AIP-336: PR Agency for ApeCoin-funded Projects and immersion targeting

Proposal Name: PR group for ApeCoin-funded Projects and immersion targeting

Proposal Category: Ecossistem Fund Allocation


• Found a group of connectors (PR) to interconnect and build stories that re-educate the mainstream and connect to big brands, that talk directly to the Bored Ape ecosystem and the ApeCoin community and its funded projects.

• Give builders the option to expand their offerings through targeted connections from a group of people with PR expertise, free of charge.

• We will work with builders, the brand, and the ecosystem to drive, connect, and convey construction more expansively.

• These connections are interconnected to different areas, opening up primordial constructions, our connection line is very wide, considering large Tier A communications such as Vogue, Forbes, BBC, and TIME.

• Individual connections are also being put on the agenda, for builds from the team itself, such as connecting the collaboration between ApeCoin and Fortnite shortly.

It is essential for voters to read the comments on the proposal, where many of their common questions may have already been addressed.

Author Description

I’m Iliyah , an OG collector. My background is more related to the usual/traditional, political and fashion space.

I worked with politicians during some campaigns creating roadmaps and strategy directions for different objectives, I was one of those responsible for collaboration strategies and the first insights into the high fashion space for the e.x: Louis Vuitton Joins Forces Witch 'League of Legends games . Over the years I have created one of the most solid and influential lists for communication and personal and professional connections in the communication and high fashion space. I had a brief stint at Redlion helping a dear friend create his solid list of guests, as well as complete training for better political diction during interviews. Currently working for LVMH.

Team Description

Grigorij R.

  • Forbes Business Council member | 10+ years of experience PR | 40 billion media impressions | helped raise over $200 million for charities, technology and science proiects

Margaret A.

  • Google Analytics & Tag Manager expert with a background in software development | +12 years in Digital Marketing, SEO

Jacob W.

  • Film Director | Emmy-nominated | Film/video colorist for more than 11 years

About Us

Expect big, bold, and out-of-the-box thinking delivered by storytelling change-makers.

Our expertise is varied and wide-ranging, as we are currently working with clients across Technology, Finance, Climate change, Food, Lifestyle, Charity, Mental Health, Pharma, Business, plus many more. We work with big corporations, small businesses, startups, scaleups, entrepreneurs and personal brands such as authors, therapists, influencers, politicians and more, and our media networks are especially strong across: US (North America), EU (especially Germany), UK, GCC (especially UAE/Saudi Arabia/Qatar), and Asia.

What we do for our clients is simple: we help them go the extra mile and garner the kind of recognition that money cannot buy –– but PR can achieve in an organic, targeted way.


Jacob Emmy Nomination for First Scene Animation and Coloring August 2, 2020

Nobel Peace Prize: UN World Food Programme wins for efforts to combat hunger. bbc. 9 October 2020. Retrieved 17 May 2023.

• Baynes, Chris (27 November 2018). Germany neo-Nazis draw swastikas on van of Jewish man walking 1,000 miles for refugee children. The Independent. Retrieved 15 December 2018.

Louis Vuitton Joins Forces Witch ‘League of Legends’ Maker Riot Games Sep 23, 2019

Collaborating with Gov. Whitmer Launches New Bold Approach to Marketing the State as Home of Opportunity for Allow April 04, 2023


Budget is one of the few critical factors when deciding on a global immersion.

Using on-chain incentives to create positive externalities is the path to mass adoption. In practice it’s beautiful, but it takes a lot of effort to get beyond the basic narrative and reach the mainstream.

Started following several proposals from the front line, they are beautiful projects, very good proposals, but they forget the basics. And in the end, it looks a little lazy. Especially when you consider the overly expensive bid scenario roi equations. With few exceptions, there is no direct corollary between “IRL” and mass adoption without “media awareness”. I’ve seen a few amazing proposals worry about spreading the project’s mission through the press. There’s this perception that creating a big Bored Ape billboard or a project creating graffiti, travel, will have people literally knocking on each other to get to your door. With credible consistency, it just doesn’t happen.

