AIP-215: Eco-friendly Apecoin Carpets

Hi Apes!

We have revised our original AIP after gathering valuable feedback shared by members from the Apecoin forum. Thank you everyone & a huge shoutout to @GratefulApe.eth @capetaintrippy @ssp1111 @hodlercollective


Rich Class Décor (RCD) We are a web2 company that loves the web3 space as we have made the most amazing connections within this new world of awesome people! We make pure wool handmade carpets & were commissioned by a member of the YUGA community! , they absolutely loved our quality & suggested we should provide our service as everyone loves a quality product! This is how we decided to go fully into web3 space. Since then we have made carpets for Garyvee! (The highest quality carpet I have ever seen- Gary) Alexis Ohanian, Gerry, Sera Star Girl, Machi Big brother & many others from the BAYC fam! Harry noticed our work & mentioned our name in YUGA Labs physical Merch list. This is when we were confident that web3 space is the space for us!

Utility but uniqueness of it matters as well. I believe APEcoin holders will absolutely love this limited edition ape coin carpet that is handmade from eco-friendly finest raw materials. We use wool that is imported all the way from New Zealand! To make it more exciting we will enable so Payment can be done in $APE as well. We are in touch with Shopify to make it happen as currently it accepts ETH, BTC, DOGE & other coins but for some reason even coinbase commerce & bitay ape is not being accepted but we are working on it.

The big question for DAO! How much?? $0 cost to the dao however enthusiasts will be able to collect this limited edition piece at just 123 ape, or ~$449 for each rug inclusive of shipping. We want to support the artisans & at the same time provide high-quality carpets to the fam!

Here is a photo of the same. Our twitter is @ richclasdecor

In short- We ask

  • Approval for one-time use of the Apecoin logo for a limited-release drop
  • Limit 500
  • Token gated for purchase only with Apecoin
  • This allows those that desire to collect to use their own $ape to purchase
  • No pressure on DAO to determine who gets one and who does not
  • However, DAO’s involvement will help us get to know how many pre-orders to know ahead of time how many would be ordered, saving cost & money, required materials, begin making carpets and shipping.
  • Request official ApeCoin Twitter to tweet and retweet when the store is ready and once a month for up to 9 months, or until 500 carpets are sold. (our interactive presentation an be watched here)

Proposal Name: Apecoin Carpets

Abstract: Rich Class Décor (RCD) is a web2 company that loves the web3 space! We make High-Quality Pure Wool Handmade Carpets in custom logo & NFT designs. We have been commissioned by members of the BAYC community with many positive customer reviews.

“The highest quality carpet I have ever seen!”- Garry V

In this AIP we are asking for:

  • Approval for one-time use of the Apecoin logo for a limited-release drop
  • A limited amount of 500 rugs for sale, on a first come first serve basis
  • Token gated for purchase with Apecoin
  • Request official ApeCoin Twitter to tweet and retweet when the store is ready and bi-weekly until 500 carpets are sold

Author Description: My name is Sobi & I’m the owner of RCD brand. We make handmade luxurious yet affordable carpets for interior designers based in California & Utah. Joining the web3 space has been one of the best decisions as we are able to dive deep into communities & form a beautiful relationship with all the members. We get to be one of the community!

Team Description: We are a female led company. The owners are my mom & my wife & I bring their ideas to life. We have 40 weavers who make handmade carpets. These artisans each of them are over 50 years of age & have decades of experience.

Motivation: Our motivation behind this proposal is to get formal permission by the Apecoin Dao for a one time use of Apecoin logo to make the best carpets in the entire web3 space.

Rationale: Listening to Grateful Apes spaces I heard that the Apecoin council were welcoming artists, and creators who wanted to contribute to the ape community & I think this aligns with our goals & lets us serve the ape community.

Specifications: Shall our proposal be accepted we will be using wool all the way from New Zealand as the NZ wool is the highest grade of wool & it is used in high-end carpets loved by world-famous interior designers. You can be assured the carpets are going to be of awesome quality. Our company motto is - ‘We rug the right way’ & to do that we must ensure that our carpets are as eco-friendly as possible and made from organic fibers.

Steps to Implement: Upon receiving the permission from the Dao we will, by the help of fellow Ape (Serastargirl) whose beautiful art will help us create a backstory, this shall be tweeted on our twitter & hopefully we will get momentum which will be further enhanced by Apecoin’s official retweet. Shopify page will be setup & shared in tweet.

Timeline | Relevant timing details, including but not limited to start date, milestones, and completion dates.

