AIP-271: Airdrop/Claim For Year 1 Forum Contributors (10k $APE each)

Proposal name: Airdrop/Claim for Year 1 Forum Contributors
Overall Cost: ~2.1m $APE to be claimed by ~200 members


The proposal is centered around the distribution of 10,000 Apecoin to each of the ~200 active forum participants who have significantly contributed to the development and success of Apecoin within its first year of operation. Eligibility for this airdrop is determined by a snapshot taken on May 31st, 2023, 00:01 Pacific Time. Only participants who have attained a level 2 user rank on the forum will qualify to claim their share of the total 2,100,000 Apecoin.


The underlying motivation for this proposal is to recognize, reward, and appreciate the active contributors of our DAO community. Many of these members have shown exceptional commitment by contributing without the expectation of remuneration. This proposal aims to acknowledge their efforts and dedication to the DAO’s growth and success.


The level 2 user status serves as an objective benchmark for active participation. These requirements ensure that only engaged and contributing forum community members are eligible for the airdrop. The overall aim is to create a sense of belonging and to motivate members to continue contributing to the DAO, ultimately leading to its sustained growth.


Eligible participants need to have met the following requirements:

  • Visit at least 15 days, not sequentially
  • Cast at least 1 like
  • Receive at least 1 like
  • Reply to at least 3 different topics
  • Enter at least 20 topics
  • Read at least 100 posts
  • Spend a total of 60 minutes reading posts

A smart contract will be deployed to eligible wallet addresses, linked with forum accounts, will have a 60-day window to claim their share of the airdropped Apecoin tokens.

Steps To Implement

  • Ape Foundation is directed to develop claim process.


Upon approval, the smart contract will be developed and filled with ~2,100,000 Apecoin. The claim window will remain open for 60 days from the date of deployment.

Overall Cost

The total cost for the airdrop will be around 2,100,000 Apecoin, which will be distributed equally among the eligible participants. The above number includes cost for smart contract creation and launch of a claim mechanism for eligible contributors.

This proposal is written to be a pleasant surprise for our dedicated community and serves to encourage future contributions. Recipients are recommended to consider staking their tokens or utilizing them within the Apecoin ecosystem.

This idea was part of a late night brainstorm between me and a couple other frequent DAO contributors. If you’d like to give feedback below, it’d be very appreciated. Hope you love this proposal. It’s meant to be a reward for both users who’ve joined and the many of us who have onboarded and submitted ideas throughout the last year+ of apecoin DAO.


This part changed my mind; and would possibly help those who contribute but are struggling to survive. I am not wealthy, but I also do not currently struggle, so I guess I am possibly not the best person to comment here. As for those who contribute a lot of time unpaid it will help them no doubt.

Be very interested to hear what others think.

NB: I wanted to clarify - when I use the words ‘struggling to survive’ I mean in terms of maintaining their levels of contribution within the DAO going forward.


Good morning. I’m very happy to post this AIP because it seeks to reward the hard work of nearly 200 forums user who have contributed to Apecoin up until now. Even more compelling is that it will encourage contributors to join and stay active for the many future activations that the DAO will create. I’m happy to stand by this idea, and talk about it’s merit.

Over the fall and into winter, then spring and now summer, our community has grown, networking with many new users, even using Thank Ape rewards to encourage participation. This is the type of proposal that can amplify our active participation going forward, and will attract a large number of high quality participants, that maybe knew about the DAO, but havent gotten involved yet.

You can send me feedback here or


I love the idea as much as the next trust level 2 guy but I don’t see this AIP passing. I could be wrong though. The biggest objection will be a fear of APE dump. Could mitigate this by reducing the amount of APE or vesting the reward. Still a long shot though IMO :heart:


Hey thanks @Cardo. Going infront of the token voters and explaining how this is beneficial is something I think will be a lot of fun, because people who didn’t make the snapshot date of this morning will hopefully be active for future activation, right? It’s rare for a large proposal like this to have much of a chance, but there’s some merit to the idea, and i think i can make a fair case.

Good news is too, most forum contributors are likely to use it to build and stake. It’ll be interesting to see what people do with it, because i’m sure some will build, some will stake, some may buy vessels or PFPs, and thats entirely on them. If people here have website ideas and stuff they want to build, this gives them a boost to do so. I’m willing to bet that much of the 2m $APE wont be market dumped.

