Implementation Update | AIP-301: [Eesee-ApeCoin] A Collaboration for Community Engagement and NFT Accessibility

AIP Name: AIP-301: [Eesee-ApeCoin] A Collaboration for Community Engagement and NFT Accessibility

Implementation Status: Pending

Author: @vova.eesee

Abstract Summary: This proposal introduces a strategic alliance between Eesee, a gamified NFT platform, and ApeCoin DAO. The partnership is designed to democratize access to high-value NFTs, stimulate community interaction, and inspire active involvement in ApeCoin governance, and enhance the visibility of ApeCoin’s sub-communities.

Overall Cost: 0 ApeCoin

Timeline Updates:

Interview Q&A:
1. What are you working to accomplish before the end of the month?

  • We are planning to release the Mainnet on 27th January, but it might be slightly delayed.

2. Have there been any delays or changes to the original timeline?

  • Yes, as we took longer to fix minor bugs in Testnet.

3. Was there any part of the AIP process in which you felt the least supported?

  • No

4. How can the community support your initiative?

5. Do you have anything you would like to tell the community?

  • We have started Testnet in under 35 days ago and in that time we have 250,000+ wallets connected
    Total number of wallets 262,309
    Cumulated value: $41.98M

  • Community analytics:
    Average wallet age 371 days
    Ratio of wallets by number of transactions
    1-10 30,80%
    10-15 7.84%
    15-100 34,78%
    100-200 9,02%
    200-500 8,32%
    500+ 9,24%

  • Over the last 90 days, all wallets have made
    858,979 transactions worth $174.53M

  • Over the last 30 days, all wallets have made
    289,986 transactions worth $81.02M

6. Do you provide consent to share these questions with the community in this forum?

  • Yes
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