AIP-327: Teach Yoga and also give healing sessions(meditative)

Proposal Name: Mental and Physical wealth programs

Proposal Category: Ecosystem Fund Allocation

This proposal is for constructing a space that provides mental and physical wealth programs through sessions, subscriptions and pre-recorded videos. This is for $APE holders. The programs included would be Meditation , Inner transformation , Breathwork , Yoga , Martial arts practices. All the events and programs will take place in the Metaverse.

Author Description
Born and raised in Dubai, Vidhu Raghavan myself was greatly inspired by the science of spirituality and discipline. I continued my journey fulfilling at every moment these traits. I graduated as a Mechanical Engineer. However my interests were always to serve society in the best way I can. I pursued arts such as martial arts ,Yoga , spiritual sciences , Reiki etc. I also am certified from Harvard for leadership skills. I heard about Yuga Labs when I joined the NFT space in 2021. Today I am a Bored Ape holder and have various assets from Yuga Labs as I am a Yuga Maxi and completely trust the technology and what it is capable of. Now I am full time working towards the upliftment of Web3 in the best way I can.

Team Description
Vidhu Raghavan - The visionary behind the project

Srikanth Minnam - Co-Founder and Advisor

Haw - Wen - Inner health and wealth transformation program professional. Has worked with over 1000s of clients all over the world with mental and health training programs.

Harambe - Builder for our program . Has built projects on many platforms.

Sunil - Martial arts professional training martial art to students from all over the world with experience over 3 decades as a Martial arts Master.

Ranjit - Yoga professional and master with over 2 decades of experience teaching students power yoga through sessions.

I am inspired to do this because Inner wealth and physical wealth is as important as everything else in our life. These key two things help us evolve into a better human. They are key to a better living. I am bringing the health and wellness sector into Web3 Tech. A great mind and great body is highly essential for a great existence for us humans.

My project supports the adoption of $APE. There are sessions , memberships and Pre - recorded Videos that can be purchased with $APE. On the fly I will come up with many more programs as well. So this really increases the flow and usage of $APE. As $APE will be the pathway to participate in events conducted in the space(Wellness and health programs).

I believe in the oneness of the universe. So we can all come under 1 umbrella to experience this beautiful culture of mental and physical wellness through this platform and educate ourself more than what we know and are aware of today about these teachings and subjects.

APE community aims at adopting more of $APE with more programs. I saw that a use case and utility is what will bring usage to the token. As I trust in the ecosystem I am willing to use $APE to drive this ecosystem that I am building. Health and Wellness industry/sector. It is the first of its kind and I will be proud of doing it too with $APE as it is a massive community and a great ecosystem just like mine that I believe in. Together we can do everything and drive the adoption of $APE.

  1. I am here to bring culture to the world. While we use technology we must also bring forward cultural and ancestral values as they go hand in hand.

  2. $APE holders will be able to participate.

  3. I am here to bring the best for the community. Wellness and health in the web3 industry is our priority. Community will benefit from this. Let $APE holders benefit from this health and wellness industry I am creating. Community is going to experience mental and physical wellness(wealth) programs which will uplift their health mentally and physically from a current state because mental and physical wellness is important and the holders can do and practise this at the ease of their home , garden or vacation. My primary motive is community focused and oriented.

Adoption of $APE is our goal. And so directly it benefits $APE holders as the value of a product increases when there is demand. And with this mental and physical wealth health wellness program we are creating demand.

Our health and wellness initiative is unique and the cards are in our hand to implement this. To the current date there is nobody supplying such services in the Web3. We stand out in our programs and are bound to be one of a kind in the sector in Web3 Technology providing unique material for our community to participate and educate themselves from.

$APE holders are going to benefit from this and this is all for the $APE holders. We trust in our vision and this is a unique sector.

Mental wealth & physical wealth are essential for every human being and is supported and loved by us humans.

