AIP-290: Podcast Network in the Metaverse

We are thrilled to introduce you to metaSTUDIO, a groundbreaking initiative that is set to revolutionize the Metaverse. Imagine a unique blend of podcasting and gaming, a platform that not only entertains but also educates and inspires. That’s what we’re building - a vibrant community of Metaverse enthusiasts and gamers.

Our team, a dedicated group of experienced producers, game developers, and content creators, is passionate about the Metaverse and its potential. We’re on a mission to attract both traditional gamers and new audiences, helping to increase understanding and adoption of platforms like The Otherside. Our podcasts cover a wide spectrum of Metaverse-related topics, serving as a beacon of knowledge in this rapidly evolving space.

We are seeking a 12-month “Powered by” sponsorship from the ApeCoin DAO. This partnership will not only fuel our current and future projects but also bring significant value to the ApeCoin ecosystem. With ApeCoin prominently featured in all our content, we aim to drive awareness, adoption, and ultimately, increase the value of ApeCoin.

We invite you to read through our proposal, to explore the potential of this partnership. We believe this investment will yield significant returns, amplifying awareness and adoption of ApeCoin. Your consideration and support can make this vision a reality. Thank you for your time, and we look forward to your positive vote.

Proposal Name: metaSTUDIO - Podcast Network in the Metaverse: “Powered by ApeCoin” Sponsorship

Proposal Category: Ecosystem Fund Allocation - Sponsorship and Content Creation

Abstract: metaSTUDIO seeks a 12-month “Powered by” sponsorship from the ApeCoin DAO. This sponsorship will enable us to continue producing our current show, Behind the Avatar, and allow our Creative Director & Host (Krafter) to work full-time on creating new shows and marketing content for all social media platforms.

Behind the Avatar is a weekly podcast where Krafter sits down with a web3 pioneer and gets to know them, their story and what they’ve been working on. The podcast highlights guests who are building innovative things with ApeCoin, The Otherside, and the Metaverse at large.

Author Description: Our team is spearheaded by Krafter, Creative Director & Host, who brings enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn and grow with his community while exploring all that the Metaverse has to offer. He has been creating content and learning all that he can find about the Metaverse over the last 3 years.

Team Description: We are metaSTUDIO, a dedicated team of experienced producers, game developers, and content creators passionate about the metaverse. We have the skills and expertise needed to make metaSTUDIO a success.

We are partnered with the Metaverse Studio, Tuschay Studios, who will help bridge our podcasts from web2 platforms (YouTube & Spotify) into the Metaverse & web3. Currently, we are working in partnership with The Sandbox to create our first Podcast Experience in the Metaverse. When The Otherside releases the ODK/SDK we will get started on doing the same there!

Motivation: The metaverse is a rapidly growing space with immense potential. However, many traditional gamers and potential audiences are still unaware of its possibilities. By introducing a podcast network like metaSTUDIO, we can tap into the curious audience around the Metaverse & gaming, and bring greater awareness to the activities within The Otherside and the Metaverse at large.

Rationale: Our proposal aligns with the APE Community’s mission and guiding values by driving awareness and adoption of ApeCoin and The Otherside, fostering community education & engagement, and innovating in the Metaverse. We aim to position The Otherside as an innovative platform that’s pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the Metaverse.

Benefit to ApeCoin Ecosystem: As a “Powered by” sponsor, ApeCoin will be prominently featured in all our content. This will drive awareness and adoption of ApeCoin and The Otherside, increase the value of ApeCoin, and benefit all holders. We will promote ApeCoin in our content, educating our audience about its uses & benefits and interviewing guests who are also utilizing ApeCoin in their projects.

Specifications: Our podcasts are currently hosted on YouTube/Spotify/Apple. We are developing a Metaverse experience in The Sandbox and plan to do the same in The Otherside. We will also be utilizing blockchain technology to curate an ecosystem for our community members (web3 “Patreon”).

Steps to Implement: We have already been producing and marketing our current show offering, Behind the Avatar. Continued implementation will involve weekly recordings of new show segments (gm Metaverse, Explore the Metaverse & Metaverse Update), editing the video to create clips for marketing, and community engagement inside of our Discord server & on social media.

Once approved, we will be adding ApeCoin branding to our shows and will have segments dedicated to education around the ApeCoin ecosystem.

Growth on all Social Media Platforms is our main priority over the next 12 months. Below are our current metrics and our goal for the next 12 months. Thanks to the sponsorship from ApeCoin DAO, we will be able to put all of our energy into creating engaging (and VIRAL) content to gain the attention of the masses.

Timeline: We’ve already launched our first podcast series (Behind the Avatar) and plan on expanding our show offerings & marketing content after receiving funding, with regular podcasts and live events following thereafter. We are asking for 12 months of sponsorship to allow for full-time focus to drive growth and community engagement. This positions us to have the momentum and user base to monetize our shows and be self-sufficient into the future.

