AIP-207: Reward TwitterSpaces ApeCoin


This proposal aims to bring awareness to ApeCoin by educating and onboarding thousands of potential new members via established, web3-focused Twitter Spaces. By educating new users about the ApeCoin DAO through regular Twitter Spaces, we encourage community engagement and further decentralize ApeCoin DAO.

This proposal requests a grant of 3,000 ApeCoin tokens to be fairly distributed to participants of the Twitter Spaces.


Capitulation is a daily community web3 Twitter Space geared towards entertainment and education with open discussions around the most trending topics in NFTs. It has never taken any promotional funds and operates with a heavy dose of decentralization, providing everyone a chance to have their voice heard with zero favorability. There is an average of ~1700+ participants per space (see for spaces analytics)


Capitulation, the web3 community space, is used to create a world where everyone has equal opportunities to succeed. We are committed to being bold in our approach, striving for transparency in all that we do, and holding ourselves accountable for the impact of our actions. Above all, we believe in the power of persistence and will never give up on our mission to create a more equitable world for all. Together, we will work tirelessly to break down barriers and create a brighter future for all.


We are requesting 3,000 APE, where 100% of the APE will be redistributed to active participants of the Capitulation Twitter Space over a 30-day period. Every day, 100 APE will be distributed to one participant of Capitulation, as decided by the host and co-hosts of the space. The Capitulation Twitter Spaces are recorded and happen daily. At least 10-30 minutes will be devoted to discussion of the ApeCoin ecosystem and broader community, with the goal of educating a large audience. Listeners and speakers will be selected randomly and all will have a fair chance at being selected based on their participation in the spaces, whether written or verbal. The speakers of the space will vote on who should be rewarded the 100 tokens for the day, the winner must claim the tokens via a ENS address.

Steps to Implement

This proposal could go live immediately. Web3 has been participating in Capitulation daily. The overall cost of the proposal will be the 3,000 ApeCoin tokens and will be distributed over the course of 30 days. The manpower will be the speakers of the spaces. At the end of each space, the host and co-hosts will select a handful of finalists. The last 10 minutes of the space will be devoted to a panel-wide vote for the selected finalists of that space. Finalists of each Space with the most votes across the speaker panel will be awarded ApeCoin tokens. In the case of a “sudden death” or tie vote, the finalists will be invited on stage for closing remarks and the original panelists of the space will cast a re-vote. If a listener is selected from the audience, they must be in the room when they are called as a winner and speak up to claim their ApeCoin reward.

Once passed, 3,000 ApeCoins will be sent to the Capitulation multisig address at ABCapitulation.eth (eth:0x792b96f206AaA1493b683b24aD99d59cdF74F418)

  1. During each space, hosts and co-hosts keep track of listener replies in the space’s thread and keep track of those who spoke on the panel during the space.
  2. Nearing the end of the space, the host and co-hosts reveal the list of finalists for the space.
  3. Panelists = Host + Co-host + Speakers. Panelists will cast one vote. Panelists cannot vote for themselves.
  4. In the case of a tie-vote between finalists, the panelists will cast a re-vote between the tied individuals.
  5. The finalist with the most votes at the end of the space must come on stage to claim their ApeCoin reward with the opportunity to give their winning speech.


Begin distributing ApeCoin to the NFT community as soon as ApeCoins are received by the Capitulation multisig address at (ABCapitulation.eth). This program will run for 30 days and every day 100 tokens will be distributed back to the web3 community.

Overall Cost

The total cost for this proposal is 3000 ape tokens.

I’m not sure that’s a good idea. I attended your first “proposal review” today. Your specific style of Spaces isn’t particularly neutral towards proposals, infact its very much a situation where “which way are we voting” is at the forefront. The general brand of Shillin_Villian and Capitulation and F*ck The Name(thats you too right?) probably shouldn’t be formally supported by Apecoin DAO grants. But welcome to governance, I have some questions for you:

  • Can you share more information about your audience demographics?
  • Disclosure of all members of your team is required in the proposal, care to share?
  • Do you do business on Twitter Spaces as a company or individual?

