partnerships like Neymar, providing monthly reports that is recognized by Yuga Labs team.

With these months of contribution, 50 team members working on it on the same goal, including all the individuals in this thread. If you are in our position, how would you feel about the decision being made and the AIP being handled? How would you feel being in community member’s shoe from being unformed and misinformed?

Suggested Resolutions

  1. Re-open of the AIP-141 forum proposal for discussion as promised by @Pearson
  2. Please put the reason on rejection in public so Apecoin community gets full transparency and will avoid making similar ask
  3. Please put the proposal back in administrative review with our adjustment attached.

Please provide a response within 24 hours on this matter. After today, we would have to disclose this matter in socials about the decision made as we and community members are being blocked, and they are being uninformed and misinformed at the moment.

Our calendar is open for the week. Please book a time to go through this issue.

CEO of Forj

Our amendment

Regarding Multisig, we would like to propose select 5 members in ApeComm and BAYC community to sign such as ApeComm team members 0xSword, Halina, Vulkan, project founders like Vis.eth, Lior.eth, @art3chris, along with 2 members from Forj. and 4 out of 7 to sign to approve. These are members who have made significant contribution to the ApeCoin community and BAYC community. We believe they are well-suited individuals who can help drive Web3 IP projects growth.

Also, could you please share more info about the steps and timeline of resubmitting the proposal? Our team spent 4 months working on the proposal, and it would not be fair to restart the entire proposal for a minor adjustment. Please kindly share this updated proposal for the administration review.


Hi @Harry,

The AIP process as approved on AIP-1 specifies that an AIP DAR Package is prepared for review and final decisions are made by the Special Council. Upon their review, the Special Council deemed the AIP as “Return for Reconstruction” citing that the Ape Foundation will not participate in the multi-sig wallet when considering its current structure. Ape Foundation primarily provides grants - it cannot be expected to “oversee the activities to ensure transparency and consistency”.

AIPs may be resubmitted and you can get more details on this process here. Further information is available at Help and Resources to assist the community with the AIP process as well as clarify questions and misunderstandings.

Thank you for your participation and encourage you to continue sharing your ideas with the ApeCoin DAO Community.



Noted on this.

The AIP Process - Help and resource graph - this post is deprecated. It is not reflective of the current process and previous with withdrawn proposal given previous AIPs have been expedite for resubmissions.

We will resubmit the application in the next 24 hours based on the given instruction above.

  • Please enable the “Withdrawn AIP” for comments for 7 days for us to comment on this matter
  • Expedite the resubmission to Administrative Review after the amendment

Although I’m not privy to all of the intricacies and standards set by previous operations-based AIPs, I am in hopes that Forj and Special Council are able to find some sort of mutually acceptable resolution as both parties appear to be doing a highly committed job of pushing the DAO forward in their own ways.

I’ve also grown to really appreciate all of Harry’s hard work on Twitter drawing attention to ApeCoin and our surrounding ecosystem. But to close out, aside from any discrepancies and/or philosophy surrounding the multi-sig aspect of the Ape Accelerator proposal, their AIP appears to be quite well thought out and wish the best to both sides on this.



Appreciate the support @AllCityBAYC

We will resubmit and hope within a month we will get back to voting process.

Our roadmap for Forj this year to grow Yuga Lab’s IP ecosystem via commercialization. We have lots of great initiatives started in 2022, this year we want to ensure projects can become sustainable, profitable in the bear market so we all get to win together.


Hoping to soon be part of that IP ecosystem through our AIP-169 proposal currently under Administrative Review with Special Council; and looking forward to the day when our logo is displayed on one of the infographics you distribute showing all of the awesome brands setting the standard for effective contributions to the DAO through bridge-building and implementing additional streams of ApeCoin use cases.

All the best Harry,



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