AIP-258: Proposal for Creating a Forum Section for AIP Authors Approved by ApeCoin DAO

The main idea is to create an ecosystem for AIP authors to increase productivity, enable DAO contributors to become part of the AIP team, and increase transparency for DAO members.

Yes @doberdanny. For the most part, that is the main idea. I agree. I wonder if we could go further than that but I respect the simple forum change as a starting proposal. In the past, its been required to make official proposals to even change categories. I wonder if a service provider handling the forums or moderating could make basic changes or add new categories without an AIP. AIP-7 I believe sat the precedence.

Here is convo thread for AIP-7 before the full forum categories were opened up.

And full AIP-7 here:

An interesting result came from the voting and resulting implementations. Many asked why a proposal was necessary for this change, and required to pass, to make updates to UI/UX. The reason at the time was that our forum moderators were also the same company, Cartan, who “wore a lot of hats,” and had to measure each move for risk.

I do wonder what could be done now that we have community facilitators seperate from some of the other foundation activities. I imagine that some smart improvements could be done right away.