AIP-301: [Eesee-ApeCoin] A Collaboration for Community Engagement and NFT Accessibility

Proposal Name: Eesee-ApeCoin Partnership for NFT Democratization and Community Engagement

Proposal Category: Brand Decision

Abstract: This proposal introduces a strategic alliance between Eesee, a gamified NFT platform, and ApeCoin DAO. The partnership is designed to democratize access to high-value NFTs, stimulate community interaction, and inspire active involvement in ApeCoin governance, and enhance the visibility of ApeCoin’s sub-communities.

Author Description: Vova Sadkov, the Founder and CEO of Eesee, is a seasoned entrepreneur with a strong background in the NFT and blockchain space. After completing his Business Studies and Economics at the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma College under the Cambridge Foundation in Marbella, Spain, and furthering his education in Project Management and Finance in Moscow, he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey. He successfully scaled two startups in the MedTech and EduTech sectors, one of which was a hardware and IoT-based solution that was later acquired by a large company, and the other, an EduTech platform, amassed over 50,000 users. In 2020, Vova transitioned into the crypto space, working with Web3 startups and eventually establishing Eesee in December 2022. Eesee, a gamified solution designed to boost liquidity in the NFT and digital asset market, has already attracted significant interest, with over 60,000 users on the waitlist. Vova’s vision is to address liquidity issues in NFT marketplaces, stabilize supply and demand, and enhance the buying process to attract a broader audience.

Team Description:
Vova Sadkov, CEO and Founder
Alex Stephan, CTO
Aiden Chen, Lead Blockchain Developer
Oscar Flari, Head of Design
Alex Grigorev, CMO
Jaris James, Head of BD

Ioana Surpateanu: Web3 Entrepreneur, Non-Executive Director at CryptoUK, Executive Board Member at MAMA Global

Robin Janaway: Former Head of NFT at Outlier Ventures, VP at Web3 fund Primal Capital

Josip Vlah: Head of Innovation at RZLT

Xenia Vyazemskaya: Communications Lead at RARI Foundation

Masha Vyazemskaya: Head of Marketing & Communications at Rarible

Motivation: The essence of this proposal is to establish a partnership between Eesee and ApeCoin DAO that can bring about a significant change in the NFT space. Our primary motivation is to lower the barrier of entry into the top NFT communities by making high-value NFTs more accessible through our raffle-based system. At the same time, we aim to encourage active participation in ApeCoin governance by integrating $APE into our platform in a meaningful way.

Rationale: By integrating $APE into Eesee’s platform, we aim to create an environment that encourages ApeCoin holders to participate more actively in governance and to interact more frequently within ApeCoin sub-communities. This aligns with ApeCoin DAO’s mission of creating a decentralized community where every member has a voice. This partnership is a strategic move towards a more inclusive and participatory NFT ecosystem.

Benefit to ApeCoin Ecosystem: The proposed partnership will provide ApeCoin DAO and its sub-communities with the opportunity to tap into Eesee’s growing user base, a demographic that is deeply interested in NFT trading. Additionally, the proposal aims to build a deeper connection between our two communities through exclusive NFT drops, special events, and educational quests.

These quests, inspired by “Coinbase Earn”, will provide engaging and educational content about ApeCoin and its sub-communities. The introduction of educational quests will encourage ApeCoin holders to learn more about the ApeCoin ecosystem, participate in governance, and contribute to the community. Upon completion, users will be rewarded with dynamic NFT badges that not only serve as a token of achievement but also provide access to exclusive content or events.

For instance, these badges could be used for token-gating, where only holders of certain level badges (e.g., Level 3 ApeCoin badge holders) can participate in specific raffles. This mechanism encourages active involvement and learning within the ApeCoin ecosystem, while also bringing attention to the sub-communities.

Also, the quests will include updates from the sub-communities, inspiring participants to interact more actively with these platforms and join their Twitter spaces. This approach will help to democratize access to high-value NFTs, cultivate a more vibrant, engaged community, and increase governance participation.

Specifications: Eesee’s platform will introduce engaging experiences for $APE holders, including exclusive NFT drops, special events, and educational quests. These quests, inspired by “Coinbase Earn”, will provide engaging and educational content about ApeCoin’s governance structure, forum updates, and its sub-communities. Additionally, a collaboration with rep3 will enable the provision of dynamic NFT badges as rewards for quest completion, enhancing the user experience and stimulating active engagement within the ApeCoin ecosystem.

Steps to Implement:

  1. Explore the integration of $APE into Eesee’s platform.
  2. Develop and launch exclusive NFT drops or special events for $APE holders on Eesee’s platform.
  3. Develop and launch educational quests for $APE holders, in collaboration with rep3 for dynamic credentialing.

August - September: Establish a formal partnership and explore the integration of $APE into Eesee’s platform.

October - November: Develop and launch exclusive NFT drops or special events for $APE holders. Develop and launch educational quests for $APE holders.

Overall Cost:
As this proposal does not involve a funding request, there is no associated cost to the ApeCoin DAO. The implementation will be carried out by the Eesee team.


Hi Vova… Welcome to the ApeCoinDAO forum. Let us know if you need any pointers getting around. In the meantime, I’m curious if your proposal will have any funding requests down the road, or if you’re just looking for a marketing partner.