Overall Cost: The total cost of the 12 month “Powered by” sponsorship is $60,000 USD. This will allow Krafter to put full-time focus on growing our Podcast Network in the Metaverse, including content production, marketing, and community engagement. Thank you for the support and I hope to have you on the show someday soon if you’d like to be a guest!


Hey Krafter,

Digging the idea of taking media to the metaverse. You seem to have the team assembled, the production flow organized and a simple yet focused biz plan.

Looking at your financial doc, would it make more sense to just ask for $60,000 for a 12-month “Powered by Sponsor” sponsorship?

You’d get more runway, you may get less questions from the frugal bookkeepers in the community, and the ApeCoin DAO would be all over the podcasts and metaverse.

As someone who wants to fund as many experiments as possible, I hope this goes through as is as I really want committed members to succeed, and generally on their own terms.

Just thinking out loud here :thinking::

  • Have you looked into what Phil and Co are doing with Bored Media - is there room to collab or build both projects in unison or be the founding members of a Metaverse, Media Mastermind Group?
  • How do you imagine this works with the upcoming Working Groups - Metaverse or Marketing & Communications - if at all

Good luck - SSP :call_me_hand:t4:


Thanks for the feedback SSP! I think funding as many “experiments” is the way the DAO will end up with solid ROI. Look at it kind of like angel investing, some don’t hit but the ones that do hit BIG.

I actually thought of this last night when trying to fall asleep, so might be the universes way of giving me more signs that this would make sense. I realized I hadn’t really outlined how ApeCoin DAO could be the Powered by Sponsor going forward after the initial funding phase (6 months). Do you think it would make sense to just ask for the 12 month commitment as sponsor ($60k)? Or include that on top of the initial $99k 6 month expenses request (total cost = $159k)?

I recently came across Bored Media and would absolutely be interested in forming a collaboration (and would love to have them on the show). A Metaverse Media Mastermind group sounds like it’s meant to be!

I plan (already started imo) to be an active contributor within the Metaverse Working Group, so think that collaboration will be a no brainer. Being a launching pad for all the Metaverse Magic that comes from the MWG is for sure in the cards.

As for the Marketing & Communications Group, I haven’t spent much time there but do believe what I am doing is very much aligned with both marketing & communications for the DAO so absolutely open to working with them as well. Maybe they could prepare a recap each week that I address on one of the shows? (many other possibilities of ways to collab for sure!)

Thanks again for the feedback. I look forward to being part of the growth of the DAO and getting know everyone here better! As soon as I dug deeper into what the DAO was all about (due to all the commotion around the SC elections) I was hooked. Always been a believer in the yuga ecosystem and for sure see a future where APE is one of the main currency of the Metaverse.

Please lmk if you have any other thoughts. I am a big fan of thinking out loud too :slight_smile:

<3 Krafter

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Your call obviously, but the goal is to balance what you need and what the DAO will support (at Snapshot). And while no-one has the answer, the reasoning behind the ask is crucial in terms of narrative and story-telling.

Personally speaking, it’s an either/or for me:

  • Either 6 mos for team, zero sponsor $$
  • Or 12 mos sponsorship

If you go with the former, lots of pencils may be getting sharpened, if the latter knowing that you and your team may achieve your numbers in the financials, seems like a shot worth taking for the DAO.

Good luck – SSP :call_me_hand:t4:

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I’m following what you are saying. Having the 12 month Powered by sponsorship from ApeCoin would allow me to go full-time on this. That would give me the time needed to grow a significant following which will then open up the doors for our other income streams (ie. sponsors & our web3 “patreon”). Then we will be self-sufficient and when all goes as planned, I would hope to continue with ApeCoin as our Powered by Sponsor on a yearly basis.

I think it will be easier to explain what the DAO is getting in return for the $60k over the 12 months as our PREMIUM Powered by Sponsor (ad reads, featured segments, visible branding, exposure, etc) than it would be to explain the costs of the different expenses and how us having all those expenses paid for would translate to ROI for the DAO.

Thanks again for your 2 cents (they mean more than 2 cents too me!)

<3 Krafter

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IMHO, the voters will care more about the impact your podcast will have on the culture and mobilizing people to build cool sh*t or have great experience or just learn about cool news than they will about what exposure/advertisement podcast may bring to the DAO / ApeCoin itself.

Obviously, both would be the winning ticket, but if you had to prioritize/pick, that would be my opinion on which side of your AIP / which benefits to most focus on. :handshake:

If I misunderstood the quoted line, apologies.


I agree with this. The DAO is focused on the culture and engagement because those are the values that tend to promote and grow a community .