Benefit to ApeCoin Ecosystem
This benefits the $APE ecosystem because of the adoption of $APE . $APE will be used for participation and making purchases.

Key Terms
Meditation ( A way to synchronize with the inner self. Calming the mind and going within)

Inner health ( Health for our subtle nature. Mind & intellect)

Wellness (A state of being healthy and wealthy)

Tranquility ( A state of pure bliss.)

Yoga (The alignment of the mind body and spirit)

Martial Arts discipline (Artform that aligns the body mind and spirit increasing focus, accuracy and precision in action)

1)Land - HyperFy (Platform for creating a metaverse. We will be buying land in HyperFy)
Payments will be accepted in ETH currently as HyperFy only accepts payments through ETH. When HyperFy integrates $APE , we will integrate it to our space and payments can be made in $APE for purchases.

2)Streaming Platform - For streaming LIVE sessions . Wowza. We will be using Wowza for LIVE broadcasting the sessions. Wowza is a broadcasting platform.

3)Design - Blender (Blender is a software that can be used to create 3D objects and world which will then be exported to the HyperFy for creating the metaverse)

Steps to Implement

1)Buy land in HyperFy. - 0.09ETH

2)Construct the space in HyperFy (Total) - $36,000

2.1) 2 Developers for 6 months - $24,000

2.2) Project Management for 6 months- $12,000

3)Marketing Management cost for 6 months - $3000


1)Get Subscription to a streaming platform for LIVE sessions. $237/Month

2)Pay Manpower for Mental , Physical wealth programs [ Mental wealth , Meditation , Yoga , Martial arts training]

Mental Wealth sessions & Meditation - $6000/Month
Yoga - $5000/Month
Martial Arts - $5000/Month

3)Technical Support - $1000/Month


  1. Mental Wealth Sessions - $30 per Individual in a Group Session
    $300/ Private session

  2. Yoga Sessions - $30 per Individual in a Group Session
    $120/ Private session

  3. Martial Arts Sessions - $24 per Individual in a Group session
    $120/ Private session

  4. Pre- Recorded videos for Martial Arts. Will contain full content as album. Entire martial art album can be purchased. Video album in the form of episodes will contain full content.

  5. Pre-Recorded videos of Yoga which will contain elaborate explanation and details of Yoga stretches and exercises that are excellent for the body. This also brings the body in alignment with the vision of a being.

  6. Pre-Recorded videos of Kerala Ayurveda Kalari Marma massage. Contains detailed explanation of the human body and how it must be considered. The ways in which massage must be applied to the body for the well-being and longevity and extension of life.

Pre - recorded videos shoot for Martial arts. As we want to give an in-depth video collection of the martial arts so everything is very clear, we have to shoot the videos so it can be attained by our members.


1)Buying the land in HyperFy

2)Building the space for where the sessions will be happening . Will take approximately 21 days(3 weeks to build this space)

3)Group Sessions for Mental Wealth , Martial Arts and Yoga will begin.

4)Starting with Mental Wealth group sessions.

5)Followed by Yoga and Martial Arts group sessions.


1)Group Sessions for Mental Wealth , Martial Arts and Yoga will continue.

2)Integration of private sessions will happen in a timely manner in a time table format so participants can start taking part in private sessions.


1)Private and Group sessions for all three (Mental Wealth , Martial Arts and Yoga) will be fully active and will happen according to the revenue generation model, where sessions both private and group can be purchased as packages.

2)Professional Pre Recorded Videos of Martial Arts Training , Kerala Ayurveda Kalari Marma Massage , Kalari Yoga Exercises will be ready and will be starting to be available to purchase as albums(Episode wise)


The entire project should be up and running and the self sustaining model is already achieved where,

1)Private sessions & Group sessions and sessions can be purchased in package format

2)Pre recorded videos also can be purchased.

Overall Cost
Ask for grant.

