AIP-135: The Ape Board - all in dashboard for the ApeCoin & Yuga Community

Proposal Name: The Ape Board - all in dashboard for the ApeCoin & Yuga Community

Proposal Category: Core: Ecosystem Fund Allocation


We want to create an all-in-one dashboard for the $APE/Yuga ecosystem, to help it thrive, come to life and onboard new people.

A space where everyone can understand, discover and participate to help build out the lore and the outlines of the Yuga ecosystem. A beautiful space that covers everything Ape, from news articles to sales, from the last tweet to the live $APE price, from the IP Ecosystem examples to best twitter threads, where everyone can submit ideas & projects.


Our objective is to create a place to help communities thrive, through effortless access to information and empowerment of users.

We want to reinvent the way people share knowledge, tell stories, and inspire their audiences to act within the Yuga ecosystem.

Yuga Labs has had tremendous reach and firepower through their holders from the first hour. It truly illustrated the power of having 10k people invested and believing in a project.

From fashion brands to food, beverages, games…the way the IP has been exploited is impressive to say the least. The beauty of Yuga’s approach is: everyone wins.

This model is an interesting development that could become a small revolution in how companies think about building out brands.

However the Yuga Labs ecosystem is vast and complex, and the tools we use to navigate through it at the moment are quite unadapted.

Whether it’s going through tons of tweets or threads, through each project’s website or even Discord, there are too many sources, information and noise.

There is a need for a live, beautiful and UX friendly dedicated page to keep track of everything, and we can help.

We want to create a front page to the ecosystem, an all-in-one dashboard.

A beautiful space that covers everything Ape, from news articles to Otherdeed sales, from the last tweet to the $APE price, from the IP Ecosystem examples to best twitter threads.

A space where everyone can understand, discover and participate to help build out the lore and the outlines of the Yuga ecosystem.

We want to create an all-in-one dynamic dashboard with:

  • All Yuga related events
  • Discord announcements (+ AI Tagging for updates)
  • Official pages latest Tweets
  • Official founders latest tweets
  • Top Community Tweets (ranked by trending/hot)
  • Eligible Premints/giveaways/claims
  • Off chain and on chain data (social engagement, floor, volume)
  • Holder breakdown
  • Team
  • Project Roadmap
  • Live sales
  • Events
  • Links to all official pages
  • Merchandising
  • IP & ecosystem initiatives
  • Curated & Latest related news

We are already halfway there. In just over 5 months, we’ve built a fully functioning platform, hosting most active projects in the space, and already compiled a LOT of data (social engagement, on-chain data, holder composition, roadmaps, teams, discord announcements, tweets and community tweets, events). All the development until now has been self funded. As of today, thousands of users already enjoy most of these features on our existing app, pfpedia, for 1k+ NFT projects in the space.


An app like this will be foundational to help onboard and educate people on the ecosystem, showcase the different projects and initiatives powered by $APE or the BAYC IP for example.

As the community has expanded into a global brand and DAO, the need for a trusted, transparent and UX friendly data source has never been more important.

We want people in web3, especially those that aren’t full time in the space, to become empowered by an easier access to knowledge and information on their holdings, and an interface like this gives everyone a chance.

Our platform would support the APE Community in the following ways:

  • Demonstrates the strength of the community to the outside world, making it far more appealing for outsiders to join the community and resulting in global ecosystem expansion.
  • Bringing all members together to form new ties and partnerships.
  • Driving value to asset holders and builders by exploiting the full scope of utility the NFTs they hold have to offer
  • Allowing you to display your Yuga related business or initiative and attract supporters within the community.
  • In order to make Yuga/APE-related suggestions (list a project, merch, business concept, alpha group…), we could set a minimum holding barrier of $APE, driving demand.

There are also great possibilities going forward once this exists, like creating tools to help people share that data, add memes to the images and have the ability to share those insights across socials. We’ve already developed an MVP for this, “pfpedia studios”, which allows anyone to select their Ape, add data behind it (Floor, volume, engagement) and share it in seconds.

Key Terms

Pfpedia - Our existing app and tech that we want to build this on top of

AIP - Ape Improvement Proposal


In May 2022 we created an app,, that provides live on-chain and off-chain information on 1K+ NFT projects in the space (Discord announcements, tweets, data, events…).

We have been tracking all Yuga related projects since our launch, and more than 600+ people already follow Yuga related projects on a regular basis through pfpedia (BAYC, BAKC, MAYC, Otherdeed, Meebits, Punks).