Eesee is a next-gen gamified NFT Marketplace that accelerate sales, provides additional liquidity to the digital assets market, enhances artists and lowers cost-barrier to enter the NFT/Web3 markets and helps to speed up the process of Mass Adoption using the unique protocol.

Can you go into a bit more detail here? Is it like BLUR? Is it fractionalized NFTs?

Looks like it’s a raffle platform.

In general this proposal is extremely light on details so it’s hard to say anything of value without knowing more. Can you offer some suggestions as to how you’ll integrate APE into the system, or how you would use it for marketing? That might get the ball rolling.

Hi AllCity, thanks for the warm welcome. At the moment, we’re primarily looking for a marketing partner to help boost visibility for Eesee and sub communities of ApeCoin. However, we’re open to discussing funding requests down the line if they can help enhance the partnership and bring more value to all our communities.

For instance, one of our key ideas is to experiment with gamified airdrops of time-locked $APE tokens when users hit certain milestones on our platform, which would require a certain amount of $APE tokens and could be part of a future funding request. We’re open to further discussions on this.

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Hi Leyota, thank you for your feedback. You’re correct, Eesee operates on a raffle-based system which allows users to potentially acquire high-value NFTs at a fraction of their full cost.

As for integrating APE into our system, we propose gamified airdrops of $APE tokens when users reach certain milestones on our platform. These tokens could be time-locked, rewarding our most active users and encouraging them to participate in ApeCoin governance.

For marketing, we propose co-marketing initiatives that will increase visibility for both Eesee and sub communities of ApeCoin. This could include joint social media campaigns, shared content creation, and other collaborative marketing efforts. We are open to further suggestions and discussions on this.

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rewarding our most active users and encouraging them to participate in ApeCoin governance.

Right now time locked tokens aren’t recognized by governance. This would require another AIP to change.

Also asking APE from us and giving it away on your platform feels like free money for your users. They also won’t be able to vote in the mean time, so as soon as it unlocked, they would most likely sell. I feel like if we were going to partner, it has to be deeper than us giving you APE which you use to incentivize your users.

Thanks for your insights, Leyota. We get where you’re coming from and we’re all in for creating a deeper, more meaningful partnership.

Maybe we could look at exclusive NFT drops or special events for $APE holders on our platform, or find a way to weave $APE into our UX for unlocking quests to educate our users on recent updates on the ApeCoin forum and encourage them to participate in governance by earning a dynamic badge for completing the quest. This can get our users to participate in governance and begin contributing to the community.

As for a pain point that Eesee could help solve for the ApeCoin community, one potential area could be accessibility to high-value NFTs. We understand that not all members of the ApeCoin community might have the means to purchase high-value NFTs outright. With our raffle-based system, we could provide an opportunity for $APE holders to acquire these NFTs at a fraction of the cost, thereby democratizing access to high-value NFTs.

We’re all ears for any ideas you might have on how we can make this partnership a win-win.

Hi @vova.eesee

When I saw your proposal, it reminded me of a promotional tweet I saw a few days ago, and I may be wrong, but its in the back of my head. Did you promote the registration for your Marketplace WL on twitter? Just wanted to clarify that.

Also, there is the $ESE token airdrop that’s hinted in your tweet. Is there likely to be some liquidity pools on your platform or is it just reward pools? I’m a bit confused about all this. Would appreciate if you can clarify the planned rewards structure for $ESE token and how $APE rewards would tie into that.

Thank you

Hey Vova, Welcome to the ApeCoinDAO , so great to see your activity here and placing your idea. Will be following that for sure :wink:


Hi Srinigoes,

Yes, you’re right. We did promote the registration for our Marketplace WL on Twitter. Now we have 35.000+ users in Waiting-list, who have subscribed to get our newsletters and who are going activities to get WL.

As for the $ESE token, it’s a core part of our platform. The $ESE token is embedded into all our business processes and holds its own economic value. The value of the token is directly tied to the number of active users on our platform. As the user base and transactions involving $ESE tokens grow, the value of the $ESE token will naturally increase.

As for pur reward system, users accumulate trading volume as they participate in raffles on our platform. Based on this volume, they receive rewards in $ESE tokens. This system not only allows users to offset their expenses but also earn additional profit. These rewards can then be used for purchases on our platform.

When it comes to the integration of $APE, we’re exploring ways to deepen the connection between our platforms. One idea is to offer exclusive NFT drops or events for $APE holders on our platform. Another is to incorporate $APE in a manner that encourages users to dive deeper into the ApeCoin community and participate more actively.

In fact, we’re thinking about introducing quests that are exclusive to $APE holders. These quests could involve activities like learning about the latest developments in the ApeCoin forum, which could encourage more active participation in governance and idea sharing within the DAO. As a reward for completing these quests, $APE holders would receive a dynamic NFT badge.

I hope this provides some clarity. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!


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Hello ser! Thank you, appreciate it. I am always in touch, happy to communicate and contribute to the community.

Welcome to the forums Moca Bond. Glad to have you here.

SSP :call_me_hand:t4:

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very pleased to have you among us if you want to talk, I would be delighted to perhaps help or share with you.

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Thank you, MaCrypto!
How is it better to contact you?

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Thank you for the detailed response Vova. Your idea seems even more attractive now. Best of luck. :pray:t4::blush:

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Thank you! Happy to hear that and appreciate it, Srinigoes.

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