In fact, this kind of cognitive dissonance between IRL perception and exaggerated reality has a name in the startup world — a phenomenon known as the TechCrunch “bump”. That is, the increase in traffic and awareness that typically occurs after an appearance in a well-read tech publication. But that fades (and is inevitably followed by “The Trough of Sorrow”), and then it becomes increasingly difficult to get into other publications since TechCrunch had you first. Remember, media likes novelty and exclusivity. This kind of “bump and fall off a cliff” occurs more often than you might think.

So while big frontline proposals and influencer posting are important to grow the community, I consider the option of an aggressive strategy of raising awareness of what BoredApe/ApeCoin are mandatory.

A multinational like Coca-Cola that thinks extra hands are more cost-effective than a fully robust and strategic approach, as well as being one of the biggest and worst corporations, there is really very little need to spend to let someone talk about you, when you see a Coca-Cola package you quickly associate it with a soda.

This happens and does not happen within the ecosystem. Bored Ape had its expansion and took NFTs to a new level by splendidly conveying what digital collectibles and community stand for. Breaking the mainstream bubble costs a price, since much is re-educated through the news communicated, a direction on the transmission of what is said is a point where it also directly influences public opinion, consequently influencing the market

In a short sentence; The market is influenced by image, and so vice versa.

So media relations is not just about getting the BBC, Forbes, TIME, Vogue to cover your brand, it’s about getting the BBC to cover your brand the way you want with the right positioning and key messages. Thus, research, strategy, planning, measurement and evaluation is a crucial aspect that is ignored.
A single mention of the press in the top-tier media can lead to a small spike in immersion, but only consistent long-term press coverage will help build awareness of the ApeCoin principles.


  • We propose to build a team dedicated to being the bridge between ApeCoin-Bored Ape communication/coverage for main media, and direction for future collaborations and building expansion without distortions.
  • We offer the most promising projects the option to work with us in close collaboration connecting them to the necessary, for quality expansion.
  • The connection will be made like this;
  • Develop communication between the main media and the project.
  • Establish good coverage through close relationships with journalists.
  • Study collaborations and develop them through good relationships;
  • Direct and connect the ApeCoin board and team to develop mainstream communication and connection to a larger-scale explanation of what the ecosystem presented by ApeCoin is all about.

Benefit to ApeCoin Ecosystem

The best way to tell the ApeCoin story is through targeted communication through its community and funded projects. The substance of the proposals is ApeCoinDAO’s most compelling and accessible narratives.


• Let the builders concentrate on building.

Builders don’t need to have an incredible networking or marketing portfolio.
We want to allow builders to focus on delivering their projects in the best way - thus connecting them and directing them to better communication with the main media and people who complement their portfolio about the propos.

•Use the treasury to its fullest potential

An awesome ApeCoin-funded project that not many know about is a waste of our treasury.
We will make sure to amplify the work that’s being done by our prop builders and reach a wide audience.

Believe it or not, Marketing and Public Relations are two different things… They may have similarities, but at their core, they serve different functions, have separate audiences and individual metrics.

PR or Public Relations exists to build favourable relationships with various stakeholders and audiences internally and externally. For a better understanding, let’s present a probable scenario and a case study of the AIP-304 by MachiBigBrother

There are two possibilities to maximize communication;

• Internal approach; which involves monitoring and encouraging the museum’s own teams to create open articles that correspond to the donation made, these articles are monitored and directed by both the PR team, the museum and the donee, this maximizes the information passed on, serving both parties and avoiding noise open communication

• External approach; As every good public relations person has a good relationship with the journalists in their portfolio, these journalists usually attend to their agendas, in a theory in which one of these pieces was directed to the MET, for example, and they chose to accept this donation in a private and without building an open communication that corresponds to this donation, we can direct journalists to create articles and seek the museum’s position on this donation, thus taking a more direct approach, forcing them to pay greater attention and thus validating the donation and thought.

Steps to Implement

We want to start with an approach pilot, re-educating and targeting the mainstream for close coverage.