We have worked hard to become a trusted source of information in the space, by collaborating with numerous projects, and we can see a way to leverage our skills, connections and knowledge to support this community faithfully.

Since our platform is already live, our team would be implementing the creation of a dedicated page that leverages our existing tech, data collection and team skills to build out this new project, The Ape Board.

We’re a team of efficient builders, with a track record of delivering functional products that degens love. In less than a year, we fully bootstrapped a product, locked 40+ partnerships

(including Rug Radio, Zeneca, Azuki Alpha Beans, Boki and many more), built a tool hosting 1k+ projects with 500k+ data points, and went on numerous podcasts and spaces to defend our vision.

Pfpedia is the outcome of our team’s collective experience in web2 and web3, focused on showcasing the strength of each of these hosted NFT communities.


Demian /

Co-founder @pfpedia, ex Head of Marketing Ops in Fintech. Music producer & Independent label record owner.

G. Seldon /

Co-founder @pfpedia, 8 years XP in software, product, data & growth. Co-founded three companies.

Steps to implement

  • Buy and setup domain
  • High fidelity homepage design, requires UX designer (outsourced)
  • High fidelity pages and overall product design, requires UX designer
  • Source off chain data, retrieve news sources, merch, IP use, ecosystem and more (might require outsourcing to active community members)
  • Retrieve entirety of on-chain data
  • Build integrations: Apecoin, Contracts, News integration
  • Continuous 1-to-1 user testing and feedback on improving and master the right/best UX/UI, requires funds to compensate Apes and other degens for interviews
  • Handpick curators to source/add content to feed into the page going forward, requires a small hand budget to reward some contributors
  • Build missing back-end integrations, add user auth for admin and sourcing mods/users
  • Front-end build & JS animations, requires an external 3d animation / web dev for the JS build

Budget will be used to compensate ourselves and external contractors and contributors during those three months. As well as running necessary cloud computations and/or runaway costs.


Month 1

  • Pre-production planning: create, implement and split tasks to related contributors & low fidelity design
  • Start development: high fidelity design, code back-end & front-end skeleton
  • Onboard contributors to source projects for key community features

Month 2

  • User research: Run on-going User research with Ape community to review features and UI & usage.
  • Implement final version of front-end UX
  • QA & updates

Month 3

  • Go live, monitor & fix bugs & add last touches
  • Establish integrations with other $APE related tools (transactional, social…)

Month 4-12

  • Ongoing sourcing of information
  • Clean platform, fix bugs, talk with users on a regular basis
  • Iterate on new features we could add to the page

Overall Cost

We’ve mapped spend to cumulate to an overall budget of 12,000 $APE broke down as follows:

A 3-months building budget of 7500 $APE to fully build a functional and operational platform (hosted on a dedicated domain) and compensate core contributors.

A following 9-months of 4500 $APE to cover server costs, additional feature iterations, taxes and administrative costs.

Discourse feedback & updates:

  • Update/fix AIP Name
  • Added details on our links with $APE community & reception of our existing interface
  • More detailed and specific information about the team
  • Detailed use of budget + vision on 12 months

Additional links:

Join Pfpedia

An intelligence and social layer on top of PFP projects, facilitating the management of your PFP collection

Join Pfpedia

An intelligence and social layer on top of PFP projects, facilitating the management of your PFP collection


Join the pfpedia Discord Server!

Check out the pfpedia community on Discord - hang out with 166 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.


Hi @Demian,

Your topic will be automatically closing in a few hours. Are you content with the feedback received, or do you wish to extend community discussion for a further 7 days?

If we do not hear from you within 48 hours after your topic closes, your topic will be moved straight to the AIP Draft process.

We look forward to hearing from you.

- river

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Oh I just saw this AIP for the first time! I’m surprised it hasn’t got more views or any replies! I wonder if this is because the title seems to be incomplete? Or it hasn’t got visibility because the author may not have been very active on the forum? Either way I’m sorry for the lack of engagement here.

I actually quite like this idea! You seem to have already built something cool around this. How has been the reception of your existing interface for Yuga Ecosystem?

Would be nice to have a bit more detailed and specific information about the team and your relationship to the ape ecosystem.

The budget sounds fair but I’d still like to know a bit more about what it covers and also your plans beyond 3 months.

Cheers and thanks for your idea. :raised_hands:


This topic was automatically closed after 7 days. New replies are no longer allowed.

