AIP-148: Forever Apes // Upgrade #3 // Biweekly card games and tutorials for all $APE holders

Forever Apes // Upgrade #3 // Biweekly card games and tutorials for all $APE holders

Category: Core: Brand Decision

Submitted by: Forever Apes (Team:@12GAUGE,@Brazy)


This proposal presents the idea that ApeCoin holders be eligible for biweekly games produced by the Forever Apes team.

Via our tokenproof portal, anyone with a minimum of 10 $APE in their wallet is eligible to play in biweekly online games. We will move these games to Otherside if / when possible.

In addition, digital resources will be made available to community members who either don’t know how to play, or would like to elevate their game. Education will be made available via Daniel Negreanu’s MasterClass and will be included in the proposal budget.



Following the success of our first game and the enthusiasm surrounding future games, we have decided to organize biweekly (2 per month) games powered by ApeCoin. Participation rewards will be sourced from community based projects to help promote and draw attention to deserving start ups. Token gating these games will prevent tourists from joining and encourage them to buy a minimum of 10 $APE to participate.


Cards games are a life skill and the biggest impediment to joining our first game was a lack of knowledge or confidence, access to Daniel’s MasterClass solves this. We will meet in OtherSide VC during these games and they will bring people together and foster community. We will generate excitement while rewarding people for simply participating with the ApeCoin ecosystem.


We believe, through a series of shared experiences, products, and stories, we will create a more active and engaged ApeCoin community. It’s with these shared experiences that ApeCoin can realize its true potential to become the preferred token of web3. This AIP proposes we host biweekly games (2 per month) for 6 months. At the end of 6 months we reassess interest and can scale up or down.


Although we have various products and experiences planned, this AIP outlines one of our many community events, biweekly games.

  • Online Platform -

    • Biweekly games for 6 months (max 300 participants per game)
    • Alternating times to accommodate time zones
    • Club rankings
    • Custom card skins
    • Removed ads for all club members
  • MasterClass -

    • Access to full MasterClass suite, including Daniel Negreanu’s class
      • 50 reassignable spots included in budget
      • Additional licenses available for purchase
  • Participation Pool

    • Funds will be used to purchase community based projects to reward participation
    • 10 Biweekly participation pools of 400 $APE
    • 2 Grand participation pools of 1250 $APE
    • Biweekly featured communities


Forever Apes has already made significant progress in accomplishing the stated goals and following our first game we have proven the concept has interest.

Portal - With the help of tokenproof we will create a token gated portal. Once again, we would absolutely be willing to undergo any security audits needed.

Community communication - We propose that ApeCoin either tweet, or retweet twice per month to update people about upcoming games and times.

  • Creative graphics and copy will be supplied for each tweet.


Once the DAO approves this grant, Forever Apes is positioned to implement these steps immediately. Let the games commence!

The estimated timeline for the above steps is as following -

  1. Create token gated portal with tokenproof [3 WEEKS]
  2. Liaise with MasterClass [COMPLETE]
  3. Negotiate and implement features with the online platform [3 WEEKS]


This section highlights the rough cost structure including collaborations, design, web, and organization.

100% ApeCoin payment would be preferred.

Please see the attached document for the cost breakdown.

Total Estimate: 20,000 $APE


My vote is go, go, go! Great initiatives here.


Thanks @Mantis , had to be careful with language on this one but with help from the ApeCoin team we were able to get it through to drafts. Looking forward to more feedback.


Love it and would love to participate. Brand new here so seems a great way to make connections!


Welcome to the DAO @Hangout , see you across the table soon!


Hey @12GAUGE love the idea! I’m not a poker player but this would definitely make me wanna learn and participate!


I would definitely encourage you to play, our first game had a few first timers and they really enjoyed themselves. Most important thing is getting together and having fun.


For sure! Would love that


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Feedback was both positive and constructive, see you in drafts!


Thank you @12GAUGE for your ideas and the ApeCoin DAO community for the thoughtful discussions. A moderator will get in touch with the author to draft the AIP in the appropriate template. Once the AIP is drafted and meets all the DAO-approved guidelines, the proposal will be posted on Snapshot for live official voting at: Snapshot

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Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

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Love this!! I read a book by a poker champion lately and have been really inspired to learn but no clue how to start- this would make a cool hobby accessible for our community & be a great opportunity for DAO members to bond & make new friends around the world :cherry_blossom:

Thanks for all the exciting proposals @12GAUGE!


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Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

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Great proposal!

Would love to interact with the APE community thru Poker. Is this also accessible on mobile? Or just desktops?

Thanks @12GAUGE.

As a poker player I love the idea to connect poker and ApeCoin.

What I don’t like are the costs which seem to be unreasonably high plus the fact that it is not very inclusive. Only a few community members will be able to participate due to different time zones, affinity to poker and limited space provided.

Your first proposal with the playing cards has the same problem: 1000 card decks on a first come first serve basis. This will make 1k people happy and frustrate 99k others. The 45k$ could have been invested way more efficient. This also applies to this proposal for 20k $APE.

Seeing the numbers of proposals you posted worries me further

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Seeing the numbers of proposals you posted worries me further

In @12GAUGE’s defense, those proposals are meant as continuous upgrades to a stable platform/idea, and they all fit a common theme… they’re not random