  1. Work with the ApeCoinDAO board to target and build media coverage.
  2. Directing a featured article in top tier media about the recent creations of projects related to Bored Ape.
  3. Coverage of a featured article in Forbes Business that explains what ApeCoin and its ecosystem are all about.(this coverage will be directed as an interview for the ApeCoinDAO board itself)

Once we’ve successfully run the pilot, we’ll likely submit another proposal for a larger expansion. (ex. mastering in media outreach, press releases, newsjacking, crisis management, media training, event planning. Build collaborations between major developers and markets with the ApeCoin ecosystem and the Bored Ape community.)


The pilot will begin as soon as the AIP is approved, the duration of the pilot will be three months.


  1. Curation of approved AIPs for construction materials.
  2. Communication with builders whose AIPs are solid and visually have potential. (Let the builders concentrate on building)
  3. Build materials and relationships for notable media.
  4. Support the proposal AIP-304 by MachiBigBrother for better communication and creation of relationships with museums and solid media coverage of the concession of the pieces.
  5. Close communication with the ApeCoin board to master delivery and communication.


Please be aware that a change has been made during the review process of the proposal through various discussions. This change involves coordinating administrative tasks and focuses on proposals related to the public relations (PR) interests of the DAO.

Given our expertise in PR, we will be concentrating our efforts on maximizing the aforementioned proposed topics, which will result in various directions provided by the Governance Working Group. To reflect this update, we would like to inform you that the administrative coordination of relevant aspects of the proposal will now be managed by the Governance Working Group. This coordination will be achieved through collaborative efforts. After considering the feedback and interactions we have received over the past few months, we have determined that this approach will yield the best results, have a significant impact across the entire DAO, and better support the current builders in a more comprehensive manner.

Overall Cost

90.000 ApeCoin, to be provide and cover administration, compensation and fees for the next 3 months of the data detailed in the proposal.


Welcome and have you read these?

PR AIP in process:

Mar/Comms WG:

SSP :call_me_hand:t4:


We just read them, and they are extremely good initiatives. We would add some directions but all in all, it’s excellent. We have some doubts but maybe we can work together. I will DM you @ssp1111 . :clinking_glasses:


An ambitious & achievable plan; looks like a great team as well. Some initial questions:

  • Do the listed team members comprise the entire group to implement the plan, or do you expect to retain a PR firm as well?

  • How do you envision the interplay between this proposal & the ApeCoin Marketing & Communications Working Group? Would you prefer to work independently while supporting the working group’s efforts? Or, if given the opportunity, would you consider forming the core team of the working group itself?

Thank you!


Welcome to forum @1liyah!

Very well laid out!! Would love to see a collab on this with the MarComms WG :muscle::muscle:



Hi JustFred. Thanks for reaching out, and I appreciate your questions.

The team members have a long experience related to PR, considering our list, the need to outsource a second PR agency would be unfeasible, and communication would be exhausting, the script would be a copy-paste between both, thus weakening relations with journalists and our own list itself.

Everything is based on the client (community and the builders) all direction and collaborations will be established to fulfill the wishes of the client. The connection between teams is interesting even for expanding the results; so yes, a collaboration is an option.

PR/Marketing, although both sound the same, the differences between them are quite extensive.

It’s Unpaid vs. Paid. Earned vs. Purchased. Credible vs. skeptical. Public relations tastes great, advertising is less filling.

There’s an old saying: “Advertising is what you pay for, publicity is what you pray for.”

Advertising is paid media, public relations is earned media. This means you convince reporters or editors to write a positive story about you or your client, your candidate, brand or issue. It appears in the editorial section of the magazine, newspaper, TV station or website, rather than the “paid media” section where advertising messages appear. So your story has more credibility because it was independently verified by a trusted third party, rather than purchased.

But in correlation of mutual work, both complement each other excellently well.

Hi AC, I appreciate the warm welcome. It will be an incredible project, I dare say it is a game changer, considering the impact it has on the entire ecosystem.
About the collaboration, it’s a possibility, those curious to understand a little more about what MarsComms WG are building.

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My proposal to build a PR team was declined by the special council, citing the reason: “The Ape Foundation cannot be the client of a PR firm.” However, I never proposed hiring such a firm. I suspect they have a vested interest in rejecting such proposals to give space for their own connections.

In any case, I’d suggest updating your proposal to avoid receiving the same problem.

