Implementation Update | AIP-112: Forever Apes, free luxury physicals for all $APE holders

AIP Name: AIP-112: Forever Apes, free luxury physicals for all $APE holders

Implementation Status: Complete

Author: @12GAUGE

Abstract Summary: This proposal presents the idea that ApeCoin holders should be eligible for free-to-claim luxury products produced by the Forever Apes team. Through a mix of free-to-claim digital and physical products, we will create a unisocks type buzz and stimulate the $APE community, engagement and growth.

Each product drop will highlight a different NFT collection, community or crypto personality. The inaugural product will be 1000 decks of NFT themed luxury playing cards. Free-to-claim (+shipping) to anyone with a minimum of 100 $APE in their wallet. Using TokenProof’s token-gating technology we can set minimum $APE requirements and eventually, time it has spent in the wallet prior to claim.

We believe this will help grow the community, further $APE brand recognition IRL, and we are requesting a grant from the community to help us accomplish this goal in order to build our products out at scale.

Overall Cost: $45,000

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