I’m really interested to see a) what the forum community thinks about this, and b) what the DAO thinks about it during voting. I really think I can make the case as to why this could be a major win. We’ll see!


This would be so amazing, not sure I even qualify, but I personally would love to acquire a MAYC, would then stake anything left over and become an official Mutant :test_tube:


It’s a cool idea. There’s a lot of good that can come of it. If I remember correctly, you’re the maker of the Ape Inn website right @0xWebMoss? More than just joining the club, I hope you’ll consider how this can help w/ your ecosystem project as well. Thanks for input. Btw you qualify! You made it.


Wow thats amazing to know, thank you, would literally be a game changer…Yes, I’m busy with the Ape Inn project from the EthGlobal hackathon, my AIP 243 is coming up soon. Part of my project is based on staking these precious NFTs and Apecoin, and some other cool stuff I hope to buidl around it. Would be cool to test prod with an official Mutant :sunglasses:, got a few Goerli BAYC, MAYC and BAKC that I dev with on my local.


You’ve been in the ecosystem working for a while now. Many have really. Tons of ideas for websites and things are shared often. I want to make the case that this distribution of $APE will have a positive impact, and it’s very easy to look at the list of eligible members and say “these people will continue to build in the ecosystem and are here for the long haul.” Thank you again chiming in. These thread convos will be important for voters to evaluate. Have a gm @0xWebMoss


I agree with the idea of rewarding active and genuine people on this Discourse,but 10k ape its out of mind, you are asking for an 2.1M cost when this will not contribute to the future of APEcoin and Thankape with only 1.4M cost made all numbers explode.Pls clarify me if im wrong.


I can see this being blasted away " Against " vote by people who have rarely stepped into governance and forum :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull:


Exactly my thought at first that there will be people who will immediately dump 10K $ape but then I read more and Trust Level 2. People who are at this level know the importance of $ape and will prefer using it to stake or vote.
I personally thought of buying a MAYC as a first though after reading this as " Airdrop ". Agreed with the FUD of dumping but these 200 members are dedicated enough to not dump the coin. Some might swapped it into fiat for I’m 99% sure it would be a decent amount just to pay bills or treat themselves/family etc


Rewarding regular contributors who aid every single proposal author in crafting the best proposals they can craft, for months and months and months on end, is a no-brainer for me.

Question is how much.

10K maaaaybe makes sense for level 3/4 members as the requirements there are far stricter. There’s a reason there are less than 30 of us. But even then, I got lvl 3 in just over 50 days… do I deserve $30-$35K for that? No way.

And level 2 is very easy to achieve.

So I think the idea is amazing! It really incentivizes people to continue contributing, plus a lot of the money will probably go back into the ecosystem / projects (mine would let me finish my book about nfts, for example).


  1. Lower the amounts. May I suggest up to 3000 $ape for lvl 2, and up to 10000 for level 3/4.
  2. Prorate based on time on the forums and/or actual contributions.

Imho, it’s not exactly fair for a year-long lvl 3 contributor to get the same incentive as a fresh level 2. Here’s the simplest prorate formula. For level 2s: (days between achieving level 2 and snapshot + 30 days)/365. Level 3s: (days between achieving level 3 and snapshot + 75 days) / 365.
(75 here is the average between 50 and 100, the “being active” minimum time requirement for achieving lvl 3)

This would reward people from the day they started being active enough to achieve their current rank.

Level 2s would thus get a minimum of ~250 APE if they reached lvl 2 on the day of snapshot, and maximum of 3000 if they’d been level 2 for a year.
Level 3/4s would get a minimum of 2000 APE, maximum of 10000.

Level 3/4s must get same allocation b/c lvl 4 is a manual assignment by mods, so it could be seen as insider baseball if lvl 4s got more and imho it’s best to avoid this drama.

PS: One benefit you haven’t outlined is that hopefully 30-50% of $ape will be kept which also helps with voting issues by giving more voting power to the most active voters.


I agree that it is important to reward regular contributors, but I also think that it is important to be fair and to make sure that the rewards are proportionate to the level of contribution. Your suggestions @Sasha would help to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and that the rewards are not too excessive. I think your suggestions are very well thought out and I would support them. Brilliant idea though @0xSword :+1:t5:


I would like to respectfully disagree with this suggestion in part.

