AIP-301: [Eesee-ApeCoin] A Collaboration for Community Engagement and NFT Accessibility

Hi Srinigoes,

Yes, you’re right. We did promote the registration for our Marketplace WL on Twitter. Now we have 35.000+ users in Waiting-list, who have subscribed to get our newsletters and who are going activities to get WL.

As for the $ESE token, it’s a core part of our platform. The $ESE token is embedded into all our business processes and holds its own economic value. The value of the token is directly tied to the number of active users on our platform. As the user base and transactions involving $ESE tokens grow, the value of the $ESE token will naturally increase.

As for pur reward system, users accumulate trading volume as they participate in raffles on our platform. Based on this volume, they receive rewards in $ESE tokens. This system not only allows users to offset their expenses but also earn additional profit. These rewards can then be used for purchases on our platform.

When it comes to the integration of $APE, we’re exploring ways to deepen the connection between our platforms. One idea is to offer exclusive NFT drops or events for $APE holders on our platform. Another is to incorporate $APE in a manner that encourages users to dive deeper into the ApeCoin community and participate more actively.

In fact, we’re thinking about introducing quests that are exclusive to $APE holders. These quests could involve activities like learning about the latest developments in the ApeCoin forum, which could encourage more active participation in governance and idea sharing within the DAO. As a reward for completing these quests, $APE holders would receive a dynamic NFT badge.

I hope this provides some clarity. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!


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