Land - $165

Space Development (Developer Cost) for 6 months - $24,000

Project Management for 6 months - $12,000

Marketing Management for 6 months- $3,000

Mental wealth - $36,000

Yoga - $30,000

Martial Arts - $30,000

Professional Pre-recorded videos for Martial Arts - $4050

Streaming platform subscription - $1420

Technical Support - $6000

= $146,635

We will be able to execute the entire program with Overall Funds available and received.

I would like to remind that this will be the best all in one fitness industry that we have not seen . The execution and the syllabus is carefully picked to bring the best for the human mind intellect and gross body. We must take this serious and implement this. Health and wellness is highly important for a safe life. I want everybody to support me in manifesting this vision. I request everybody to whole heartedly support in this beautiful health and wellness industry I would like to create in the Web3 for the strong and striving beautiful Web3 community. Do everything my fellow family to execute this vision into manifestation friends. I will be highly indebted to you for the positivity and goodness you supply. Please read through for entire information to vote. This vision will depend on my fellow family members’ votes. So I want you all to generously support my kind approach whole heartedly.


I would love to learn yoga


it’s something I don’t know about yoga but it could be interesting to learn


Welcome to the forum, Vidhu!

Would you mind specifying the kind of support you would like to receive and for what? This needs more detail as to what your idea is. :heart:


Absolutely. Same as me. I would like to give sessions. As health both physical and mental are the most important in the system to bring in our high and best performance.

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100%. Its absolutely interesting to learn. Will bring a lot of depth into your body and makes it ready for a new venture. Lets do this. Lets make it a possibility and manifest it. Need all of your help. And do allow your friends to know as well so they can all be part of it.

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The idea is to bring more mental and physical idea to the people about their body and themselves. This is for bringing higher performances to themselves so they can be a better version of themselves bringing high output. Funding to help the process begin would be a great way. We also need everybody to support us to manifest this into the APE world. It is one of the best we can offer from the health & fitness side towards the Ape community. We can then run the entire program for the community.


Do Vote me in this Process to manifest this.

Do Vote me in this process to make this a reality.

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Do Vote and Support to make this a reality. A process.

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We grind soo mutch sometimes that we forget that mental health its the most important thing, happy to see someone talking about that.

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I would love to take Yoga and Meditation classes, and I also think it is possible to create new behaviors and improve the culture in relation to the market from another perspective, patience, kindness, honesty.


Thank you so much Toga. Please vote for me so that we can get this done. Yes you are absolutely right this is so important and we must talk about it and functionalize it.


Yes this is absolutely important and right. We must do it. And this is so important for the whole community as a whole. This is one of the best input we can do towards the Ape community. Do vote and support this initiative so we can make this a reality and manifest it.

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You got it beacause i really think this is a thing needed for every single person, mental health its not a joke and a very serious subject that many people dont even realise until they are on a bad spot.

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Yes, absolutely right. We must manifest this. This is highly important for a peace of mind and balance in the society and a great change towards growth physically mentally and financially. Which lays the undertone of any successful individual. So lets bring this to the community.


So you mean like some Zoom lessons or something? Yoga in the metaverse perhaps :eyes:


Hi! Would love if you can break down this process step by step

-What your goal is & how this benefits the DAO
-How to achieve it. (Via video sessions? Are you putting out videos for the community to view? Is there a token-gated process so only Apecoin holders can view the content?)
-Are you requesting funding from the DAO? & if so can we get a budget breakdown of what your expenses are?

More clarity is needed so that the DAO can see your vision and support it :blush:


Firstly Vidhu welcome to the Apecoin Discourse!

Sera, I saw the spark of an idea, but I had in my mind many of the questions you have just asked.


Yes Anna. Sessions and practice. This would obviously go online as all of our members are everywhere, all across the planet in different places. So yes online will be the way. The medium can be chosen. Via Application, Zoom is great too when it comes to sessions and practice. And a fully metaverse project also great. This can be done very professionally, and we can give it to the community because this is very important. Mental health and physical health.

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