I think all of the above is what I was trying to get across with that line so don’t think you misunderstood, I just didn’t go into very much detail. I definitely see what you mean and will be sure to highlight that. It is what every episode of my podcast does, so that’s great that that is what you think the voters will care about more! Not only will we be showing what others are creating and building which will drive awareness around ApeCoin and it’s current use cases, but will also spark ideas from our viewers on how they can also build with ApeCoin!

Thanks for the feedback!

<3 Krafter


100% I am aligned with this and will make sure to highlight that side of things more in the final proposal.

Appreciate your thoughts!

<3 Krafter

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Hi @krafter_eth

I love the idea of a podcast to promote Apecoin through interviews of community leaders and influencers.

Most of the Q&A that came into my mind have already been covered in the previous replies, but I wanted to ask a few things.

  1. I see a monthly expenditure of approx $20K, so will the Apecoin DAO be funding your entire project for that month? I tried to extrapolate that to 6 months, but I’m not sure how the figure of $99K was arrived at.

  2. If the proposal passes, is the expectation immediate fund release or will it be after your proposed Sandbox setup is live?

  3. You mentioned gaming but I couldn’t find anything about gaming linked to your proposal.

  4. You also mentioned that your podcast is already on YouTube. I tried searching but got confused. Maybe you shared a link in one of your decks but I must have missed it. Can you please share the links to your existing content so that we can get an idea of what you’re offering.

Thank you

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Hey @srinigoes , thanks for your questions!

This was from the $16.5k / month for 6 months…but after discussing with @ssp1111 I believe requesting a 12 month “Powered by” sponsorship from ApeCoin DAO makes more sense and will allow me to go full time on this and really ramp up our growth. Once we have a larger audience I will be able to leverage our other income streams to expand the team and continue our growth into the future!

Immediate funding in exchange for the 12 month sponsorship slot is what I will be requesting. The Sandbox build is something that will add to the show, but we are already running without it.

The gaming will come into play inside the Sandbox build (and Otherside, when that comes to fruition). There is information in this slide deck that I linked in the beginning of the proposal: What we are building in The Sandbox

Do you think I should outline this in the proposal more? I’m trying to give enough information to make a decision without overcomplicating it and making it hard to read through and understand at first glance.

Here is the link to the playlist on my YouTube for the show: Behind the Avatar

I just had a great chat with MIKΞR about some of the things they are building for the Yuga Ecosystem! This will be published on Wednesday. Some other notable guests that are scheduled over the next month include jackie.eth, Badteeth, Nova, and NΛNΛ…all of which are doing very cool stuff in relation to The Otherside and ApeCoin! (PS if you are reading this and wanna come on and chat about what you are building around ApeCoin/The Otherside/anything dope in the Metaverse, please reach out!)

Thanks again for the questions! lmk if you got any others.

<3 Krafter

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I’m pretty excited to see (listen) to a podcast that talks about the ApeCoin Ecosystem. As someone who is new to the community and has a busy life, this can be a good way to help keep people up to date with what is going on.

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And just to be clear, $60k for a 12-month Sponsorship was indeed my suggestion:

… and perhaps granted out across 4 quarters (as opposed to taking the full grant):

But then again, it’s not a lot of money so feel free to ask for the full grant upfront or at the very least be flexible and accommodating to the community if you get pushback.

SSP :call_me_hand:t4:

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Heck yeah! That’s the goal of the show is to make it easy for everyone to keep up with all the cool stuff happening in the Metaverse (and beyond!)

Happy to have you along for the ride and look forward to having you be more than just a listener, but an active participant once we get things built out!

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Definitely flexible on how it’s delivered. I think quarterly would also make sense. I was thinking along the lines that it isn’t a ton of money so a lump sum wouldn’t be an extreme ask, BUT if having it spread out over time makes others more comfortable I’m absolutely down for that!

Thanks again for all your help on this SSP!

<3 Krafter

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I’m happy to contribute in whatever capacity I can. Hit me up whenever you are ready.

Just spit balling an idea here, have you ever heard of the NPR podcast Up First? It’s a 10-13 minute podcast about all the relevant information news for the day. Usually contains 3-4 bits of information or (maybe 5-6 if the latter two are quick blurbs). May be a good idea to replicate.


Heck yeah! Connecting with me on twitter is probs the best way to stay connected (krafter_eth)

I haven’t listened to Up First…but I do have plans for a daily morning show that will do exactly what you explained. Definitely seems like a great way to not only get information out there but also have mini clips of content that are valuable for viewers which will help grow our audience!


Dear @krafter_eth

Thank you for a clear and concise answer clarifying all my doubts.

I really look forward to you getting the required funding.

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Thanks fam! I’ve gathered a lot of really good feed back here and in the DMs and will be updating my final proposal soon. Appreciate your questions and support!

This will be a really fun way to get community engagement and more communication out there about all the dope stuff going on here!


Dissemination of knowledge, news, information is always incredible! :dizzy:

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