There are serious considerations and reasonable concerns. Additionally, other large Spaces are also interested in sponsorship. Perhaps as a DAO could run an RFP process to get bids, or even issue grants to sponsor several medium-large Spaces providers. Additionally, expect to see official twitter spaces running in a reasonably short time. Thanks for your proposal, and I’m looking forward to continued conversations.



Sounds like a great idea in general to reward spaces.

Luckily SWORD(Todd) does not speak for the whole DAO.

GL, voted yes.


This should never hinder people from creating their own ideas, submitting drafts and competing with so called ‘ideas in the works’.


Thank you Sword for the feedback

Here are the answers to your questions:

  • Can you share more information about your audience demographics?
    The demographics of Our spaces range from critical thinking Men & Women from various walks of life be it doctors, degens, teachers, crisis counselors, marketing specialists, lawyers, students and so on. People on equal footing who wish to move Web3 forward.

  • Disclosure of all members of your team is required in the proposal, care to share?
    @Shillin_villian & @barkmeta

  • Do you do business on Twitter Spaces as a company or individual?
    No business is being done, and there’s no company involved.


I really hate these kinds of requests. People just wanted to extract from the community. You’re already on twitter spaces promoting stuff. Get your income somewhere else.


These spaces do not do paid promo.


Nice to see Alex is already drawing in new members to the DAO - welcome fam, glad to hear your thoughts, unfortunately, if you would have read the AIP proposal, you would have noticed the APECOIN asked for will all be distributed to listeners! SMH


Ive been to his spaces. Allowing mainly his friends and"fam" to speak and its not open nor friendly. This type of control over who gets rewards is not good and will be abused by friends.


Machi was/is normally a speaker/co host, however, if you think these people would ruin their rep for 3,000 APECOIN then I think we can agree you know very little.

Reputations are built up over months and years, for you to dismiss Alex and his idea based on the fact you think he will abuse the 3,000 APECOIN funding is ludicrous. Do you know what 3K apecoin is worth lol


gm gm @shillin_villian and welcome to the forums. Thanks for taking the time to write up your post.

Great idea to utilize $APE to reward listeners to your well-attended spaces. It’s a simple use-case which I’m sure everyone would find easy to understand and support.

As we’re in the midst of a DAO-transition, this could also fall into a Marketing/Sponsorship Focus Working Group topic to work through with you and your team. I imagine the goal right now within these Working Groups is to create strategic Marketing/Sponsorship goals that align with the Mission/Vision/Values (currently underway), are fairly distributed within our budget (currently underway), and have some sort of framework for KPI’s, reporting or accountability.

Do you think this could this work with any of the rewards platforms we’ve approved or ones already in the AIP process like ThankApe or Catapult or Karma, etc? Integrations are always a great flywheel and greatly benefit the DAO.

To @0xSword 's point, in order to accept any grants from the Foundation you will need to KYC at least to the admins - I think he was just letting you know what to expect. But then again, this whole process could change by tomorrow morning :laughing:.

Look forward to seeing how this request goes and to see what creative integrations you and your team could achieve with others in the DAO - I think that’s where your true value could really shine.

SSP :fist:t4:


I will not support that unforchinately.

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Capitulation is a space that is riddled with morsels of good information. Alex and Bark keep the space entertaining by joking with friends that frequent the space. The goal of the spaces when they first started was to conduct due diligence on new projects and expose bad actors. I think their space is a net positive for web3


Welcome to the Discourse @shillin_villian and thanks for taking the time to put forth this proposal. I have a few questions:

  • While I understand the idea behind incentivizing participation, I’d like to see much more detail in terms of what the Spaces will actually accomplish in terms of the purported “educating and onboarding thousands of potential members” via these Spaces. What will the content breakdown spanning this 30-day period? You’re literally talking about an ApeCoin DAO Twitter Spaces being held every single day for an entire month, without highlighting any sort of content rubric or proposed daily agenda. More detail is appreciated.

  • How will this differ from what ApeComms has been doing regularly for months now, in terms of content?