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For what it’s worth, the proposal @BoredInvesting is referring to is AIP-170, if you wanted to have a closer look.

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Hi BoredInvesting. Thanks for reaching out.

I’ve read your proposal and I’m afraid to say that would also be something I would be likely to refuse, her direction is not clear. Just as her approach is a bit confusing, in a summary would you be the middleman? There are several layers of PR, so the chances that the execution was bad are pretty high.

In fact, this kind of cognitive dissonance between the perception of PR and Marketing is quite common. But if we say that even big politicians and companies need a qualified PR person, even if they already have an entire marketing team, maybe that will help them to understand better.

So making the connection between the proposals might be somewhat non-directive, in broader terms to me, AIP-246 sounds better as a group of managers perhaps?

Our approach is for the ecosystem as a whole (e.g. a builder raised the idea of ​​creating a collaboration between Crocs and Bored Ape, as recently done in Doodles, our list allows us to help that builder connect and execute this proposal.)

In another small example, after a big announcement related to Othersidemeta, we can direct Gordon to an interview with Jimmy Fallon, talking about his entire history and creation of the Bored Ape ecosystem and also clarifying the latest news that he is working on, thus giving space to talk about the alleged announcement.

Many equate PR with excellent momentum through the mainstream, in short, the obvious; but considering roster and individual team skills, we are relationship builders, reputation savers, crisis managers, and other roles,

In short, AIP-246 and our approach; they are projects that complement each other, but are completely different.

cc: @ssp1111 @CryptoLogically

Do you understand how goverenance here works?

It’s actually quite simple. Large holders of Apecoin, know that distributing coins to projects results in selling them for fiat or ETH to apply resources in the execution of approved projects. This increases the circulating supply, and the price (in theory) goes down. What you will almost always see with whales is that they vote against most proposals involving the distribution of money.

This does not apply to the above proposal, considering that the impact of the execution of the proposal positively affects the entire ecosystem, such as the floor of the collection and its token. In short, once the project has crossed the mainstream layer, just like the artists, personalities, and celebrities, it needs to stay in view, this creates demand and constancy among the community that the ecosystem itself touched: celebrities. Two interesting cases to study are Supreme and Birkin Bag.

So the question here is not:

In short, great personalities, politicians and our own team don’t work with ideas, they work with people. So correlated to that, many times ideas are beautiful but a question always arises; Who the hell is this person? And why should we entrust it with the execution of such an idea? This is the question that those who control massive amounts of APE ask themselves, and consequently governance itself.

Thus, many will prefer their own connections, but in execution, correlating the list, and main media, with credible conscience I say that: Few can achieve the expected results of such an execution.


Hey @1liyah,

Can you explain more about the difference?

-Mr. Hype :fire:

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Hi @1liyah

Let the builders concentrate on building. Builders don’t need to have an incredible networking or marketing portfolio.
We want to allow builders to focus on delivering their projects in the best way - thus connecting them and directing them to better communication with the main media and people who complement their portfolio about the propos.

Totally agree with this, PR and marketing are definitely 2 things that take time and energy. In my personal experience with building The Ape Inn, its become a bigger task than I ever imagined

Its also very important because you need to engage with other communities and even clubs about your AIP and project ideas. A dedicated force that makes those connections and can help us cross those borders properly will mean more passing AIPs too.


Hi MisterHype. Thanks for reaching out.

PR itself contains several layers, but in execution, everything is based on the list. What is the list? Well, the list is created by the amount of journalists, reporters, connections, politicians and good relations, who already know your work, and are adept at following you in every project you consider.

I’ll be leaving some mentions of some answers that helps a little to understand more deeply;


Hi 0xWebMoss. Thanks for reaching out.

A simple direct connection creates significant expansion.

Interestingly, the needs of builders, or those who want to be, often tend to be secondary - if considered. This is a significant oversight.

In short, the creation of a bridge that not only supports but expands the execution of already financed projects is a game changer.


Hi @1liyah,

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If we do not hear from you within 48 hours after your topic closes, your topic will be moved straight to the AIP Draft process.

We look forward to hearing from you.



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Hi @1liyah,

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