Enter timeline- Once the marketing begins we will be able to gather information on orders & we will plan production & shipping accordingly. Total time to execute 2-3 weeks & rugs will start shipping.

Overall Cost - $0, No cost to the Dao. We are requesting the usage of the ApeCoin logo to create a limited drop of ape coin rugs.

We can also offer huge discount to The DAO should they ever wish to distribute at events or through giveaways, reward the Apecoin contributors, Discounted to YUGA ecosystem, the possibilities are endless.

Would love some support & make houses of all the apes beautiful! We can’t wait to rug them the right way! The apes have skateboards, tees, hoodies, toys but not pure wool rugs & I believe the collectors will love these.


Hey Sobi,

Thrilled to have you jump in and get engaged. Appreciate the enthusiasm.

I’ve sent you a dm. Talk soon.



what is the need for 180,000 ape?



Thank you so much for the welcome. I sent you a dm & im so excited to meet new friend!

Have a great day!

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Hi fren!

I based the 180k Ape on the basis of minimum 500 carpets. The BAYC ecosystem has 10k apes, 20k mutants, 10k kennels, 100k otherside deeds, punks, dokey dash holders & then crypto bag holders of apes will love this unique kind of eco-friendly luxurious carpet in their home. With 500 that is like 0.0029 people buying these carpets which number is very low.
The Council can decide a retail price & I am sure the dao will get also return on their investment while opening up something to the entire community. With this grant we can make these many carpets & try to get the shipping included for which cash has to paid.

Would highly appreciate any valuable suggestion from you.

Thanks I just realised I made a huge mistake & I have brought down my costs!


Thank you for taking a second look and addressing this. Are you proposing that we approve and the DAO gives away or that we order and pay if we desire a rug? I would prefer we approve the one time use of the Apecoin logo for a limited release drop, limit 500 and token gated for purchase only with Apecoin. This allows those that desire to collect to use their own $ape to purchase, instead of leaving it up to the DAO to determine who gets one and who does not. This would also allow you to know ahead of time how many would be ordered. At that point you can then order the needed materials, begin work and ship. Please take this into consideration as I believe this would increase the likelihood of your proposal getting approved, while still facilitating your desired results. - CT


Hi Capetain!

Thank you so much for taking your valuable time & giving your feedback on making this proposal a success!

I love this idea that the DAO gives a one-time access for a limited drop for holders that way the holders know too that this is not happen again & more likely to make a purchase.

The whole idea for using APE for an apecoin carpet is so cool!

Your suggestion makes all the sense & yes, knowing how many we have to produce will save a lot of time & money in the entire process.

Once again thank you for the suggestion & it is amazing to see a responce from the DAO council!

Kind Regards,


Love the support from the fam!

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I am going to follow back up here and say, I don’t think this will pass as currently written. the dao is not going to take the responsibility of buying and distributing/ giving away, in my opinion. As it seems this closes in a day, have you all decided to leave written as is?


Gm CT,

Thanks for your feedback. The DAO doesn’t have to take the responsibility of buying & distribution as we will be fulfilling it ourselves. The help we want from the DAO is to formally allow us one time usage of Apecoin logo to make these carpets, share with community that its a limited drop for the apecoin holders & we will take it from there. Dao’s influence & support is what we need ser.


thanks for the response. mentioned it again only bc i didn’t see an update in the post. thank you for taking my suggestion into consideration. if this passes, i plan on buying one.


Hey @apecoincarpetman ,

Thanks for the shout out, I am “@ hodlercollective” :slightly_smiling_face:. Noting that you have already received some constructive feedback here from others, and you’ve connected directly with some of the other ApeComms members as well. Just want to drop a reminder for you and anyone looking in here, now is the time to make edits to your proposal. During this AIP Idea stage that you are currently in, you can edit your proposal and each edit will be logged for the community so that we can keep up with the evolution of your AIP. Please do feel free to make those edits now, and be aware that you can extend this AIP Idea stage another 7 days (or longer) by informing the moderator that you would like to gather more feedback. The moderator will pop in here as the post is closing.



With this clarification on the ask, just for usage of the logo, I’m fully on board with this and can’t wait to order my carpet!


Hi Ct,

I clicked on edit button but it won’t let me edit the proposal & it shows number of times edited shows 2 in red. Is there a limit to edits?


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Try clicking the edit button at the bottom of your post.

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Thank you ser.

Making edits now.

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I did & there seems to be no option to edit again…

Bottom right there should be an Edit Post button.


these are the only options i see