  • This occurs to me as a “giveaway” format of generating engagement, but one that doesn’t actually direct people to the Discourse or encourage voting/participation in and of itself. It would be one thing if winners were directed to creating a profile or drafting a proposal, rather than just being chosen at the end of a Twitter Space. How does giving away roughly $500 each Spaces equate to growing the DAO? What measurable outcomes are we looking at to determine this is actually having the impact you propose?


Appreciate the feedback @CryptoLogically

  • Every space there will be at minimum a 15 minute time slot covering upcoming AIP’s, any upcoming updates to ApeCoin DAO and generalized educational briefs on Yuga.

  • This will differ from ApeComms, in that this space has a much bigger reach and the tokens will be distributed to the community rather than the team.

  • This space will be used to review upcoming AIP’s/Discourses. That is a great idea to have the winners create a profile, and I will add it to the proposal. This proposal will increase DAO participation and a measurable would be an increase in the number of members voting.


Thanks for responding. You plan to do a section where you cover the live AIPs every single day, then repeat that same section every day afterwards until the voting has ended? Unless each Space is a revolving door of brand new people every single time, I can see that being a major turn-off for the regular audience who come to learn looking for new, engaging material.

As an educator myself. I’m just curious what the content breakdown of each Space is going to be, considering you’ll need material to fill an entire Space of educational material every single day, for 30 days straight.

Have you drafted an agenda and content breakdown for this month’s worth of material? This isn’t something to be done “on the fly” and will need some substantial research, planning and thoughtful pedagogy if you’re really out to make this a meaningful educational experience for your listenership. At least one worthy of an AIP.

Also, I don’t believe we really need “generalized educational briefs on Yuga,” especially since Yuga and ApeCoin DAO are two entirely separate entities.

Here’s a thought, as you seem pretty passionate about this, which I appreciate. Why not attempt a trial run with your current listeners minus the giveaway, which is really the ask here. Do several days in a row where you try out your approach, see if it is feasible from a content delivery standpoint, and gauge how people are responding to it.

If you find yourself quickly running out of things to say, topics to discuss, AIPs to recap and lessons to impart, it might be an idea worth reevaluating.


I think there are some real conversations to be had as far as how the Capitulation, Pontification, F*ck The Name, etc etc have behaved in previous months. There has certainly been loud conversations on Twitter surrounding “Dinosaurs” (Bored Apes etc etc) and even some racial slur controversies & maybe some other stuff. Having the Ape Foundation sponsor a Proliferation show raises some early alarms. My followup questions are:

  • How has the show grown over the last few months? Still behaving aggressive?
  • Is there any mechanism for complaints? And will there be a larger followup AIP?
  • Will your audience just troll AIPs and forum posts in the shows comment?s (happening now)

This is certainly making some conversation about how we should be sponsoring shows like this. I certainly see the value in the frequent Spaces hosts. Morning shows like Pio & Nick, hosts like Farohk, etc would also be interested. Hm. Curious to how this may play out. A big part of me says lets open up an RFP process or issue microgrants to many.


I’m not a Spaces fan, so I can’t speak to any of these points. But my recommendation still stands, which is to have them take on this educational content on their own, without the AIP grant, as a sort of trial run. The funds aren’t being used to build anything new, as they’re simply being offered as a giveaway and to incentivize DAO participation.

I say they should start now. Don’t wait for the grant. If people rock with your content and it’s genuinely helpful, the voters will take notice and likely support the Idea. It’ll at least give the stakeholders a chance to see what sort of content is being delivered.

If ApeComms was doing this work for free for months before being put up for an official AIP endorsement, I’m curious as to how something like this with no true positive track record is to play out.



Generated 15 VOTES so far.

Love to see how your idea is evolving with the comments and questions!

Love your passion for NFTs, your reach speaks for itself, be nice to see some new people in here with genuine passion and positive vibes.

Rewarding TWITTER SPACES is an EPIC idea; I think just the idea itself will spur on more and more people within the community to start looking at this opportunity.

Content is king always, and I’m actually thoroughly entertained whenever I’ve had the privilege to listen in on many an occasion.

GL with this.


Thank you furious for the feedback