Thank you @Demian for your ideas and the ApeCoin DAO community for the thoughtful discussions. A moderator will get in touch with the author to draft the AIP in the appropriate template. Once the AIP is drafted and meets all the DAO-approved guidelines, the proposal will be posted on Snapshot for live official voting at: Snapshot

Follow this Topic as further updates will be posted here in the comments. @Demian please see your messages for the next steps.


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Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

@Demian has completed editing their AIP Idea to be their AIP Draft.

Follow this Topic as further updates will be posted here in the comments.

Kind Regards,


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Just realised the AIP title hasn’t been updated, can’t edit it on my side.

Could you change it to: The Ape Board - all in dashboard for the ApeCoin & Yuga Community ?

Thanks a lot!


Hi Demian,

The screenshot taken has Forj Research’s Yuga Lab’s IP ecosystem monthly updates. Could you provide reference and credit to it? We are updating this monthly. Total 191, 35 new addition, 50 updates gathered by me and our team. We are presenting this in Binance Live tonight (Nov 2nd 2022).

We have months of conversation with founders, conduct due diligence to present our community the latest updates, insights, trends and opportunities:

Kindly credit



Based on founders of Yuga Labs comment, the least Gordon and Garga want to talk about is floor price of any collection.

“Apecoin is a token made to support the evolution of art, gaming, entertainment, digital and physical events, storytelling, and everything else web3 dreams up” also emphasize this focus too.

Therefore any latest sales, floor price are not recommended in the front page.

I would strongly recommend you take the time to talk to founders of Yuga Labs, communities and IP projects to understand the problems and potential solutions to validate your thesis.

  • What are the information community, brands, holders really want in a page?
  • Where holders spend the most time?
  • Why are they are spending such time?
  • Do they care about daily floor price in these conversation?
  • Why is this unique that they would not get from Dune, Opensea, Blur or Bored Ape Gazette?

From the research we have conducted after chatting with 30+ founders in the ecosystem, they shared little concerns on getting the most updated floor price, but more about how they can get more web2 brands to adapt BAYC IP and form meaningful partnerships.

Better questions to think about

  • How can we support BAYC communities to form meaningful partnerships?
  • How can we show case best of the best of Web3 IP to attract web2 brands onboard?

I am sure throughout these meetings with project founders, collection founders, you will get the answer and iterate a better hypothesis here.


Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

Our team has reviewed and discussed @Demian’s AIP Draft and have sent a list of initial questions. We await answers.

Follow this Topic as further updates will be posted here in the comments.

Kind Regards,


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Hey Novo, thanks for the comment and kind words :slight_smile:

The title has been fixed and should better reflect our idea!

We updated the idea to the draft with answers to your question regarding Yuga ecosystem reception of our existing app, and more info on our team/roadmap/relationship with the ecosystem. Also detailed what budget could love like on a longer time frame.

Cheers !

Demian @pfpedia

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Hello Harry,

Thank you for the thoughtful feedback. Not sure I can edit the Draft, but thank you for mentioning the source and putting all this together. Super exciting to see this ecosystem update, closing in on close to 200 is pretty impressive to say the least. Spent quite some time diving into all this through your twitter threads and I got to say I’m happy to see how the whole ecosystem is thriving!

Would love to jump on a quick call with you whenever you have a few minutes to spare, it seems like you have extensive knowledge of what’s happening with the BAYC IP.


Demian @pfpedia


Thanks for your feedback Harry, much appreciated.

As we’ve been running extensive and proactive user research to develop our current design, we’ve had the chance to speak eye-to-eye with many NFT collectors and collection managers.

Those collections & brands wish to facilitate holders’ lives and enhance their community participation.

Holders want a systematic easy way to stay aware, stay up-to-date, and decide when and where to engage with a community and collection. Information, data, and the evolution of IP and the ecosystem are critical, the key question is how can we display them best.

It’s still an ongoing user research process with IP Projects and communities within the ecosystem, which we are looking forward to! We plan on running more extensive research to better understand their specific needs. We also want to truly understand what holders would be expecting of this kind of initiative, and how we can display it best. We hope all this guides us towards finding a middle ground that satisfies most stakeholders.

Based on data from our existing users, holders spend most of their time on Twitter, Discord, and OpenSea as well as scouting for insights on various smaller platforms (like pfpedia). Their time is precious, and we acknowledge its value.

They’re spending much time on those platforms for two main reasons.