If we look at those people with TL3 and TL4 over 60% approximately are compensated DAO employees/staff members, so I’d argue they are doing their job and should be at these levels.

However, saying that, the proposal does reward all TL2, TL3 and TL4 persons, but it does so at the same level, which imho is the fairest way.

The part that maybe would be agreeable for me is to reduce the 10K amount if needed to get it passed on round two let’s say; but still would like to see Todd maintaining the fair approach with no tiered system.


Fact is that after a year there is only 205. It closes tonight right? So the final proposal can be adjusted to 205 and the total raised by 50000. For the size of this Dao rewarding participants who have achieved level 2 seems fair, it is the requirement to be a ‘Member’ of the DAO and every person who achieved level 2 did make the DAO what it is today, whether participating by just commenting on ideas, upvoting, reading posts and AIP’s etc. The fact that there is just 205 also shows that it is a bit of a job, it is not something anyone is interested in or will ever be interested in doing and no, 10000 tokens each is not too much. There are many here who aspire to still buy a BAYC Ape or MAYC Ape, so the argument can be raised that this could also benefit BAYC, MAYC etc. and this might help them achieve it or to just stake. An unexpected reward for loyal service in any group or industry is the epitome of giving thanks. The DAO set out to bring culture forward and so what better culture can exist than to give thanks and in so doing to also make the lives of its own DAO members better. There is little risk of anyone selling ,as prices are at rock bottom. It is time for staking, not selling. I fully support this proposal.


Yep, it would be accounted for by a snapshot done at midnight on the 31st May.

What you also highlight is that all TL2 members will be a part of the Ape Assembly - so this itself comes with added responsibilities, albeit they are optional ofc, but yet another reason I’d add to the why yes column.


It stands to reason then that TL1 should also be rewarded. After all, if you’re differentiating between 1 and 2, why wouldn’t you differentiate between 2 and 3? No to mention that the difference between 2 and 3 is immense. You can get lvl 2 by spending literally 1 hour total… do we really think people should get $35K for that?

As to DAO employees, I honestly think they should be excluded. For this snapshot, this is basically just WG0 fam whose job was to be on the forums and they would get lvl 3/4 as a consequence of doing the job, hence would have already been paid for it (and they’re getting to retain positions by moving on as steward/treasurer/DF). If they’re paid with this, people can see it as double-dipping.

Alternatively, can an just subtract days of employment from qualifying payout days per formula above. So if 12 months as lvl 3 but 6 months employed, then only 6 months qualifies, or half the payout.


Furious pointed out that all Level 2 and up will form part of the Ape Assembly. You can’t get to level 2 in an hour, you have to visit at least 15 consecutive days, read quite a bit, comment etc. No new person can qualify for it who comes in now, so there will be no frenzy of people just pouring into level 1 tonight just to get an airdrop, level 1 can’t form part for the above reason. The news is out and the date must be locked tonight.

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It could show that. It could also be showing that few people care. Or that the DAO isn’t popular enough. Or that people don’t see benefit to participating.

The only time requirement to reach level 2 is 60 minutes. So you can reach it in 1-2 hours and do nothing all year. Whereas a job is 2080 hours/year (1664 if you’re French :heart: - I’m not mad, I’m jealous).

Australia has the highest minimum wage at US $14.54/hour. That’s $30,243 per year of 2080 hours of hard full-time work. This is less money than what this AIP proposes for anyone who replied to 3 topics, got 1 like, and read posts for 1 hour (on the lower side, curious to see data what the average contribution time-wise is for level 2s)…

There’s a difference between rewarding actual contributions and (near-) indiscriminately spraying cash out of a hose. If we reward contributions, we’ll attract more contributors. If we just reward presence, we’ll attract mostly gold-diggers/presence-ooors.

How can we look any builder in the eye who spent maybe weeks preparing their proposal, maybe built a small prototype, gathered a team, spent time pondering idea, and finally submitted for $30-40K and got rejected, when we’re now wanting to just give $35k to everyone who spent a couple of hours on the forums, replied to 3 topics, and received a single like?

A single like. That’s literally the only external validation required to qualify for $35k. Please say it out loud and then tell me it doesn’t sound ridiculous. The idea is great, but the amount is just high. Even if someone spent 35 hours contributing, that’s $1,000 / hour.