Firstly, the depth of the native web3/NFT ecosystem is too large for anyone can handle. Catching up with one’s holding could easily fit in a full day, and exploring further opportunities could fit in another.

Secondly, the urge is too strong. Classic FOMO, they want to be as in and as up-to-date as a fellow holders or projects. The addiction is strong, and time consuming.

Our goal is to benefit the most while not being hurtful to the whole.

Some do, and some don’t. Our goal is to benefit the most while not being hurtful to the whole.

They could get detailed information from these various sources. We’re none trying to compete with any of these. Nonetheless, none of these paint a general picture of Apecoin’s and Yuga’s broad ecosystems. A global Ape board powered by Pfpedia would act as a layer and aggregator to display, at a glance, everything one needs to visualize, in real time. We aim at building for the information thirsty degens as well as the newbie entering web3 and the wannabe YouTuber journalist reporting on Bored Ape. If a trustworthy source could meet their needs under a couple minutes, it would save time and energy and empower them to further participate in the Ape ecosystem.

The unique parts they would not get from these other platforms are the community insights, movements, and information, as well as an in-depth view of the ecosystem and IPs to explore it further. All this and much more, wrapped into a beautiful user interface that serves the community on a daily basis.

By creating a large labeled dataset of BAYC communities, brands, IP projects & holders, we will enable new connections creating synergies between these stakeholders.

An beautiful display of Apecoin and BAYC community’s strength and network could be incredibly valuable to what might become one of the largest web3 ecosystems ever. However, we can grant ourselves the opportunity to accelerate this process by creating the largest, live snapshot of everything Ape. A place to help every independent entity and community connect and thrive and prosper.

We can showcase the best of the best Web3 IPs through imagery, content, and reliable information sources, as well as through crowdsourced verification and social proof. Showing past web2/web3 collaborations and positive results will incentivize more web2 brands to unite with web3 BAYC/APE IPs and onboard new web2 peeps into the ecosystem.

Web3 is complex even to the exec in big web2 corporations. The Ape board will serve as a historical source of truth and an opportunity maker. Let’s turn those web2 skeptics into web3 enthusiasts.

All these are obviously early answers to these questions, that will evovle and be shaped by our various interactions with stakeholders from the ecosystem.


Thank you for your proposal! For some reason I missed it before.

I like this idea and and that you already have built a working product. I do have a couple of questions.

Not all ApeCoin holders have Yuga assets. How would this proposal benefit them? Would it not be better to cover the entire ApeCoin community, which includes Yuga?

Thanks again, and I look forward to your reply!


Totally agree with you. Both are somehow correlated today. Nonetheless, tomorrow the ApeCoin token will rule the ecosystem, which will go beyond BAYC/MAYC.
We presumably made a typo there, mentioning “Yuga” instead of “Ape”. Our goal is to create a top-to-the-bottom board, starting from the primary and central entity to child and related entities.
Our vision has been and will always be to participate in building today’s tools to help empower tomorrow’s web3!

thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:


"Some do, and some don’t. Our goal is to benefit the most while not being hurtful to the whole.
"They could get detailed information from these various sources. "

Users spending most of the time catching up with the news and announcement. What are the news that are urgent, important to opportunistic in Yuga ecosystem?

1/ Prosumers are spending time to look for ____
2/ VCs are spending time for ____
3/ Project founder are spending time for ___
4/ NFT holders are spending time for ___
5/ Token holders are spending time for ___

How many people you have chatted in the past to get this is the all-in-one dashboard they want? Can they represent the 5 segment of users above?

Each target audience profile is different. This proposal lacks the clarity to target the who. It requires more conversation with founders, VCs, holders to identify the real needs.

  • How can we support BAYC communities to form meaningful partnerships?
    “By creating a large labeled dataset of BAYC communities, brands, IP projects & holders, we will enable new connections creating synergies between these stakeholders.”

Through experience, this actually happens very little. Throwing a list does not trigger meaningful partnerships, we have curated the list and took initiative to reach out to connect the dots. Most project founders have a hard time with saturated information with minimal business development guidance. Cool Cats, Gutter Cats have a list of partners listed, but the IP growth compared to BAYC is very little. Instead of building an all-in-one dashboard, it is recommended to test your hypothesis first by making a few partnerships possible to validate your above assumption through showing demo pages to them without the interactive website. It will cut a lot of opportunity cost for making small but powerful application instead doing an all-in-one.

With the addition of this month, there are at least 2 overlap from the dashboard proposal.

Cast studies:
Given this is a live platform, you said " Rug Radio, Zeneca, Azuki Alpha Beans, Boki and many more, built a tool hosting 1k+ projects with 500k+ data points, and went on numerous podcasts and spaces to defend our vision." there are previous clients in pfpmedia. Our questions would be:

  • Can you share us with 5 case studies in the past for pfpedia?
  • What were the best and worst communities it have served?
  • What are the improvement from day 0 to now?
  • What section users hangout the most?
  • Why some communities have more engagement than others using PFPmedia?
  • What are the daily active for these communities?
  • Did new partnerships form?
  • Did user end up saving time instead of spending time in multiple platforms?
  • How many non-existing holders are attracted to Rug Radio, Zeneca, Azuki Alpha Beans, Boki in a month through pfpmedia?
  • Can you share client feedback here for collection founder and users?

Through these questions, we can get to know what work and what doesn’t. We also get to know if Yuga/apecoin would be a good fit. For example, given one wants to attract new comers to Yuga and apecoin, having these stats to validate your proposal would be meaningful.


My question is, how does this proposal help the ecosystem when there’s already Apeclub, Bored Association, and Bored Projects doing simliar things to this, plus a proposal from Catapult to do this as well. I jsut feel like people bring proposals here without really checking the ecosystem for overlap.

OP, please feel free to explain how this project doesn’t overlap with all the others above.


hey there, thanks for the follow up questions. It’s “pfpedia” by the way.
Here are some answers:

We’ve ran 100+ user research sessions over the course of the last 6 months. We’ve had a ton a feedback from both founders and users. It’s pretty much impossible for us to sum it all up here, but the big picture is that they are all agreeing on the fact the something like pfpedia is needed in the space. Most feedback we’ve collected has been on the UX/UI and overall design of the app, as most people we talked to already agreed on the need for such an app.

I wouldn’t say that there are “worst” communities. We’ve only partnered with and served great communities and people, that we took the time to vet. The “best ones”, or maybe the most famous ones and the ones with which we resonated the most were Rug Radio, Boki, Zenacademy or the Unemployables.

Time on-site, users and hosted projects increased ten fold over the past few months. Collectors are saving precious time there, and that’s our primary metric to support the web3 ecosystem.

We’ve seen users hanging out on their digest overviews and collection pages. Our collection pages are the most complete out there, and users can find both a full information recap and insights. They love to explore and jump from a project to another.

Communities that have the most engagement on PFPedia are the communities that are globally the most active. As you may know already, some communities are stronger and more active than others. The Ape/BAYC community, for instance, is broad and vibrant.

I don’t quite understand your question there. I assume you’re talking about daily active users from those communities on Pfpedia. We get 20 to 30% of users registering from those community partnerships that stay active and sometime become daily users.

Absolutely, we’re currently finalizing partnerships with a few large collections and institutional partners.

Consistently with Pfpedia. We’ve had direct feedback, again and again, that we are the most time-saving platform for staying up to date with everything NFT. Sometimes Pfpedia is used hand-in-hand with other platforms, sometimes by itself as a daily routine, either on mobile or desktop.

It is, unfortunately, hard to answer or spot “non-existent” holders when those collection pages are public. However, we’ve seen users with connected wallets spending a lot of time on mentioned collections, browsing Pfpedia for their next acquisition. Any time we can help partners or the ecosystem, we win.


I went through the platforms you mentioned. I didn’t know any of them. They look like good ideas. None of those are super advanced, nor have been proven as indispensable tools that people would be looking for. They’re mostly single featured websites that won’t impact the ecosystem how we wish to affect it with a larger, fuller, deeper, and complete Ape Board. Our proposal is different from the mentioned projects.

I’m afraid I have to disagree with your views on overlapping projects. Overlap is never an issue when you’re funding new projects pre-market-fit. You can’t assume that someone throwing an idea will fix a specific problem. You can’t assume that a particular problem is to be solved by a single idea, product, or company. I’d recommend you look at how incubators are early-stage financing projects, for instance. This is even more important when you are yourself (like APE), a Layer for projects to be built on top of. Also, overlap and competition are ways to innovate and move faster, thus creating a better and wiser way to develop the APE ecosystem.

Hence, we aim to develop a fabulous one-stop shop for APE information, data & insights (as described at length in the proposition and follow-up answers).

Thanks for your question; let us know if you have any other interrogations.